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Visual Effects Showreel – Amazing Funny Weirdest Lolstuff FX


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  1. Speaking of Chuck, round house kick your eyeballs with this little gem.

    chucknorrispainting you and add the w’s at the front and the . and the com at the end. Almost as good as this vid. Cheers.

  2. Hey,

    Dont pay any attention to these dim witted morons who only use their PC’s for porn and YouTube bashing! At least you’re doing something towards what you obviously are passionate about.

  3. DUDE!!! I love the special effects. They ARE cheesy, but I don’t mean disrespect. I want to know how you did this. I’m a fan of movies and shows with cheesy effects like Aqua Teen Hunger Force. I so want to do this.

  4. My cat once had an epileptic seizure on my keyboard while I had some video editing software running. Judging from the outcome I can honestly say, my cat is a better FX specialist than you.

  5. STOP trolling and get a life guys at least i tried so gimme a break here !! i respect those advising like zigzavioour who advised me to go for video copilot !!

  6. @Furzkampfbomber I don’t see anywhere where he claimed to be a specialist. it says it’s his first video. That benig said, To the maker: The part where you get speared you are totally torqued, wtf? no one wants to see that.

  7. @Ozziguy6 Yes man, it is , what it means is that you sit at home , spending 12 hours a day for a year or two,, practicing and practicing, moving fucking pixels around and rendering shit on an old computer that takes a day to spit out a frame. You get a client that pays you, then u get a bit better and another client pays you a bit more, eventually, if you stick to it you make it!…. (Art is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration).

  8. In case you didn’t noticed, this is unintentional comedy gold. Next time make it 1:30 min tops cause it was on the long side. Like the name that appeared, that was lulz man. I’ve just uploaded a reel myself, maybe that might give you a better idea.

  9. So you respect those who advise you….

    Here is an advise…Go for comedy! It’s really funny.

    Otherwise, if you wanna do this for real, then it’s sad, just sad!

  10. 1% inspiration? So your saying people can just spit out bland boring uncreative garbage as long as they spent heaps of time on it?

    No, art is all about inspiration, otherwise your just creating the same stuff you see in tutorials and we never move forward. If you have no inspiration your doing the same thing that a thousand other people can do because they probably did the same tutorial as you.

  11. GUYS GET READY AS I DECIDED TO MAKE ANOTHER SHOWREEL BUT this time it’s gonna be 100x more better and of course more MAD !!
    IF u wanna get notified when ma next showreel hits subscribe to my channel
    as i said if u want !!
    thanks in advance

  12. So basically what i got out of this is that theres an alien race trying to annihilate our race with weapons of mass destruction which include lightning guns and a relic which resurrects dinosaurs, but it’s okay because we got Godzilla on our side. We also had a guy who could duplicate but the aliens speared him, then he tried to come back, but exploded. But we still got Godzilla

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