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The Matrix Lobby Scene with A capella Multitrack


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  2. Matrix scene with Morpheus in an office tied up, beat up with the helicopter rescue. It might be Matrix Reloaded… but love the concept. Play with the timing more!

  3. HAY! Do that scene in the matrix reloaded In that castle thing place where the keymaker guy is when Neo is fighting all those guys with swords and sht, plz?

  4. @Filthma I agree Matrix reloaded right after they say
    Neo: [to Trinity and Morpheus] Get him out of here, I’ll handle them.
    Merovingian: ‚Handle us‘? You’ll *handle* us? You know, your predecessors had much more respect!
    And keep going into the full highway scene as well

  5. @lordsteel That would depend on the weapon I’d say, but so? What you said is the same as I said only you supported it further. >.>

    But yes, you are right in a sense, I have no experience in reloading single-hand held weapons.
    And why’d you even bring up Call of Duty? I don’t play such games.

  6. @pregathorius The thing is, it seemed like you said it in a sarcastic way, „valuable fractions of a second“, and I mentioned Call of Duty since people usually get the general idea of how it is from that game. I have a lot of experience with weapons, since I serve in the army, and even when you practice a lot, reloading takes some time.

  7. @gilflip369 Neo and Trinity have become trained in the art of dodging bullets by practicing within a secret downloadable training facility and download epic ninja skills off of pirated information diskettes… Oddly enough, none of that was sarcastic. Still beats the crap out of Reloaded and Revolutions, though.

  8. Yeah this is my fav scene in this movie the semi truck scene in the second one and the scenes where neo kicks ass when fighting all those smiths in the third 😀

  9. @mattmulholland26 I Agreed with @Gin4z do a lord of the rings fight , preferably the battle with the elephants in the field , forget what its called, but I have always loved that fight

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  11. But.. but that means you’re wasting your life by telling him that he’s wasting his life by telling the first guy that he was wasting his life by telling Mr. Mulholland that he was wasting HIS life! When will it end!?

    Also, I don’t have enough to waste!

  12. Hey man you’re wasting your life telling a man that he’s wasting his life because he’s telling a man that he’s wasting his life telling others they are wasting their lives. Hope this clears everything up. Oh side note enjoyed the video.

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