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Creepy Alien Sound On Phone-Misconnecting


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  1. Same thing happened to me the other day. It sounded like heavy breathing, then clicking and squealing noises. Probably just interference due to a bad connection. Could be erroneously connecting to someone else’s convsersation, and the signal/audio is just garbled. I thought the same thing, too, though. LOL. Alieeeeens.

  2. ahh! this just happened to me for the second time! two different phones so I looked up youtube vids to see if anyone else had the same! I also tried to talk to it! and the voice def changed when i did. Do u have At &T? it also called the friend i was trying to call and left a voicemail.

  3. @abigail0bulla I beg to differ. My Samsung phone did this too one time. And I have another friend and this happened just yesterday to her motorola. It’s pretty crazy. Seriously, it’s not only iPhones, everybody just has an iPhone so it seems like they all happen to iPhones. But it doesn’t!

  4. Hey, I just uploaded a video to show my friends what my phone has been doing – I have an Android. Its weird because my phone has been doing this all the time, but when I tried to record it – every time I would hit record the sound would go away and would come back when I stopped. I eventually waited till it played and hit record during it, theres just a few little pieces I caught. Not sure whats wrong with my phone

  5. I’m thinking this must be some kind of interference from another phone line. I was once having a conversation with a friend on my cellphone and I swear i could hear what sounded like a pilots announcements coming through along with my buddies voice. I live close to the airport so it’s definitely possible that cellphone signals can get crossed together. RC planes sometimes have similar issues, one remote can accidentally control two hosts on the same airwave.

  6. The only thing you can really, honestly chalk it up to is that technology isn’t perfect, and you somehow crossed a signal with some other wireless device like a baby monitor, walkie talkie, or a CB radio. I used to get other people’s conversations on my cordless phone, and my cell phone a while ago. I wouldn’t concern yourself with it man.

  7. Same exact thing happend to me man. On the phone with a friend driving, while I stopped and saw a UFO like object in the sky, very similar to the one from the latest London sighting. Only this was at night, 2am. About 5 minutes later I tried calling the same friend back when immediately that exact noise started playing , the weird thing is my friend also tried calling me and heard the same shit. And also this is not just an iPhone thing, or whatever people are saying. My friend does not have an

  8. My friend does NOT have an iphone. and still made that noise.Thanks to your video we finally discovered the exact noise that Ive been trying to describe to people!

  9. Sounds like you were picking up someone elses conversation somehow…. weird, its never happened to my other half and hes had an Iphone for years, would have freaked me out, but I hardly get reception here in the middle of nowhere so I cant imagine it ever happening.

  10. During a phone conversation with my brother this evening the same thing happened to us, both my brother and I could no longer hear or talk to each other but could both only hear the same creepy sounds, this lasted for over 3 mins until my brother ended his call. I find this unexplained and my brother said it defo made the hairs on the back of his neck stand up, I would have to say I have honestly never heard anything like it in my life, the strange sounds were also witnessed by my 2 children, I

  11. My phone has been doing that lately as well, but seems to only do it when calling people who also have Cspire like me, went to Cspire today and they put a patch on my phone but it’s still doing it… Really weird, the lady who helped me said that she had no clue what it was doing >.<

  12. Jesus christ this just happened to me while on the phone to my mother mid call and I swear to fucking god their was a faint voice in the back ground saying something…… creepy shit dude

  13. This has happened to me 5 times in the last year, on the house phone and cell phone, but only when I am at home. I always get cut off when it happens. Sometimes the other person can hear it too, sometimes they can’t. I have no explanation to what this could be. It just creeps me out.

  14. I had this same thing happen to me today. Also located in Michigan. Maybe it’s a satellite location thing. I’d write it off if it wasn’t terrifying.

  15. Done a lot of research into the whole ufo,alien thing and the greys have been said to sound like chirping birds at times.

  16. I live in New York the same thing happened. I was on the phone for about 15 minutes when suddenly the person on the other line sort of got disconnected, but the phone call was still connected and this was all I heard. I thought it was my friend playing a trick on me or playing something in the phone, so I stayed on but when I realized he couldn’t hear me, I hung up and asked about it and he had no idea what I was talking about. Creepy.

  17. just feedback from the Gustapo monitoring bs we all know exists. well cia fbi illuminati whatever. sometimes electronics dont even work the way they would hope

  18. I was putting on the land before time for my son on Netflix and then when I put it 4 minutes in the audio went haywire and the picture still looked good but it sounded like aliens talking and like buttons being pressed but it sounded so clearly and so out of this world,I can’t explain it but me and my gf were tripping out I holdover recorded it,I thought about it but didn’t

  19. This hasn’t happened to me, but i saw a small ufo fly by about 60 ft. away, 6 ft. off the ground in 1990. In 2002 i woke up in my bedroom reaching for the window with my right hand. My bed was against the wall under the window and i slept facing the wall. I was frozen in this position for about a minute. I was filled with terror and couldn’t scream for help. I remember nothing after this. My mom is a nurse. She thinks that it may have been a seizure. If so I’ve never had one before of since.

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