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late for meeting

This is how I feel like when happily going somewhere. When bying an iphone a beer or a magazin. When going for chocelate of to my girlfriend when she is waiting for me happily. Damn I miss this days.

VHS generation loss

What happens if you make a copy of a copy of a copy (and so on) of a VHS tape? This experiment shows how the quality degrades with every generation. The copying was done using two PAL VCRs in SP…

Impatient For Street Fighter V? No Problem!

  • 9. Oktober 2015
Street Fighter V has been one of the most exciting titles in gaming for a few years now, but there’s one important drawback: it doesn’t actually exist yet. When Capcom announced that it was making a fifth signature edition of…

Liveleak – Woman’s Quick Thinking Foils Robbers

  • 14. Juni 2015


Very smart Move. Girls just realizes that a bunch of idiots try to rob her then she throws her stuff behind the fence the the wanna be robber has nothing to steal anymore. Good move pretty!

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