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There is a huge amount of Iron in your Cereals

Nails for breakfast? Metallic iron in your breakfast cereal! This video is part of the Flinn Scientific Best Practices for Teaching Chemistry Video Series. it shows how much iron is in your ceareals and how you can easily show it.


Christinao Ronalde is a better hunman being than many would imagine. just in those moments where he does not think of that cameras might capture what he is doing he is doing a lot good tstuff for those in need.…

Nuclear-Bomb Explosions

This Video shows what damage Nuclear Bombs do to the World ! Song: Hans Zimmer – Time Ich habe keine Rechte über Lied und Ausschnitte. Es ist ausschließlich zur Unterhaltung da und ich verdiene keinerlei Geld damit! Viel Spaß dennoch…

DIY weatherize hole tutorial

I love the alan Tutorial series. One of the most weird, mystical and classic youtube pranks ever done. Don’t miss to follow it all from the beginning. But prepare for a wild trip of weirdness of psychotic nature.
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