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Christinao Ronalde is a better hunman being than many would imagine. just in those moments where he does not think of that cameras might capture what he is doing he is doing a lot good tstuff for those in need.…

Nuclear-Bomb Explosions

This Video shows what damage Nuclear Bombs do to the World ! Song: Hans Zimmer – Time Ich habe keine Rechte über Lied und Ausschnitte. Es ist ausschließlich zur Unterhaltung da und ich verdiene keinerlei Geld damit! Viel Spaß dennoch…

DIY weatherize hole tutorial

I love the alan Tutorial series. One of the most weird, mystical and classic youtube pranks ever done. Don’t miss to follow it all from the beginning. But prepare for a wild trip of weirdness of psychotic nature.


A journey into horribleness, not recommended for the faint-hearted or fragile-minded. better be sober while watching. But artsyness often lies in the weird parts of perception. So go for it.

late for meeting

This is how I feel like when happily going somewhere. When bying an iphone a beer or a magazin. When going for chocelate of to my girlfriend when she is waiting for me happily. Damn I miss this days.

VHS generation loss

What happens if you make a copy of a copy of a copy (and so on) of a VHS tape? This experiment shows how the quality degrades with every generation. The copying was done using two PAL VCRs in SP…
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