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Top 5 Most Hilarious Video Game Weapons

Via Top 5 Most Hilarious Video Game Weapons.

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  1. I give credit for the dildo to saints row because it is more like a actual
    dildo and they have more joke weps than gta will probably ever have.

  2. The Bane in Borderlands 2, the Rainblower in Team Fortress 2, and
    propkilling with the Physics Gun in Garry’s Mod are my favorite funny ways
    to kill people

  3. Number 2 should of been the mind control gun/octopus gun from saints row 3
    full package or the professor yanki man a pult car

  4. The electrified blanka mask was brought back in DR3 except of putting it on
    a zombie, you put it on yourself and u can punch the ground and sparks will
    come out of the mask

  5. I love the joke weapons in Fire Emblem Awakening. there’s just something so
    rewarding about defeating a boss by whacking him in the face with a stick!

  6. What about the wabbajack from skyrim it turns people into mudcrabs and
    chickens and gold and a sweetroll ohh and the CHEESE!!!

  7. wow thats hilarious minus the one with the cat on it thats just abuse to
    animals but the dildo from saints row 4 is the bat from the thirs times 10
    since they are blasted about 300 feet away from where you hit them

  8. mister

  9. Where the hell is the Wabajack from Skyrim on the list? I mean the thing
    once turned a giant troll into a bunny.

  10. if that is what mr toots looks like when he is firing, i don’t want to know
    what he looks like when he is being reloaded

  11. What the actual f*** were they thinking when they made the cat assault
    rifle? My dad got bit really badly by a cat last year, he’s never shoved a
    rifle up a cat’s arse and pulled the trigger!

  12. Every weapon from the South Park 64 was awesome, but the cow gun was funny
    as…well shit. Nothing like making your enemies die because they had there
    head stuck up a cows ass and suffocated.

  13. I see nothing funny about that cat-on-gun weapon, all I see is animal
    cruelty and a sick joke. Good thing it was just a video game.

  14. Ik vehicels dont really count but the genki manapult from saints row 3 was
    freakin funny nothing like driving around shooting human cannonballs

  15. The Rock-It Launcher from Fallout 3. Nothing like killing power-armored
    soldiers with teddy bears.

  16. Exploding Ewoks in Force Unleashed II. It was hilarious force grabbing
    those little teddy bears, charging them with Sith Lightening and then
    throwing them over to other Ewoks where they explode on impact.

  17. Btw it was a cat silencer, which could be attached to the Assault Rifle or
    the Shotgun in Postal 2. 😛

  18. It’s funny how I thought that red faction Armageddon was a serious game
    until you come across Mr.toots. I believe you need to beat the game to
    unlock him.

  19. It’s funny how I thought that red faction Armageddon was a serious game
    until you come across Mr.toots. I believe you need to beat the game to
    unlock him.

  20. Dubstep Gun from Saint’s Row and Holy Mackerel, Unarmed Combat, Jarate,
    Rainblower, or Ham Shank from TF2. 😛

  21. I hated the cat weapon that was CRUEL and UNFUNNY. how would you like it
    if someone shoved a gun up YOUR ass and shot through you

  22. in dead rising 2 i thought killing a zombie with a giant ‘massager’ gun was
    and the dub step gun in saint row 4

  23. My cousin has been watching too many youtube poops lately and has become
    obsessed with Robitnik’s “PENIS!” that he tends to shout to the extent of
    getting in trouble as a result.
    I decided to find this, to honor him.
    After all how often do you come across a gigantic weaponized dick that
    probably won’t get you arrested for showing it to people?

  24. mine is Wobuffet and Bonsly from Smash Bros. Wobuffet would just slap
    people around and Bonsly was just the perfect troll of having a ground type
    tree walk around having people thinking it doesnt do anything and then
    killing them by throwing him at them.

  25. How about the “Touch of Death” from Infinity Blade? It’s a separated finger
    held by a protruding bone used as a sword

  26. Kazooie. ‘Nuff said. A weapon that was also a main character in the game,
    could crap or launch eggs, smash buildings with her beak, toss explosive,
    drill into walls, and had a very flippant beak. Also, turns into a dragon,
    breathes fire, and beats up on old hags as a hobby.

  27. *claps excitedly* I was waiting to see if you brought up the Penetrator
    from saints row the third

  28. no sheepinator? it was awesome! turn enemies into sheep and then suck them
    up in the suck cannon and shoot them at stuff.

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