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10 Reasons Why Gaming In The 90s Was Better!

Via 10 Reasons Why Gaming In The 90s Was Better!.

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  1. Meh. I think I’m just arguing semantics here, but I don’t believe in
    respecting someone’s opinion for the sake of it. However, I’m all for
    respecting one’s right to have, hold, and express an opinion, so long as it
    is fair game for anyone else to disagree with it, or flat out think it’s a
    fucking stupid opinion. That’s just the nature of public discourse.

  2. You forgot about the MAPS that used to come with the 90’s games. Whether
    inside the case or in Nintendo power, it allowed you to have a friend
    playing navigator while they waited for their turn.

  3. At #6, I would agree if you said Master Chief, Kratos, and Nathan Drake
    weren’t as „popular“ as past mascots. They generally feel more cooler to
    play than E to E10 games but they’re not as popular as those.

  4. Did you seriously just call online multiplayer a BAD THING?
    Are you retarded? Because if you are, I apologize.
    If not, fuck you.

  5. call of duty ripoff?! battlefield was first to introduce the great
    multiplayer system, than in 2007 cod ripped of bf with cod mw4. dont talk
    about something you dont know shit about

  6. That music from Chrono Trigger and Donkey Kong (water level I guess) man, I
    can not agree more, those shooters clone games are turning videogmaes shit,
    but what a bounch of great games we played back in the 90s. Super metroid,
    all marios, all zeldas…

  7. everything is shittier… boring movies with shitty cgi, dumb songs with
    auto tune, easy games with no replay value. Boring tv with hundreds of
    „reality shows“. of course there are some exceptions… but only a few.

  8. Love the shot took at the PSN about being hacked. Why does everyone that
    takes that shot always forget about the 360’s launch holiday season where
    it was down, and credit card information was being stolen left and right?
    No one ever brings that one up xD.. Oh how I love fanboys.

  9. I totally agree with you. Minus the „looking through a magazine for the
    answer“ part, I much prefer having the answer a click away if I really cant
    figure it out on my own.

    That said, this FPS generation makes me sad. It’s all the same shit. Maybe
    I’ve just played it all, mastered it all, and now I’m totally bored of it.

    And the part on Rare. I feel you bro. I feel you. Banjo and Kazoui, an
    ultime classic for me. I spent so many saturday afternoons playing that
    game, trying to figure out how to beat it, getting so frustrated at how
    lost I would get in the levels. Just fantastic.

    Now, its shoot and run, shoot and run, kill kill KILL KILL KILL. Gaming has
    become disturbingly violent, and watching little kids yell FAGGOT BITCH
    CUNT NIGGER at the tv makes me fear for the future of our society.

  10. Also, I know it’s been 2 years now with this vid, but screw that, I’m slow.

    How the fuck is the magazine point a good thing? Today, you can still use
    your brain, just some people who don’t want to do it can go search them.
    And who can blame them? Just because someone plays a game dosen’t mean they
    have to involve every braincell in it, some people just want to pass time,
    and if you don’t respect their choice, you’re not better than the
    „brainless COD kids“ you keep bashing.

    Same for short games. Really all the argument made when speaking about 90’s
    being a perfect gen for games (oh the irony) is basically pointing out that
    the people nowadays who play games since the 90’s want every game to be
    centered around them and their „““needs“““ when obviously new person get
    involved (or not even involved, just play them for a bit) in games and
    beginners should be trained before being send to some tournament or shit.

    If you really want games to become harder and shit, create some new rules.
    But don’t force them on others.

  11. He basicly say that people can’t read books and stuff today well he’s wrong
    there is newspapers,MAGAZINES (people still read gaming magazines today by
    the way) comics. So don’t go on the internet talking about stuff you don’t

  12. thats true i was born in 2002 and i like old games alot more because now at
    every game store you see call of duty or Battlefield which i call call of
    sucky and crapfeild i like nintendo because they have games that dont
    constantly repeat over and over game after game. and i was born in 2002

  13. I agree with most of these, especially on the topic of the „HD, 3D, ect…“
    and that graphics don’t make a game.

  14. damn it i missed because i was born in 97 but i still got all the old
    systems anaway i really miss spyro from back then not that skylanders shit
    and conker is like a bro to me honestly like if you miss all those good
    times and like Queen and Pink Floyd and others because the 80s and 90s was
    the best of times

  15. ok i was never bornin in the 90s but i have to agree games back then where
    more fun and sufff.. i injoy playing old games and no cod or shooters! rpgs
    and stuff is my game!

  16. Nintendo was awesome back in the day now like the wii and the wii u its
    like Nintendo forgot how to make Nintendo console

  17. Why is everyone so serious about this? Just play whatever games you like
    and let other people play what they like. I like older games and legend of
    Zelda games, and am not a huge fan of CoD, but if you like to play CoD,
    more power to you.

  18. i was born in 2000 and grew up with the Ps1 Ps2 and Gameboy Advanced but i
    preferred playing the PlayStation now i play xbox360 yet still i loved my
    PS2 and when my Nintendo loving friend found out that i grew up with Sony i
    had to cool him off with the fact that i played Castlevania on my GBA
    almost everyday for my child hood. Which proves that young teens today
    remember that stuff not just 90’s kids, but one acception is that none of
    the 8 year olds on my bus don’t Know what Metroid, Sonic, Donkeykong, Spyro
    (which was one of my favorites), or even Zelda is.

  19. i agree 2 but i was born in 2001 and my father had a game shop so i grew up
    with titles like supermario legend of zelda spyro and sly thief raccoon 😀

  20. fuck you! Gaying in the 90’s was awful,
    1 What if you had a friend 2,000, miles away????
    2 nostalgia, pfft *eye roll* there are RPGs on the PC, emulators, and
    „gaming“ was just playing a single player 8-bit, 16-bit, or 32-bit game
    that was sort of entertaining, but seriously.
    Now, I am not dissing retro games, Zelda 1 and 2, like my favorite games on
    NES ever, and Mario 1 and 3, masterpieces, but they were not realistic,
    they weren’t even trying. But, I own a Sony PSone (not slim version,
    regular) and a NES, but I f I had to coose between retro and new, I would
    choose new

  21. Omg y does everyone say bf3 is a rip off it was made before cod and has
    nothing to do with their mechanics

  22. dlc online only games multiplayer only games and online co op now I
    need to be online just to play co op with a friend

  23. Dude, I agree. I inherited an NES and an SNES from my parents (I’m 11), and
    I seriously prefer Super Mario Bros 3 and Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (favorite
    Sonic game btw) over Black Ops *shudder* and even New Super Mario Bros.

  24. Like you said in one of your videos „If youve played one of the New Super
    Mario Bros., you’ve played ‚em all“ I mean, Link to the Past? Love it.
    Super Mario Bros.? Love it. Sonic Unleashed? FUCKIN HORRIBLE!!!!

  25. I agree with you,nico. modern gaming is just killing and stealing and is
    FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU“ im just sayin that modern is just for
    adults,im not insulting them“

    sorry for the world.back in the 90’s,games were for everyone. T and M rated
    games didnt exist.

    i prefer playing with my mario and luigi superstar saga.such a great
    game.better than COD black idiots or modern trash 2 or 3

    and in reality, 3D,HD and those sexy graphics SUCKS.

    thats what i think about modern games.


  26. And also I’m 9 years old and I totaly agree with so f*** all the first
    person shooters I like games with cute characters

  27. 90s are better!!! I don’t like shooting games (Tf2 is ok)! I love games
    like Mario and stuff. I think gaming has gone to crap. 90s games are
    better, even though i was born in 2002

  28. I was not born around the N64 or Snes, but I know what our talking about
    because I have some old gaming consoles, and… no internet. thanks for
    making a video stating what I’ve been trying to say to every one since I’ve
    been a hardcore gamer.

  29. dood things look more realistic now, my dad loves battlefield 3 becuz it is
    the most real game he haz ever seen, sure theres battlefield 4 but SAME
    THING! dood ur pic on youtube is a mii! thats part of the new games…

  30. I am not born in 90 i am in 2002 but i love more much more i mean MUCH more
    video games of 90 than video games of now causel all fp shooters

  31. Love the concept. These kids think video games were invented around the
    same time as CM punk… still trying to figure out who that is.

  32. man… bro…. how do you figure that if you are „hardcore“ you play
    sony/microsoft if you’re „casual“ you play WII? When the Wii came out I
    played 100 hours a week on it. Hardcore as fuck. I did S & M and bondage
    with it. It was fucking Hardcore. You are wrong on that brother.

  33. even you… you act like being born in the 2000’s or the 90’s are the only
    options. REAL gamers were born in the 70’s or 80’s….

  34. +Nicobbq bro, I have many comments, mostly good, a few critiscisms , but..
    pointing out how there are only shooters and the fact that all you get on
    xbox live when you try to talk common sense is „you’re a fag “ „U mad
    bro?“(from 12 year olds you could swat like a fly) „fuck you“ , is
    GREATLY appreciated. You are RIGHT on the money to point that out. Smart
    guy. That’s why I subscribe. I slid out of my mother’s gash in 1988.
    *Btw, you are very clever and witty with your dry comedy, you deserve a
    job on TV. What country were you raised in to get that accent, brother??*

  35. being born in the late late 90s i can appreciate the old games like the 90s
    zeldas and the more recent (2000-2008) 3d zelda games, BUT that doesnt mean
    the newer games are WORSE. i can play call of duty one day and then picking
    up my gameboy or gamecube and playing some classics. so in my opinion i
    dont think that first person shooters are the only genre like you said,
    just they are new and people are still being introduced to them. in 2030
    when i am like 40, i will probably loom back at call of duty after it is
    dead and think about it the same way we think about mario now.

  36. I was not born at the 90s but I have fun with my gameboy advance playing
    the all in one games from nintendo but now its all jacked up

  37. I use my brain & I don’t care about the console wars I just like to play on
    Xbox. Also I was born in 1999 so I was on the edge of internet & all that
    crap. But my first console was the gameboy advance or xd or something like
    that. anyway when My internet is down I go outside also im outside even
    though my internet is on. so please atleast say the „it’s your opinion
    because thise kinda affended me little. oh and don’t any of you get upset
    because I posted this Im just saying whats on my mind.

  38. Well i was born in 1996 but i enjoyed what you guys had in your country in
    the 90’s but in the early 2000’s because i live in colombia which was
    delayed in that kind of technology so i had a ps1, i played the n64 at a
    friend’s… also my older cousin would let me play on his atari and stuff
    and i still play some of the classics in my gameboy advance with the multi
    game cartridges 🙂 i’m 17 but i was born in a world where that was „our
    90’s“ i don’t know if i explained myself well but what i mean to say is
    that the things that were enjoyed in the united states in the 90’s… we
    got them in the early 2000’s 🙂

  39. Sorry but i disagree. and i am a 90’s kid who played all these. but i play
    a lot of different Genres but i am diehard about modern RPG’s and classic
    RPG’s cannot touch them at all. To be frank i don’t like the Zelda series
    and haven’t gotten into Final Fantasy.

  40. Uh it only takes about 4-5 hrs. To beat CoD. It’s not that long compared
    to other games. If you wanted an example to further prove your point say
    something like… Fallout, almost any of the newer games in the RPG genre,
    or any of the new Zelda games. Or do I forget that everyone hates CoD for
    stupid reasons. „Oh every game is just a re-skin of it’s predecessor“ the
    same exact thing could be said about virtually every Mario game, or every
    Pokemon game. Before you go and say one series is bad for some reason make
    sure your favorite series doesn’t do it to. People also argue that „it’s
    bad because a new one comes out every year“ that’s not a reason for a game
    to be bad again I say Mario does the exact same thing. I know this guy
    doesn’t like newer FPS’s but even when people don’t like FPS’s they seem to
    have a special hatred for CoD, an unreasonable and unwarranted special

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