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Awesome Games From The 90s

Via Awesome Games From The 90s.

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  1. 10:45 GHOSTBUSTERS from 1984 by Columbia Pictures industries, inc.
    But the question is: why do no one else put a sampleof this game on
    Youtube? you are the only one ,it seems
    BTW do you know if it was just an arcade game or does it exist for any
    console too?
    Thanks for sharing

  2. so you played all the top titles of the 90’s. I want to see games that I
    remember playing but don’t remember the names of because i was so young.
    can you do a list of lesser know still awesome games?….please =]

  3. Heh AvP must have the same game engine as Terminator:Rampage as shotgun
    looked so similar and framerate is almost as bad.

  4. You’re the worst mariokart driver ever. You’d think that since you lived
    through those year’s you would have mastered it. :p

  5. Does anybody know a game where there is a boy with a laser gun shooting it
    at small black enemies like bugs?

  6. @g0rrym08 was mine too orcorina of time was just as good tho ive got
    twighlight prince for game cube but havent played it yet

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