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Meanwhile In Russia : Moscow Girl Amazing Car Parking[full]

Via Meanwhile In Russia : Moscow Girl Amazing Car Parking[full].

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  1. Pretty sure that wasn’t intentional.
    Those two cars had to brake to avoid crashing, there’s no way this person
    could have known they WOULD brake, and for that matter, considering it’s
    Russia, their brakes would even work.

  2. This is one way to park your car. You can imagine the first words of the
    driver being, ‚I meant that‘.

  3. This week for #WowWednesday we bring you the most dangerous yet impressive
    way to park a car! Meanwhile in Russia : Moscow Girl Amazing Car
    Parking[FUll] #Motorhappy

  4. Борбата за място за паркиране понякога е наистина ожесточена:

  5. She was very lucky, the two cars to her right definitely hit her if they do
    not slam on the breaks. This looks more like blind luck then skill as she
    may have lost control of the car somehow as evidenced by the curb stopping
    her and her car facing the wrong direction when she stopped.

  6. Nah, it is just Vladimir Putin testing his new secret car parking
    program…with a woman driver, ofcource…

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