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Meanwhile In Russia : Moscow Girl Amazing Car Parking[full]

Via Meanwhile In Russia : Moscow Girl Amazing Car Parking[full].

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  1. yeah that could not have been intentional. She would be taking a big risk
    assuming that all other drivers around her would be paying attention.

  2. That was a narrowly avoided accident, nothing more. Why would someone
    intentionally park their car facing the wrong direction on a one-way
    street? It’s preposterous.

  3. Amazing girl? My ass. Amazing man driving that volvo and reacting fast
    enough to slam the brakes so her stupid ass can come flying through out of
    control. I bet you she can’t drive for shit and just lost control..

  4. 影片中,開著白色轎車的女駕駛開在內側直線行駛,先是一個拐彎超車,接著突然右轉改變行車方向,橫向連闖3條行車線,7秒滑進右側路邊的空位,直行車輛駕駛趕緊煞車,險象環生。

    原文網址: 戰鬥民族開外掛!女車神「飄移停車」 7秒轉彎進空格

  5. If you get rid of all the cars, it’s not really that hard. Add that one car
    she went across… Still not that hard. Doesn’t mean we should all be doing
    that because it would be a fuckfest, but this shit is not that hard at the
    speeds they were going. You people need to play more racing video games,
    and then regular safe driving is made easy.

  6. Anyone can do that. You just need vodka. And being born and raised in
    Russia. Have a Lada for extra skills.

    (Of course I am joking, so don’t take it seriously. =P)

  7. This is one of the more interesting near-accidents out there. With such a
    poor understanding of how his/her car handles, this person really shouldn’t
    be allowed on the streets.
    And oh yes, I just had to be the voice of reason here, though I DO believe
    there are a few people watching this clip who actually have no real clue
    what’s going on.

  8. Nah, it is just Vladimir Putin testing his new secret car parking
    program…with a woman driver, ofcource…

  9. She was very lucky, the two cars to her right definitely hit her if they do
    not slam on the breaks. This looks more like blind luck then skill as she
    may have lost control of the car somehow as evidenced by the curb stopping
    her and her car facing the wrong direction when she stopped.

  10. Борбата за място за паркиране понякога е наистина ожесточена:

  11. This week for #WowWednesday we bring you the most dangerous yet impressive
    way to park a car! Meanwhile in Russia : Moscow Girl Amazing Car
    Parking[FUll] #Motorhappy

  12. This is one way to park your car. You can imagine the first words of the
    driver being, ‘I meant that’.

  13. Pretty sure that wasn’t intentional.
    Those two cars had to brake to avoid crashing, there’s no way this person
    could have known they WOULD brake, and for that matter, considering it’s
    Russia, their brakes would even work.

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