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Ign’s Top 10 Sci-fi Weapons In Video Games

Via Ign’s Top 10 Sci-fi Weapons In Video Games.

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  1. hmmmmmmmmm well i think you did forget one you now that one wepon in halo 1

  2. Dude, the gravity gun and the hyper beam (From my two favorite games of ALL
    time) back to back, it’s just so beautiful

  3. The cerebral bore should have been first or at least on the list Turlok two
    had awesome weapons like the plasma rifle and the tech bow and the vampire
    gun from turok 3 lol I mean your gin attack me let me just shoot you WITH
    MY BLOOD!!!!

  4. The fletteche gun(I suck at spelling) from the jedi knight series.It was a
    great shot gun that could launch grenades that explode on contact with
    enemies. It was also the only gun in the game that could kill a rancor
    without the need to restock. The gun was more effective than the
    overpowered rocket launcher, the sniper rifle, the heavy machine gun, and
    the light saber(in multiplayer anyway). It should be at least mentioned.

  5. The shoulder-mounted mini nuke from fallout should be there somewhere,
    there nothing better than blowing your enemies to bits with a mini nuke,
    the mini mushroom cloud is awesome

  6. The Gadgetron PX6 Devastator from the original Ratchet & Clank.
    Not only is it one of your most powerful weapons prior to getting the RYNO,
    but it sounds BAD ASS when you pull it out.

  7. hmm while not number 1 nor should it be I think it should have had an
    honerable mention the spazer beam it’s kind of like an energy based shotgun
    it’s powerful but not the most powerful maybe at number 11 or 12 for an
    honerable mention or something like that

  8. Something from Ratchet and Clank… OH! The Groovitron in Tools of
    Destruction. Granted it’s considered a gadget, but so’s the Portal Gun. The
    Groovitron turns into a disco ball that distracts enemies in the proximity
    so that you can bust them in the face with your wrench. So satisfying. The
    effect is humorous and it plays some damn good music.

  9. the farsight xr-20 should be at least in the top 3, with this weapon no
    enemies stand a chance, it even has the 2nd weapon function ’search
    enemies’…. (can’t remember the right name now)

  10. People are suggesting non science based weapons like a gold colt but the
    video is only talking about hand held devices why not stationary weaponry
    like the Helgast arc-cannon or the M.A.W.L.E.R or the hedgehog grenade out
    of Resistance maybe the Auger , mix it up

  11. i love the fat man. your own atom bomb to do with as you please..or the ice
    drill from bioshock 2.haha or i could get weird and say pikmin, cuz
    technically they are your weapons. ohohoh, its not from a sci fi game, but
    the laser gun from goldeneye 64 was an all around bad ass gun.

  12. You confused me of what date duke nukem 3d came out, it wasnt 1991! That
    date was when duke nukem 1 came out, duke nukem 3d came out on 1996!

  13. the gravity gun never apeared on half life 1 it only APEARED ON THE HALF
    LIFE 2

  14. Fuel rod gun from halo its a magazine fed rocket launcher thats insta kills
    every enemy(on lower dificulities) in the series exept hunters best gun
    ever of all time. And the portalgun isnt at useful as you think it actualy
    only places portals on objects covered in paint with moon dust

  15. That grenade in Turok Evolution that sucked enemies into black holes.
    Swear that game gets no credit but it was basically my childhood.

  16. My top weapon would be the RYNO V from Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time
    because it play’s the 1812 overture as you fire it. and it’s completely
    unstoppable, even in challenge mode.

  17. Dubstep gun?! Come on it causes people to stop driving and dance! Along
    with the car! Dance hahaha dance right into OBLIVION!!! But no
    seriously….Gun that Shoots dubstep as a lethal weapon~

  18. Redemmer from unreal tournament, its a handheld launcher that fires nukes,
    the tanegashima from metal gear solid 4 its a shotgun that fires a torando

  19. seriously u do a top 10 SCI-FI guns list and dont include any ratchet and
    clank weapons wow i am in eternal sadness 🙁

  20. I hate IGN so much, I some times click on their videos just to dislike them
    just to find I’d already dislike it 😛

  21. No1 had to be the halo rings( come on ign, your really not going to put it
    in?) and the apple of Eden from assassins creed 3 as a close 2nd or 3rd

  22. I feel like the variety of weapons Jak used in Jak 3 were pretty sick. I
    mean you could access a mini gun, and blaster rifle whose shots deflected
    off of walls and kept going, a grenade launcher and a missile that
    destroyed everyone on the screen. Definitely a big weapon of choice!

  23. „152mm BL-10, because shooting twice is just silly.“ -Jingles
    Technically, this gun was never made and since it is a WWII game it could
    be considered a sci-fi weapon. It’s pretty awesome to see your enemies
    health disappear when they get hit by it.

  24. I would prefer the DC-17m inter-changeable weapon system from „STAR WARS:
    Republic Commando“ A Blaster Rifle, Sniper Rifle, and RPG Anti-Armor
    Launcher. 3 Quick Weapon attachments to one. HOW COME THAT DOESN’T MAKE THE

  25. Fucking ign are stupid do not know powerful weapons and in the first place
    silly weapon from silly game why they do not choose amazing weapon from
    XBOX ONE or atlest PS4

  26. I think you should have dded the apple of eden. I mean would it still be
    considered scientific weapon because it was made in the future and even
    though you use it for like 2 mins in assasin’s creed 3 i think it should be
    on the list

  27. Omega Cannon from metroid prime hunters? Even if the game wasnt very
    popular, I found using it more satisfying because you acctualy had to solve
    a secret puzzle

  28. Oh, and its in multiplayer. (for people that dont know what it is, its
    bacically a power bomb/mini nuke from samus’s cannon)

  29. I only play gmod so i didnt know in half life the physics gun could pick up
    enemys snd just a few days ago combine energy balls

  30. No one ever mentions Warhammer 40,000 in anything… That sucks that no one
    does. I suppose it’s because it kicks everything else’s ass! Some of the
    weapons. No one should reference the „flashlight.“ I know.

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