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Top 10 Stealth Games

Via Top 10 Stealth Games.

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  1. #American #author #TomClancy passed away yesterday. He was also involved
    with a number of #videogames. We remember him with this list of the top 10
    #stealth games.

  2. Actually, I sort of take that back, I should have specified the OLD SCs,
    not JUST Chaos Theory (I Forgot how many there were back on the PS2) but
    nothing from Double Agent on has been good

  3. Metal Gear predates Thief by 12 years, and even Solid predates it by
    several months. Tenchu was the first 3D stealth game, but 005 and
    Wolfenstein were the first 2D stealth games.

  4. truth be told that’s slightly true but i’ve stealth killed every possible
    person in 3. my only problem in 1 was when they had a crossbow in the
    trailer yet none in game

  5. Holy crap, you’re right. I thought Thief was created earlier, my mistake.
    And I’ve never heard of Tenchu, I guess I’m just clueless 😀 Also 2D games
    don’t count… 😀

  6. Wow I do believe we have a “butt hurt” fanboy on our hands or girl I can’t
    really tell with that misshapen icon. Why do people like you get so pissy
    when someone else wants to do something that has NOTHING to do with you.
    It’s his life he can do what he wants. Oh yeah, by the way it’s spelled

  7. Hey think what you want to it’s your opinion I’m not gonna argue with it.
    Say what you will I like MGS you like Thief, to each his own.

  8. Okay even I think you’re being an asshole there. Instead of acting like a
    child; why don’t you say to him “I’d recommend playing Thief The Dark
    Project first so you can understand the overall plot, it’s real good”.
    Right now you look like a right cunt.

  9. Really? You referred to Raiden as “that blonde guy”? I can understand such
    a lack of reverence if you’ve only played MGS2 and have not played MGS4,
    but Raiden has since become a cyborg ninja bad-ass mofo! He even has his
    own spin-off title which is epic! Show a little respect! 😛

  10. The Arkham Series, Splinter Cell, and Metal Gear are my top three favorite.
    some of those other ones I never heard of such as Thief series

  11. Where did that Thief sound sample come from? That’s not Stephen Russell’s
    voice and I’ve never heard that line in either of the two original Thief
    games (which is what’s shown).

  12. Mojo you silly jojo, Deus Ex 1 & 2 are much better than Deux Ex 3: Human
    Revolution. So don’t give 1 & 2 some honorable mention, just give them the
    spot you gave to 3. Human Revolution just sucks sour donkey balls.

  13. This list is pretty much spot on, i would actually say that maybe
    dishonored deserved 5 while Batman deserved 6. And to everyone who is
    complaining about Thief not deserving 1’st place.. They can think so, IF
    they liked the game more.. But Thief is from a more neutral look.. the best
    out of the selection. Thief fan boys will say it’s the best. Metal Gear fan
    boys will say it is the best. Splinter cell and AC fans will say those
    games are the best.
    This list shows of which games are actually the best, from a neutral
    And also.. Id like to say.. Thief’s stealth is also really boosted in
    particular games like “Deadly Shadows” From the Horror around you, the
    Shadows were, and always will be… Your only salvation.

  14. My top ten would be :
    10. Rainbow Six : Raven Shield
    9. Thief : Deadly Shadows
    8. Deus Ex : Human Revolution
    7. Splinter Cell : Pandora Tomorrow
    6. Thief : The Dark Project
    5. Dishonored
    4. Hitman : Blood Money
    3. Splinter Cell (Original)
    2. Thief : The Metal Age
    1. Splinter Cell : Chaos Theory

  15. Out of all of these, Dishonored has go to be my favorite. The style,
    setting, and many different ways of accomplishing the mission are great for
    gameplay. Assassin’s Creed is a great series but as it went on, however
    great it was, and it WAS good, it got a bit repetitive. But, to each his

  16. I don’t know much about hitman because I’ve only played absolution (with
    mixed feelings, I might add), but #1 is a tie between hitman and splinter
    cell. Metal Gear Solid a better stealth series than Splinter Cell? Please.
    That’s just ridiculous. Metal Gear uses a stealth mechanic very heavily,
    but that’s more of a tradition from it’s Master System days. It’s not ALL
    ABOUT stealth, while splinter cell and hitman are. I’ve never played Theif,
    so I don’t know about it.

  17. Numbers 2 through 10 are pretty much interchangeable as there could be only
    one #1 stealth game: Thief (1 & 2). No game yet has managed to come close
    in terms of stealth play. I think that probably has a LOT to do with the
    need for patience and the fact that it is now seen as a design flaw in
    games, rather than a design feature. How many gamers today are willing to
    actually sit still for five or six minutes studying patrol patterns?

  18. Thief is my all time favorite game. Dishonored, Far Cry 3, Deus Ex are also
    my favorites for stealth games. Believe it or not The Last of Us, is petty
    good for stealth play as well (at least for me).

  19. This was a classic example of fearing the abhorrent force that is annoying
    MGS fanboys. SC deserved #2, if not #1. It simply does stealth best.

  20. Okay I know it wasn’t a stealth game but Skyrim has a $#!t ton of chances
    to sneak, steal and assassinate…..then again half of these games in the
    list aren’t all stealth games so wtf

  21. Dishonored is the best stealth games, I’ve posted all the facts on the list
    and do far dishonored I’s the most stealthy. The gameplay shown was bad but
    using any of the stealth mechanics.

  22. defenitely agree with no.1
    nether the less i would say assasins creed is more an action game than
    stealth …
    however all in all thumbs up 🙂

  23. Deus Ex human revolution was a good game the only thing i hate about it was
    the fact that the bodies dont de-spawn after you leaving the area then come
    back to it in another chapter and(if the area is still the same) the bodies
    are still there and the cops are after your ass with a box guard

  24. Why isn’t Sly Cooper on this list? I mean there were some missions in the
    the second game that you couldn’t do with out stealth.

  25. Hitman only number 7? This list is full of shit
    Also Dishonored is insanely boring and overrated
    You should rather try Death to Spies, a criminally underrated hitman like
    game set in World War II

  26. Hitman definitely needs to be higher, and Deus Ex was pretty stealthy,
    until you got to a boss fight and pretty much had to throw stealth out the
    window. However, I fully agree with Thief. One of my favorite games it
    deserves it’s spot.

  27. Was about to rage when I saw batman arkham series only at no5 but then I
    saw number 1 and i was like “nahh I don’t want people calling me retard”

  28. What about Sly Cooper? I thought stealth was half the point of that
    gameplay! Every single one of those games had stealth stuff. I mean, when
    they give you health bars in the sequels, it gives you more of a license to
    fight head on. But in the first one, when one hit can kill you, it makes
    stealth all the more important.

  29. The last splinter cell clip, shot the dude when he could have done wall
    splits and used death from above….I dunno why this annoys me so much.

  30. Half the games on this list are not even Real stealth games but game with
    stealth ELEMENTS…..just saying.

  31. The top reason Metal Gear Solid and Splinter are not on #1 is because Thief
    is the original hardcore first person stealth game, it also is much harder
    than Splinter and Metal Gear Solid.

  32. How about the commandos series? Sure it doesn’t use first or third person
    perspective, but hell, that’s stealth at it’s finest

  33. “As Solid Snake… and on one occasion, that blonde guy.”
    Umm, aren’t you forgetting someone?! Big Boss, you hack frauds!!!
    Haha, it’s okay. I forgive you… You fuck-ups! XD

  34. Dishonored is my fav stealth game… Owning that and the latest entry to
    the thief series I prefer dishonored

  35. Im playing through Deus Ex: Human Revolution, for a third time as we speak!
    First time was just for the story, second was for beating it in the hardest
    difficulty, and now i’m playing through to beat it without ever killing a
    single person. For a game that has such a linear storyline, it still has
    great replay value.

  36. Mojo, as much as we need to honour the old games, please stop putting them
    in these types of lists theres so many new games that deserve a spot here.

  37. Dishonored and Thief are on this list.
    As such, you have earned the honorable title of “Mah Nigga.”

  38. how Splinter Cell isn’t no.1 i will never know.

    Thief & Metal Gear Solid may be the first stealth games ever created and
    without them there would be no Splinter Cell but no game has better Stealth
    gameplay than Splinter Cell, therefor it should be no.1

  39. i wanna say, add skyrim or oblivion to this list, sure you don’t have to
    stealth at all, but if you choose to be a thief or assasin, it has some of
    the best stealth mechanics i’ve experienced so far

  40. The new thief game looks so much more advanced compared to the last one
    that it just shows how fast technology has developed in the last 15 years

  41. Blood Money is actually the third game. The game they were referring to and
    showing clips from was Absolution.

  42. I’m guessing you aren’t a big fan of the Metal Gear series if you didn’t
    even realize you actually showed a clip of a game where you didn’t play as
    solid snake or raiden but actually big boss (with big boss in the clip I
    might add).

  43. Thief shouldn’t be in first place other mentioned games are more cultic and
    well known than thief series, it wasn’t even that good.

  44. As the video explains it, It really was something quite rewarding in the
    thief series by being stealthy something that I’ve personally haven’t been
    able to feel in other games, I’m guessing it was the atmosphere as a whole
    that really took you into that world.

  45. I can’t speak for the earlier titles in the franchise, but Assassin’s Creed
    3 and 4 disappointed me as stealth games. The imprecise controls simply can
    not keep up with the stealth-designed missions. You can’t even crouch!!!

  46. Thief was my introduction to stealth games, followed by Splinter Cell.

    And while Splinter Cell had more sophisticated environments I think that
    Thief had the most replay value. There are three levels of challenge in
    each mission and if that’s not enough, you can try “ghosting”, where you
    complete a job without so much as alerting anyone, let alone knocking them
    out (as much fun as that is).

    Plus there are scores of fan made missions, many of them even better than
    the originals.

  47. thief sucked,though i didn’t play it,hitman absolution disappointed
    me,batman games have too much combat,but assassins creed is zoo independent
    and unique making number 1 on my list

  48. MG and MGS was the BIRTH of the stealth genre. other games HAD stealth
    elements, MG and MGS were the first to make you RELY on those stealth

  49. Batman is not a stealth game and hitman is way to low should be atleast #4
    altough hitman absolution wasnt the best, the others from the series were
    masterpiece of stealth

  50. Who else clicked because of creeping up behind hot naked girl in the
    shower? Stupid sexy thumbnails for non-sexy videos.

  51. just so people know hitman was VERY HARDCORE like the 2nd installment
    hitman 2 silent assasin tha game u were very forced o be stealth or kil
    sliently or be killed easier hitman absolution is such a joke it took away
    many stealth elements of the old hitman games so if u played absolutiom
    dont bother hating

  52. I honestly think Metal Gear is way too high up on the list. I’m not saying
    it doesn’t belong on the list at all because it is an important game to the
    stealth genre whether you like it or not, but putting it above Hitman and
    Splinter Cell is insulting in my opinion, especially considering how many
    mandatory shooting sections are in the Metal Gear games. At least Thief was
    in the top spot, it damn well deserves it.

  53. what about Fallout 3/New Vegas, it is fun to use a Stealth Boy or the
    Chinese Stealth Armor through people, silently killing them with a sneak
    critical >:3

  54. I really hope to see a top 10 rpg game list. I know of
    quite a few that would most likely make it to the list. Such as The Elder
    Scrolls series or the Fallout series

  55. Mark of the Ninja! The best stealth game out there! I think you should redo
    the list and insert this game AT LEAST on a third place.

  56. If you wanna criticize me when I say this you can, it’s your opinion not
    mine. But I call bullshit to assassins creed only on nine. True it’s not
    the best stealth game, but it doesn’t deserve to be on nine. To me, ac
    really kicked off stealth gaming to a whole new level. Starting from the
    comics. I still have mine. Kudos that ac is on this but it did not get the
    rank it deserved. But that’s my opinion. And we all have different opinions

  57. um okay not saying metal gear is a better game ( it is in my opinion but
    that’s not what this is about) metal gear should be number 1 because it was
    the first stealth game that actually became popular and the real release
    date (the one in the video is wrong) was 1987 on the MSX2 a console that
    was made only in japan so metal gear Deserves to be first saying its the
    grand daddy of stealth

  58. I personally wouldn’t have put AC 2 or the Batman Games as those games are
    only about 40% stealth. Also Mark of the Ninja for a 2D stealth game cant
    believe no one pulled it off sooner.
    Also for those who want a Ninja RPG try (my favorite ninja game) Tenchu Z
    as it lets you create your own ninja though is honestly too easy (which is
    hilarious because its made by the same people as Dark Souls)

  59. More on a survival horror tip, but still required a stealthy approach:
    Outlast. And for that matter the Penumbra and Amnesia games as well.

  60. Ummmmmm……. assasins creed at number 9!!!!!!! I don not think I need to
    explain when I say we all think you could use some mental help.

  61. Assassin’s Creed is far from a good stealth series and definitely does not
    deserve a spot on this list. What kind of a stealth game doesn’t allow you
    to crouch without predefined areas (like bushes) and instead forces you to
    stand around like a loitering idiot? Other than that however, the list is
    pretty much spot on.

  62. How is MGS not number 1? It’s kind of the grandfather of stealth games, and
    continues to be the leader of same.

  63. I think Skyrim and Fallout 3 or New Vegas should have honorable mentions
    here. Sure, stealth may not be strictly necessary in those two, but it
    makes most things a heckuva lot easier, like how they explain Hitman. Or
    maybe it’s just me liking to play stealthy characters in those games.

  64. I think Dishonored should have gotten better than 6. Dishonored is one of
    the best stealth games in my opinion.

  65. Yo mate metal gear solid should be number one it’s been a stealth game ever
    since the MSX console and look at the phantom pain and ground zeros

  66. Dishonored and Assassin’s Creed both should have been higher on the list.
    Those are my two favorite stealth games, and Assassin’s Creed II was the
    first stealth game I ever played.

  67. Assassin’s Creed 1 anybody? That was the game that helped AC get popular(It
    was mostly AC2 though).

  68. 1. Splinter Cell
    2. Hitman
    3. Metal Gear
    4. Thief
    5. Batman
    6. Assassin’s Creed
    7. The ninja game
    8. Dishonored
    9. Deus Ex
    10. The Vin Diesel game (Riddick)

    Now that’s more like it!

  69. so the series that is widely considered the pioneer of stealth games and
    every main game is universally critically acclaimed and yet its only number
    2 and thief which has only had 3 good games is number 1?

  70. 1. Dishonored
    2. Thief
    3. Splinter Cell: Blacklist
    4. Assassin’s Creed 2
    5. Hitman Absolution

    I understand that each one, disregarding Thief, is relatively new and is
    not considered a ‘classic’ stealth game, but its not about age, its about
    the tension and skill that the stealth genre both requires and produces.

  71. You guys really hate Assassin’s Creed huh? I mean, you guys constantly
    under rank them every time. It’s like you put them on here because you know
    you have to. AC is nothing but stealth. The whole game can be done
    without conflict if you’re good enough. Air Assassinations, YOU CAN KILL
    FROM ANYWHERE! It should’ve at least been top 5. You screwed them just like
    you did on Storylines. How can you put “The Last of Us” as a better
    storyline than AC. TLOF had a cliché zombie movie storyline, AC surpassed
    GTA when it came to storylines and that’s saying a lot.

  72. Dude watchmojo is such a joke, they just jerk off on Half-Life 2 and
    Chronicles of Riddick Escape from Butcher Bay, that’s all they give a fuck
    about. Nobody even plays those fucking games

  73. ive only played the demo of theif deadly shadows and the one on next gen
    what makes the new one suck so i can go the right direction in the series

  74. This guy fails to do his research thouroughly, theif released in 98 while
    metal gear has been around since 1987 on the msx and it was regarded as the
    first to begin the genre fo stealth games, metal gear 2 solid snake
    released locally in japan in 1990 was the first to put sound as a key
    element to game with wall knocks and foot steps on different ground planes
    not thief. Thief did it 8 years later, so its praise is completely unworthy
    to be placed as number one over metal gear. Note in metal gear 2 solid
    snake, the enemy guards were given a 45 degree field of vision, they could
    turn their heads, a first for the genre.

  75. Assassins creed a stealth game? Gimme a break, its more of rambo fighter
    game. Not to mention most of games here (Batman, Mgs, Dishonored etc.) are
    action games with stealth elements.
    Thief, Splinter cell and Hitman- the best stealth series ever.

  76. By far the best stealth/ninja game ever is Mark of the Ninja. It was smart,
    stayed true to the stealth genre, and greatly rewarded you for getting
    across the map without getting caught and without killing people.

  77. Both Thief and Metal Gear Solid are amazing, and they are literally my
    favorite games of all time, but honestly Metal Gear Solid should have taken
    While I DO think the original Thief game definitely outdid the first Metal
    Gear Solid as far as stealth mechanics, the Metal Gear Solid series
    eventually outdid Thief. Metal Gear has also been around a lot longer, and
    as far as story and cutscenes..
    yeah, Metal Gear Solid. Also, Splinter Cell and Thief games are
    essentially built around the same mechanics, albeit Thief using different
    time frame and perspective. Once camo index was introduced in MGS3, it did
    something that was never really done before and I think that should give it
    the 1st place spot, along with the other said reasons.

    Thief is, however, still a damn amazing series (one of my all time
    favorites), and I encourage all stealth enthusiasts to play it.

  78. Tenchu will always be number one for me, the first game I ever played at 3
    years old, awesome ninjas, brutally difficult gameplay, scary as hell
    enemies and environments and a truly beautiful soundtrack – The perfect way
    to be introduced to gaming.

  79. What about Velvet Assassin? It’s a game that almost forces players to
    stealth mode rather than killing everyone Rambo style (a choice one can
    make in a lot of games included in this top 10).

  80. I don’t know if anyone would agree with me on this but…Watch Dogs was
    actually a pretty good stealth game. Well, technically, like many other
    games, it was a “Do it your way” but I thought the stealth element was done
    really well.

  81. I feel like the dishonored stealth was really shotty. In one moment, I
    could be sitting right in front of someone and they would never see me, but
    then the next, I could be hiding under a table in the dark and a guy with
    his back turned to me could see me.

  82. Assasin’s creed, isn’t that deep in stealth, there’s no sneak mode other
    than going on rooftops and sorry I can’t take it serioulsy when guards are
    looking for a guy in a white hood and can’t find him just because he’s
    “hiding” in a circle of people.
    I remember the last chapter in assasins creed 2, you where in the vatican
    and all the people there where priest, but they cant notice Ezio that is
    the only person with different clothing and is armed to the theet.
    Sorry I now videogames break the logic sometimes but theres a difference
    between suspension of disbelief and just no making sense and prentending
    Also Deus Ex HR is bad as a stealth game, the bosses are not designed to go
    down with stealth tactics, the enemy range of vision is horribly random
    (one time they enter the “suspicious” stage after watching your shadow and
    proceed to investigate but other times they give a fuck and enter full
    alert mode.) and the baterry system is one of the worst “stamina bars” I
    ever seen, Ok it makes sense to drain energy when you turn invisible or use
    the typhoon thing, but why the well punching a guy takes away a FULL
    BATTERY? the steath is hard sure but is hard for bad design choices.
    Peronally I found Human Revolution to be more enjoyable when playing it as
    a FPS, but not that much.

  83. I swear there are no words to describe how i feel about games they allow me
    a escape from reality and i enjoy every moment of it all my
    stress,worries,and troubles just go away while i play them games are truly
    a beutifull creation.

  84. Ok for me I played them in this order (series start): metal gear solid,
    splinter cell, assassin’s creed, dishonored… Sly Cooper should be on
    there… But in order of my stealth approach: ALL FAIL! Most time spent
    playing: MGS series over 999,999 hours. One I try to hide my best in:
    debatable between Assassin’s Creed and MGS I’m psyched for MGSV because you
    can you can do more with the cardboard box, such as pop out of the top,
    launch out of the side to draw enemies to the box while you escape and
    more… Look up MGS purpose of cardboard boxes… It’ll pop up as MGSV
    something more boxes or some shit…

  85. Payday 2 might not be a stealth only game but it sure as hell is a good
    game when being stealthy but also when going guns blazing.

  86. I dont know that the rank of dishonoured is good or bad but That game is so
    cool and being stealth in that game made me feel like i m badass. Sometimes
    I reveled myself becoz of my mistakes and than i replayed it just for the
    sack of stealth

  87. Yeah Riddick was one of those RARE exceptions to movie licensed games that
    was not only fun to play, but brought some interesting concepts and
    surprising graphics to the Original Xbox.

    PS. I was so sad to see Michael Ironside not return in Blacklist 🙁

  88. Assassin creed is not even stealth game, no crouch or proper assassin
    technique used. You just stab guard and blend on crowd with obvious stupid
    hipster white suit which makes no sense whatsoever as assassin

  89. I’m sure many other true stealth gamers will agree with my top 3:

    1. Metal Gear Solid Series
    2. Hitman Series
    3. Splinter Cell Series

  90. i would say metal gear in first place and splintercell in second place 🙂
    and hitman outta the top ten stealth games =D

  91. There is no way Thief is superior to MGS lol. Thats a huge problem with top
    10 lists everywhere – the universally acknowledged number 1 is always
    number 2 and the top spot is occupied by something the list maker has an
    unmerited subjective fetish for… “Metal Gear Solid has cardboard boxes
    whereas Thief established all these stealth mechanics…” u gotta be
    trolling us; without Metal Gear, Thief would prolly look something like
    Mario or Frogger. Apart from this, the list is OK-ish

  92. You are a neo gamer, Tenchu series is much more stealth than the other nine
    series. You only prefer western games. Need know japanese games like
    Shinobido too, poser

  93. DEHR was funny; they tried to put action elements in but made it so that
    stealth was basically your only way of beating the game. Personally I think
    the first Deus Ex was the best out of the series. Also, Thief was probably
    one of the most difficult stealth games in history.

  94. I’d have to say warframe even though all you need to do is kill everything
    it is still really fun to stealth your way through the whole mission

  95. Yeah, cause nothing is more stealthy than glide kicking a grown man in the
    teeth at 40mph with 300lbs of armor. Probably did not kill him either.

  96. This list just shows how dominant the FPS games are right now. The
    Commandos series is an outstanding franchise and excellent stealth RTS

  97. Skyrim should be on here. I play as a Nord and switched my style up from
    Warrior to Assassin and I have to say playing an Assassin is too much fun.

  98. How is Human Revolution a stealth game? Stealth is like 40% of the game AT
    BEST. You’ll almost always have to get into a gun-fight.

  99. Having played most of these games, I am glad Dishonored made the list but
    it definitely deserved a higher spot- at least 3rd, in my opinion.
    This game contains the same stealth elements of those that placed higher
    and additionally allows the player to complete the entire game without ever
    being spotted or killing a single enemy. In fact, this will earn you

  100. How could they leave out the sly Cooper series? It’s not a realistic game
    like the ones they mentioned here, But those games are completely based on
    being a thief. A huge oversight if you ask me

  101. Metal Gear should easily be number one. In terms of story, gameplay, legacy
    and impact no other stealth franchise comes close.

  102. Got £30 Game gift card and ordered 3 games,
    Metal Gear: Rising
    Hitman: Absolution
    Splinter Cell: Blacklist
    Dunno what to play first, help anyone?

  103. Does anyone know what mission that was where he rappel led down the side of
    the building in the splinter cell blacklist segment?

  104. I know they weren’t exactly meant for mature audiences, but the Sly Cooper
    games were pretty much centered around stealth and sneaking.

  105. I wouldn’t really call Assassin’s Creed a “stealth” series. I’d say it’s
    more an action/adventure series with stealth elements. Same with the Batman
    Arkham games in my opinion. They’re terrific game series, but not solely

    It’s like The Last of Us or Uncharted games, in which there are stealth
    sequences and you can use stealth during combat sequences, but it’s not a
    stealth game in it’s own right.

  106. 5.MGS
    4.Hitman (Blood money)
    2.Spliner Cell (D.A. for me)
    1.Thief (the third one, I just loved the fact that it was open world)

  107. i’m looking for a stealth game with lots of tactics, patience, free
    roaming, upgrading, free thinking and a feeling of satisfaction when you
    nail a kill. Anyone with a match? 😀

  108. I think it was thief not 100% sure but it was impossible to escape from the
    jail I just gave up, the elder scrolls games were good for stealth if that
    was your style

  109. Right when I saw splinter cell in #3 I stopped the video.
    Splinter Cell is THE best stealth game,
    if not the best game ever.

  110. To my mind Deus Ex Human Revolution beats the others by far, followed by
    Dishonored- the last Thief game was a bit dissapointing to me, because it
    lacked a proper story.

  111. I think they should have removed riddick and put sly cooper, it was a
    fantastic ps2 stealth and thief game

  112. You know what would help the assassin’s creed series? putting their “master
    assassins” in regular street clothes. That’s why I put Arno in the sans
    culotte equipment in unity, none of this flowy coat bullshit, and add an
    option to take off the hood contextually, like a button for it. Maybe when
    they finally fix their inventory select screen they’ll have room for it

  113. Far Cry 3/4 has requires a lot of stealth. Obviously, you can just lock ‘n
    load everyone, if you want, but there are defusing missions or saving
    hostages were you have to be stealthy. Also my favorite weapon was knife in
    the both games and in fc4 bow and later on Buzzsaw >:)

  114. assassins creed isnt even a stealth game, its doesnt have a stealh mechanic
    except for hiding in the crowd

  115. Every Splinter Cell game besides Double Agent and Conviction (conviction
    seemed a little more assault based game)

  116. How are half of this games any better than Mark of the Ninja? This guys
    only know some famous games and franchises with stealth in em’ and threw
    them into the mix, without actually knowing anything about good stealth

  117. Y forgot far cry 3 ( and yes I know it can be a guns blazing game but like
    many others on the list it can be other than stealth)

  118. Here’s the video summary.

    10. Tenchu: Stealth Assassins (1998)
    9. Assassin’s Creed Series (2007-ongoing)
    8. Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay (2004)
    7. Hitman Series (2000-ongoing)
    6. Dishonored (2012)
    5. Batman: Arkham Series (2009-ongoing)
    4. Deus Ex: Human Revolution (2011)
    3. Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Series (2002-ongoing)
    2. Metal Gear Solid Series (1998-ongoing)
    1. Thief Series (1998-ongoing)

  119. Skyrim should be here. Amazing that it wasn’t included. The game is massive
    as it is, but when playing with a stealthy approach, add many hours to the
    gameplay. Plus, you can be a cat. Everything a good game needs.

  120. i would have thought that the sly cooper series would be on here because
    you are a thief and you have to be stealthy to do most if not all the
    missions because if you don’t you will get attacked by about 10 guards and
    unlike the first game it isn’t 1 hit ko for them and takes a while to knock
    them unconscious

  121. no.1 DISHONOURED no.2 MGS
    no.4 AC SERIES

  122. Hmmm… Does anyone else agree that Black Flag had the best movement flow?
    I like Unity’s idea of being able to decide what vertical direction you go,
    but it seemed to react slowly to input, and the constant loading of the
    thousands of AI did not help. Any other opinions on it?

  123. Tenchu can’t be number 10. Come on now. It’s such a good stealth game. If I
    have to think of a stealth game. Tenchu would be first to come in my mind

  124. I’m surprised Payday wasn’t there. That games really addictive!!! You
    cannot say that game is not a stealth game, and you cant hate it, theres
    just too much to love. the AI isn’t the best, but i would hate it if it had

  125. The original deus ex, should have been no 3 instead of the newest one. The
    original one was mind blowing when it first came out.

  126. How is the stealth way the hard way? IMO, a good stealth game should be
    damn near impossible to play through without using stealth. If you try and
    run through levels fighting everyone head on in Tenchu or Metal Gear, you’d
    get your ass kicked. That’s the way it should be.

  127. Did he really say Haidio Kojima?
    Hideo is pronounced Hee-day-oh…
    That’s pretty bad, even for someone of non-Japanese origin…

  128. Someone, somewhere, thought Slenderman should have been on the list.

    And also, Hitman should be higher, I liked Absolution and its mechanics

  129. Me: What?!?!?! Splinter Cell at number 3?!!?!??! What could possibly be a
    better stealth game than that!?!?!??!
    ***Sees numbers 2 and 1*
    Me: Oh, yeah, that’s true….

  130. does AC really count as stealth game? sure there is a few parts kuz its
    what you have to do but if it was a choice most people will go in a kill
    everybody, i think that one prince of persia game, i think cursed sands or
    sumtin hould be on here kuz more then 2 people is easily overhelming

  131. Awww yeahhh !!!. Totally agree. Thief is the greatest stealth franchise
    ever created. Easily the most immersive games I’ve ever played. Anyone who
    have not played the originals, go and get them from right NAAAOOOWW

  132. AC is stealth? Really? A guy running around a city with unique cloths thats
    no one else uses and everyone can see running around is a stealth game? Lol
    please… by that logic then Watch_Dogs is stealth game aswell.

  133. bullshit how is metal gear not number one all the games in this list owe
    that series for starting the stealth genre did thief come out in 1988 or
    did splinter cell not use what was already perfected in mgs to make its own
    game….ugh I like watchmojo but you lost brownie points in my eyes

  134. Assassins Creed was not a game about Assassins; it was about the Assassins,
    also known as the Hashashiin, where the name for a sly killer came from.
    They were known for wearing white and killing openly to make an impact.

  135. I really don’t get it… I mean I love stealth games but I tried Deus Ex
    and found it really dull. I am sure I will get a lot of marks getting
    upset by my comment 🙁

    And it isn’t just sour grapes that it was above Hitman 😉

  136. Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven is my personal favourite stealth game. Possibly my
    favourite game ever. I can’t decide between it and Oblivion.

  137. Thief the first game including the stealth sounds???jajaja,metal gear solid
    1 have it befo te that bullshit game

  138. Yep, Bloodmoney was the best out of the Hitman series.
    I played through every level several times before realizing the game has a
    storyline because it was ALL about the sometimes hilarious ways to go
    through missions.

  139. Metal Gear has the hardest settimg ever though. In MGS3:Substinace (cant
    spell sorry) it had a settimg called “European Extreme” which if you were
    spotted, instant game over. Not saying its #1 but the difficulty was pretty

  140. Assassin’s Creed really shouldn’t be on here imo; it’s not even a stealth
    game really. There’s some missions where getting detected will
    inconvenience you, but it’s an action title. At least it was low on the
    list, lol.

  141. Aggree with our list?
    Sam : I already don’t like you , don’t make it worse for yourself.. jeez

  142. While i thoroughly agree with Thief at 1st, i really think Splinter Cell
    and MGS should trade places.

    The MGS series is great, love it to death (own all of them, even the Acid
    games), but it doesn’t take itself too serious in the gameplay approach
    (all business in the underlying story tough). While not a flaw, rather a
    design option, it shouldn’t be rewarded by anything above a 3rd place.

    Most SC games don’t even play well unless you resort to at least a stealthy
    approach. My favorite way of playing the first SC is actually to never kill
    anyone except the only person you are forced to kill at the end in order to
    finish the game. The game offered you all the tools required for such an
    approach. Honestly, i get such a kick out of this that i don’t even know
    how to play this game any other way, and i was VERY disappointed that i was
    unable to do the same in Pandora Tomorrow. So disappointed that i never
    even tried to do the same in any other SC.
    Nevertheless, stealth is the very core of SC gameplay, something that i
    can’t say about MGS

  143. Hitman:blood money,

    PLAN A: Go in like a rat, and do things silently.

    PLAN B: Go in like a mad man out of an asylum, and murder everyone.

    My choice is PLAN B, Even though this will get me killed a lot until i get
    used to the controls again.

  144. i know Elder Scrolls V isn’t a stealth game but its still really fun to
    play while sneaking. i recommend playing, or atleast trying to play it in

  145. 1.Theif series
    4.Metal gear solid seres
    5.Splinter cell
    6Assassins creed series
    7Hitman series
    8The last of us
    9Deus x hunman revolution
    the order 1886 jk

  146. 1.Theif series
    4.Metal gear solid seres
    5.Splinter cell
    6Assassins creed series
    7Hitman series
    8The last of us
    9Deus x hunman revolution
    the order 1886 jk

  147. Sly Series was also a pretty good one, one that was the least gore filled
    too. It was my intro to such a game type

  148. This might sound kinda weird becuz its not a common choice for a
    Stealth Game and I know some gamers would say that it doesn’t even qualify
    as a Stealth Game.. But in my opinion it does becuz that’s how I played
    it.. and now its one of my all time favorite stealth games.. And the game
    im talking about is “Far Cry 3” and also Far Cry 4… Becuz even tho Far
    Cry 3 wasn’t made to be a str8 up stealth game they do give you the choice
    to play it as one and wen you choice to play it like a stealth game it
    changes everything and in my opinion it makes the game way more fun and
    challenging.. So if you played Far Cry 3 as just another FPS by running
    threw the story and shooting everything insight and in your opinion Far Cry
    3 was just an Okay game.. then I Strongly Advice you to go play it
    again from the beginning on a harder difficulty “only using stealth” and I
    Guarantee that you will love Far Cry 3 aslong as your into Stealth Games of
    course.. Becuz theirs simply nothing like it

  149. I couldn’t agree more with this list. And I love how most my favorite games
    are here…I guess I’m a stealth game person…? Oh well…. ^^

  150. I wouldn’t consider Assassin’s Creed a stealth game. There wasn’t a crouch
    feature since AC Unity, the AI is really stupid and you’re outfit should
    make you stand out rather than help you hide.

  151. Skyrim had stealth added that wasn’t really a stealth game, also I thought
    this video was called “Top ten stealth games” not “Top ten stealth
    mechanics in games” because although Thief has good mechanics allot of the
    other games on the list are better as a hole.

  152. you fucking kiding me ??? dishonored is the best stealth game ever made too
    bad they didnt make some more DLC,s

  153. Anyone ever tried playing Chaos Theory on expert and going through missions
    without even touching anyone (that means not knocking anyone out or using
    sticky shockers or airfoil rounds) ? Best stealth experience ever.

  154. I’m A-Okey with you fucking up all of ”agree with our list?” I mean videos
    or as you call them “Top10”, but everyone know’s that MGS should have been
    on 1st place. Even if it’s not great for some of us (Players). What I do
    agree with,are some of comms down below like; 1st MGS 2nd Hitman 3rd
    SplinterCell, or Assasin’s Creed isn’t a stealth game (because really it
    only pretends to be S game), or your facts about MGS are terrible… Soo
    True 😛 basicly you fuck up 8/10 Top10’s bravo 😛

  155. I think that Dishonored should have been swapped with Thief, so Thief
    should of been #6 and Dishonored should of been #1

  156. The list is called “Top 10 Stealth Games”.They should have picked one game
    from each series instead of naming the entire game series as the entry.I
    mean SC:chaos theory and Hitman blood money could have been better choices
    on their own.Plus Hitman should have been in top 5.

  157. In my opinion Tenchu should be at least the third in this list, not the
    last, if you confront an enemy you almost surely are dead, so, you must to
    use the stealth throughout the game, not like Arkham Series for example,
    you can use and it’s more effective to use the stealth sometimes but it
    doesn’t means that you have to do it, if know how to fight and use the
    reversals you can confront enemies directly, Tenchu not give you that
    possibility, most of the others games do it.

  158. Why is batman over assassins creed? Batman has stealth mechanics in it
    whereas the AC games are built around the fundamentals of stealth and
    guerrilla warfare

  159. Assassins Creed is a Stealth Game! Never ever.
    Only because there are some Stealth Elements in this game, doesn`t make
    this game to a stealth game.

  160. I have problemes with this list… Many problems!! But oh well… Just a
    bunch’a people voting in the website…

  161. Metro: Last Light. Yeah, yeah Metro: 2033 had completely broken stealth
    mechanics, Last Light fixed them and made it one of my favorite stealth
    games ever. Mostly because it gave you a sense of powerlessness absent from
    other stealth games.

  162. Id like to see Crysis 3 in here at least. You’re pretty much going
    invisible on every stage to advance to the next. Optional, but far more
    stealthy than most of the games listed here. 🙂

  163. Payday 2 is an stealth simulator, its sooo hard to get to stealth, it would
    be in that list

  164. Just because the game allows you to silent kill doen’t make it an ”stealth
    game” (Batman and Assasin’s Creed are NOT stealth games)!

    True stealth games:
    3.Deus Ex !

  165. Assassin’s Creed series, Batman Arkham series and Splinter Cell series is
    the best games ever…

    WORLD 3647386487? AND HALF LIFE 2 ???

  167. tbh. none of the stealth games in this “Top 10” really made me hold my
    breath and hide in a corner. but the one game that did… “Mark of the
    Ninja” it was so great cause the enemy’s are just as good as you are (at
    fighting not at stealth) so you can probably take on two or sometimes three
    head on. but there are a lot of enemy’s and they have guns so it force’s
    you to do stealth pretty much all the time.

  168. I am pretty damn disappointed Tenchu is ranked 10th and not in the top 5.
    Ah well, opinions are opinions I suppose :/

  169. As much as I liked Thief and Splinter Cell, Metal Gear is technically the
    best stealth game of all time because it was not only the oldest in the
    genre (which originated in 1987,) but also gave birth to the genre. The
    best would be any of them except for MGS2. It’s crap. As for Dishonored,
    it’s way better than Thief. How else it got better reviews than Thief does?
    Plus, Hitman was just really fun, the contracts was cool, and I absolutely
    loved the sniper challenge. My favorite is Absolution.

  170. 1 some of these games I don’t even consider stealth games splinter cell
    should be #1 metal gear solid #
    2 and theif#3

  171. Splinter cell should have been first I mean stealth took you away in
    gameplay and story.
    Thief was good choice for number 1 since its considered as a classic.
    May I ask why you chose metal gear to be higher on the list than splinter
    cell. I mean look at the facts here these are things that could happen in
    real time. Metal gear,…. Not likely. I wouldn’t be using a box for
    hiding. And an octopus don’t get me started.
    Splinter cell was based off stealth. No matter what. Even in the books. Oh
    well another opinion said.

  172. seriously, the stealth mechanics in the assassin’s creed series is
    laughable, it should not be on this list.

  173. The first part showing Dishonored is so fucking retard. Hey guys we are
    trying to make a stealth games list so show us an example of stealth in
    this game. Well first you sneak up behind this guy very cautiously and BAM!
    Shoot a big ass revolver making a shit load of sound and thus, alerting all
    the fucking place you are here. Very nice thanks.

  174. «Thief was the beggining of stealth games so it gets the spot» blah blah.
    Just because it came first it doesn’t mean it’s better. Now I’m not
    gonna lie, Thief is by far one of the best stealth games out there…
    but… meh, it gets generic. Not like the masterpiece that is Metal Gear.
    No. Not even close.

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