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People Are Kind

Random acts of kindness without expecting any reward. Watch closely from
Via People Are Awesome 2013.

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  1. If More people would watch the videos like these an be inspired to touch
    others lives in anyways or means, We wouldnt need a fire for warmth, or
    silence for peace of mind. “Love Is simple, I think of You before every or
    any action I make. I am simple, I love you as my self. I will Love you this
    way for always.” “Smile Pass It On”

  2. The music on the “random acts of kindness” component is really discordant,
    like two pieces of music playing over one another. It completely kills the
    (edit) The “live your life” component is bullshit because a little thing
    called “money” comes into play. That’s where that whole putting up with
    your shitty job/boss comes in.
    The last component is pure Win, even if it’s made up!

  3. These people are truly caring and will look out for one another. Bless the
    Lord for having these people with the kindest of hearts.

  4. delusional self absorbed pretentious shower of bastards going around with
    soup and fruit for the homeless and filming themselves doing it so they can
    bathe in each and others praises and heaped on admiration for their
    feelgood day. there are a million other people in the world that help the
    poor sick and needy that YOU will never hear of and they expect not one
    single iota of recognition. hats off to the people who stop to help the
    elderly across the road.

  5. The ending made me cry but I got up and went out in the streets I found a
    man that can’t walk and did the right thing thanks for inspiring me thanks
    a lot

  6. Me too I’m not that guy that would get high grades in school but this vid
    Has made me think I should try and this vid was inspirational thank u

  7. This Video Should Thank You A Lesson! Because 1 Day Something Good Will
    Happen! It’s Usually Always About Treating People Fairly And Being To Every
    One. Life Is A Game! There Are So Many Things To Accomplish, So Get Out
    There! These Videos Lead Viewers Into The Right The Direction Of The World!
    These Are Real People Who Are Suffering. So If You Are A Person That Thinks
    He/She Life Is Horrible, Take These People For Example! They Are Suffering
    Everyday To Live! BUT They Are Happy, To Live! And This Video Will Inspire
    Your Brain Alot To The Many Of The People That Are Out There! As My Words
    Were Said *You Can Accomplish Anything!*

  8. our religion command us to help people without regard if he/she was
    muslim,christian, or anything and when the the muslim attacked by some one,
    must response in good way

    The Prophet had this Jewish neighbour. Everyday the neighbour would throw
    his garbage at the Prophet’s door! Then, one day, the garbage stopped
    appearing. The Prophet wondered why and asked people about what had
    happened to his neighbour. He was told that the neighbour was sick, in bed.
    So, the Prophet went and visited his Jewish neighbour to make sure he’s ok
    and to wish him well. So touched was the Jewish neighbour that he later
    converted to Islam.

  9. Indoor sky diver: I want to know how much they cost to install

    #2 Kindness: When I see someone do something kind, it compels me to cancel
    my order for a car mountable fazer from the Enterprise! I love
    kind-thoughtful people!

    #3 Dude on skateboard: F***Gin insane! What if he falls, the driver would
    run him over…what if a car pulls out in front? Insane.
    #4 Corporate casualty: THE BOSS!
    #5 Christmas gifts to homeless: You helped put Christ back in Christmas!

  10. It’s taking care of the people of this world and the next world peacefully
    ganvesvenebian they always get into heaven because their minds are limited
    by the fact that someone would help

  11. “…When you give to the needy, sound no trumpet before you, as the
    hypocrites do… that they may be praised by others…. But when you give
    to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing,
    so that your giving may be in secret.”

  12. I like how this reminds us all, you don’t need to be great in a wingsuit,
    though that is cool. Any person can be awesome, when that moment comes by

  13. It’s nice to see a People are Awesome with not only cool things like
    parkour, but also kindness and inspiration.

  14. Weird how men seem to be the only ones actually doing anything out there.
    Oh wait, duh, the ones who pay selflessly just for others to be happy are

  15. A lot of them were on the same roads! Did this guy just go around waiting
    for this stuff to happen for ages? xD

  16. Compared to other People are Awesome videos, this is probably the best one
    in my opinion. It shows that humans are truly amazing to others and perform
    selfless acts of kindness without even thinking about it. When people put
    other peoples’ needs in front of their’s, it shows they are truly awesome
    human beings

  17. I friggin’ love these people!!! Cried so muuucchhh!!!!!!! Whoever dislikes



  20. this is def. in euro or russia because alot of people get camaras in there
    cars cause of he terriable road rage over there.. people r awesome

  21. this is def. in euro or russia because alot of people get camaras in there
    cars cause of he terriable road rage over there.. people r awesome

  22. Who the fuck is so sick to dislike this?!
    Because the music?!
    Whocares the music….you can mute sound and its done…

  23. You know it’s kinda sad I’ve lost my faith in humanity so much that just
    seeing someone do something nice for someone else can damn near bring me to
    tears out here in Nevada you could get run over and no one would check to
    see if your even ok they just keep driving… It fills me with so much
    happiness to see people giving a shit about someone else…. Call me a
    bitch for it idc…

  24. I always see people being dicks in today’s society, but when I watch this
    video, I remember that some people still care about others. The other
    people, the “dicks” as I called them, are the reason I am a misanthrope.

  25. Best inspirational vide I’ve ever seen in my life and seriosly over a
    thousand dislikes I can’t even emagine how sick and messed up you guys are
    Best video ever

  26. so why are there camera’s on board??? Those cars have accidentally camera’s
    to film the good work?? Strange… .. .Great people though, that’s for sure

  27. Thanks had to watch this video to remind myself that there are still good
    people I was upset after seeing a kill all gays and bronies video was my
    own fault for clicking on it.

  28. Although the other People Are Awesome videos that have parkour/freerunning
    and really cool stuff in them, these are the real People Are Awesome
    videos. It includes a lot of selfless things and that’s what the real
    awesome is.

  29. i serched people are awesome so i clicked on this…i expected something
    amazing then i didnt get it so wanted to change the video but then i relize
    at the beginning of the video what it was about it almost made run
    outside in the middle of the night and do somethig really nice to a very
    lucky person

  30. Can anyone link the original up loader of the first clip. I believe the man
    in the tunnel is Mikhail Romanov, but I cant find any videos.

  31. Prophet muhammad peace and blessings be upon him, said, “The believer is
    kind and gracious, for there is no goodness in one who is neither kind nor
    gracious. The best of the people are those who are most beneficial to
    others.” .. “Allah is kind and loves kindness in every matter”

  32. helping the homeless warmed my heart..and oh my names Juliette.. what a
    …and i love the last one im in tears x3

  33. lol why the fuck do you steal a video with music in it and then put your
    own music over the music in the video you stole without even muting it?
    Sounds like shit

  34. Man… I just thought of something that would be badass as hell. Parkour
    on the moon…. They would be able to do some sweet shit.

  35. Amazing video. I was was playing a game with my friends and watching videos
    on YouTube then came across this. And I actually couldn’t stop watching.
    inspirational to help and want to help others the way life should be.

  36. nice montage of vids but u have no style worst songs ever heard sorry but

  37. This video legit made me cry. The blind man and helping the homeless was
    really thoughtful and amazing. I appreciate the support and effort that
    this video has.

  38. I’m a 16 Boy… In my life i help a lot of people only because I want… I
    have suffered a lot in my life, and after watching this video i Cry a

  39. We show ourselves these videos to illusion ourselves that we are kind
    creatures and never hurt only help but then you have to think about those
    countries that are overruled in war

  40. these are the people that keep this world from falling apart so keep doing
    what you do and remember that life is short so dont waste it

  41. It seems like freerunning seriousely got changed in its entirety. It was
    about getting fast from point A to point B in urban territory. Now it seems
    more like who can do the most fancy jumps… that’s just stupid :/

  42. have to admit the POV fella who accepted his life’s demise was pure
    awesome…and inspirational…the lady at the end…so classy and the
    message beautiful…thank you God speed

  43. the most of the time u see russian road rage ore accidents, but this is so
    nice to see, I´m not the only one how would do this 😉

    people be good to each other, we only live once

  44. I thank you for this video, for taking the time to make it and share it. I
    am a 51 year old man in Washington USA. There is a lot wrong in the world
    right now and it is good to see the good that is still out there. You made
    made me smile, you made laugh and yes you made me cry, but with a smile on
    my face. Thank you.

  45. This is a great video you don’t see this much. And while the first part was
    the best part the last part got to me.

  46. I love the idea of these people who help these people who need help . These
    people who help others have a great heart. I love this video.

  47. that last one was the best greatest video it wasn’t about the cool things
    people do but the things they do to help that’s what makes you awesome

  48. Anyone else besides me keep remembering that one time you didn’t help out
    someone when they needed it and you feel really bad even though you are
    generally a very nice person?

  49. The last one is probably the most beautiful thing anyone could ever do. I’m
    saying right now, that if I ever see anyone in that situation, I will
    donate at least $100 and do the same thing. But something that confuses me,
    how did he write that sign if he’s blind? I can’t even write with my eyes

  50. I literally almost cried when they were helping the elderly people. It does
    make me feel good to see that there are actually still people like this in
    the world.

  51. The POV part was how everyone wants their free time to be. Going on a
    vacation, meeting girls, going to concerts, fuck yeah I’m driving a car,
    and so. It’s the AWESOME bit in the video. The other parts with kindness
    are more touching and make you feel sad 🙂 THOSE PEOPLE ARE AWESOME

    OMG long comment.

  52. T_T That first video of that guy getting 5 thousand for that T_T.
    That is sad like honestly I can do that shit in my sleep

  53. People really are Awesome!! 😀 Thanks for sharing! as always these make me
    Lets all do amazing things and show the haters a world sooooo awesome that
    they can’t do anything but join in! 😀

  54. Whatever negative comment some people can make won’t change anything to
    this truth: Love, Compassion, & Kindness are part of the human being. It is
    just sad that not everyone act that way…
    A “random act of kindness” is the proof that humans are capable of
    overcoming greediness, selfishness & carelessness… That when we become
    aware of the true meaning of Love, we begin loving ourselves & we start
    loving others in more meaningful ways…
    We humans are truly an Extraordinary Creation, with Extraordinary
    Potentials. We are capable of the worst things as we are of the greatest
    A better understanding of What We Are is required (…), to understand and
    thus allow more information to reach our consciousness. The Governments &
    the System don’t want us to know that the 90% of our brain that is not
    used, actually contains a formidable Power (Energy) & Knowledge… Their
    greatest fear has always been about loosing their control over us, because
    we are so powerful that the moment they lower their guard, We will awaken
    instantly from their Mental Manipulations, and We will become Unstoppable.
    Invincible. They fear Universal Light because it Is Universal Love (Light
    is Love and Love is the Ultimate Power). And Light contains data of
    Everything. They fear for their lives because they believe that We would
    kill them, by revenge. They ignore the Meaning, the Sense of Empathy,
    Compassion & true Love. Therefore they fear for their lives. Their
    Higher-Consciousness (the Heart/4th Chakra) is clouded by false
    beliefs/energies. The role of the “Good” is not to destroy the “Evil”, but
    rather to Heal It. We always have a choice. We just need to learn to do the
    right one, each and every time…
    Love & Peace to All!…

  55. + crome gamer,
    …You may be “just a kid”, my young “Padawan”…but you already have
    wisdom & a good heart. That is a sign that you are someone important for
    the New Era we are entering. Keep your heart clear of the world’s
    impurities that pollute the Soul. That is you best asset to always be on
    the right path… Societies in the New World will need people like you,
    capable and willing to give the best of themselves to others and to Life!…
    …Just remember, Padawan, to never give-in to the Dark Side of The
    Force… and a True Jedi you will become… 🙂

  56. The one with the people (or maybe it was the same person I couldn’t tell
    because of my tears) helping the elderly across the street made me cry.
    Same with the last one.

  57. Oh man , you , Jimmie, you make me a good man now, i crying with still
    people , thanks man for your video , i can help a man 🙂 thanks , very much
    , thank you , :”( i did some help , i help homeless now, thanks for your


  59. if you don’t care enough to like a video where people care about each other
    and help them then you deserve to be killed

  60. I love it. For homeless peoples are clothes and Coffee so much. Thank you
    for this Video. It Made my Day 🙂

  61. Wow what a vid.. I thought the bloke being dumped was good . But the blind
    guy in Scotland begging. And what the girl wrote mad me so sad. Xx

  62. People are awesome don’t have to be cool stuff these people are awesome on
    another way you suck PJ SKATES

  63. This restores my faith in humanity. Now, I don’t want so much of the
    population to die off. The only people we need to get rid of, is the people
    who think that the world revolves around them. I should add that I posted
    around the second section.

  64. Omg, this proves that there are people out there who actually are kind to
    the human population and who cares for everyone else, this isn’t what most
    people are like… we need to stand up and realize that people need help.
    Look at them for example… :3

  65. This truly is amazing and nobody will dim the bright light that be urns
    inside my heart, my comment may be stupid , but the truly amazing people
    who inspire,the light warm feeling of love, insiration,kindness,if you
    cried of joy like I did, reply what kindness warms you most

  66. Ok I think I got it. Lose my job, girlfriend. Move to some spanish country,
    eat whatever I want. Find thirsty spanish girls, somehow get into backstage
    concerts with celebrities, and go to the beach everyday. See ya everyone,
    I’ll be going now.

  67. The first five min of this video where they show the wind tunnel seen
    all of that spinning around would make a person dizzy.

  68. The reason why there all these dislikes is from people that automatically
    dislike without watching the vid and want reactions out of us and its glad
    there r people that care about homeless people like me brought me to tears

  69. Non tutti lo guarderanno ma che lo farà di sicuro qualcosa in lui cambierà,
    ve lo assicuro! Guardatelo e fatelo girare (Non basate ai primi due minuti)
    e se vi colpirà fatelo girare!


  70. Everybody shut the fuck up about the misleading bullshit this video has a
    very strong message that you should get off your trolling ass and go make
    yourself a helpful human being and not a complaining whining bitch and I
    know that some of you SICK BASTARDS are gonna be like “Well your
    complaining right now” Fuck you, I’m sending a message to you retards. I AM

  71. So you move small animal off the road, then go home to eat steak for
    dinner. the act is then negated and your karma returned to -4,929. Lol

  72. Das was meiner meinung nach ein gutes “people are awesome” video ausmacht
    ist hier nicht erfüllt worden. Mir ist in so einem Video wichtig das viele
    Viedeos drinnen sind so ca. 200 – 300 Stück. Da es langweilig ist wie hier
    die ersten 5 minuten irgenwen in der luft schweben zu sehen. Die steigerung
    ist dann wiederum wenn man denn 200 – 3000 Vids. hat das sie auch noch auf
    beat geschnitten worden sind.

  73. Amazing things and all, but the audio is WAYYYYY off and completely out of
    harmony, please revise this and don’t make a mess next time, thank you.

  74. It is always good to help other people, keeps yourself alive, too 🙂
    I liked the super mario parcour run, very funny.

  75. This is so awesome. I guess life is all about pushing our limits and trying
    out new things, exploring and that’s where we learn and progress as
    individuals! So stoked on life now I’m gonna keep doing what I love and
    making videos and hope to inspire others to do the same! Cheers! x

  76. Those act of Kindness were so touching
    when i see a elder can’t cross the street i woul help the elder..
    The Act of Kindness made me cry :’)

  77. What’s so awesome about the “you got to live it” segment? I mean the dude
    just lost his job and girlfriend because he couldn’t keep up with the rat
    race; he feels frustrated, so he indulges in promiscuous sex and parties..
    How is this some kind of amazing come back? Maybe instead, if he used that
    money to invest in an endeavor to make him self sufficient; started his own
    business or something, and met a better woman on the way this video would
    make more sense.

  78. when i saw the picture i was like for the video i was like “dayum those
    people be slidin down the top of a bridge *cough* dumb not brave *cough*
    always remember kids be brave, but remember that you aren’t invincable

  79. Imagine the gifts thing actually caught on like some of the retardedness
    than people give into these days like: harlem shake, other shakes, and so
    on… Life could be better for millions if something actually worth doing
    to help others caught on. who knows, it just
    or not

  80. those homeless people at least have some feelings but our homeless people i
    mean from czech are ….. they care only about drugs. drunk everyday

  81. please dont overlay like 3 different types of music in the background, 1
    will do, makes it seem to loud and not enough about the video.

  82. It would be nice if most people were like this but the truth is they are
    not. The title should be called awesome people instead of people are

  83. Your right! People ARE awesome!. 🙂 But with almost 3k dislikes, it hows
    how UN-AWESOME some people are…..<3 You should watch this whole thing to
    the end because the end is the very best part. <3

  84. how can you dislike this video with all the great things that humans do for
    others in it? This video is a testimony that there are still good people
    on earth

  85. that song in the part with people helping people SUCKED it was like 2 songs
    playing over the top of each other that piano need to GO……. OMG any
    ways great video but that 1 song was just unlistenable.

  86. Haha my youth group leader told me to try see Christ in everyone. I see
    Christ in these people. 🙂

  87. i love 20:00 min its brilliant i was re watching love this and how can u
    dislike this its so good the poor man cant see and u dislike so all u
    haters go watch other people

  88. I don’t really get why people dislike these videos, if it’s the music just
    mute, simple as simple. Idk it’s db imo.

  89. I do random acts of kindness and selflessness A LOT. But my luck is still
    very bad. I can’t ever get a break. But yet I still help people. It’s like
    a natural thing. I just wish something would just budge in my life so I can
    help people out more.

  90. Did anyone else think, wth is this!? This is not a video with feats of
    human talent. This is just some (mostly) random videos compiled together.
    What happened to the idea behind the ‘people are awesome’ videos?

  91. +Kyla Henson You are very racist to be a kind man. You know why many people
    choose America to talk crap of? The horrible economy, the horrible
    goverment, the racism, the slavery, the job, the bullies and the faggots..
    America is a shit. Every country you talked about is a shit. My country is
    a shit. My world is a shit.

  92. I look at all this people living the good life, then I look at my self
    sitting on a crappy Chair, with a crappy PC, and a crappy life. Man, this
    is depressing. I suck.

  93. The last two where heartwarming there are still people in this world that
    still care about people especially the homeless people

  94. How is stopping to let a cat cross the road “awesome” ? It’s just normal.
    Or does that mean I live in a world where most people would run it over ?

  95. Mario Parkour and “You’ve Got To Live It” thing were just time wasters for
    me but other stuff was cool. Thought I’d be seeing more from a 20 min video
    though, which is probably the reason for amount of dislikes…but w/e

  96. Hey irgendwelche deutsche am start die Parkour laufen lernen wollen dann
    kommt auf mein Kanal es kommen demnächst tutorials , über mich : 15 jahre
    alt laufe Parkour seit ich klein bin und hab den channel seit nem halben
    Jahr 😀

  97. Please check out my latest videos on my channel I post call of duty related
    content so if your interested please check it out

  98. In we did not have kind people I would of been died because I was falling
    of a hill on my dirt bike and a guy jumped out a Rhino and pols my 85 up
    the hill

  99. i adore this videos and its message!!
    keep on doing this pls and spread the lovely message of help and giving! 🙂

  100. Es geht nicht um Action. Es ist die Courage die einen zum Weinen bringt.
    Teilt dieses Video. Und seid Teil der Hilfe!

  101. Check out the LumberWorksForums for great DYI wood working projects and
    other interesting projects with home made lumber…. It’s free

  102. They should totally use one of those indoor sky diving places to film Iron
    Man flying in a much more practical way 😀

  103. Who ever disliked this video shame on them, so many people out there are
    dying of starvation besides the parkour, but the homeless people. They took
    time and money out of there life to go out there and buy and help all of
    those homeless people. I think now that we saw this we need to go out there
    and pray that we have a house over our head and clothes on our body, we all
    should be very grateful for what we have. Also, we should pray for all of
    the homeless people that are freezing and hope that they get a home and
    that they at least have clothes on there body and that they are getting
    treated with respect and kindness. I pray for everyone that give up there
    time to go and help them. Stay warm!

  104. Fuck Mario…and FUCK NINTENDO!!! ESPECIALLY THE WII. Those two guys were
    ninjas though…didn’t expect that from some Italians.

  105. Who would dislike this!!!!it almost made me burst to tears!! I love all
    y’all who helped, and were selfless to our world in anyway, and I also give
    props to the awesome stunt people, if u agree with me, do something nice

  106. I have been homeless job less one tries to hold it together to gain a
    footing these people who gave presents I hope you know that it made a
    difference. For me I still have no permanent home as yet. I gained a
    Teaching degree I have made the world my home as I now teach in 3rd world
    countries Science Communication English and math to become globally more
    aware and self aware. on behalf of those you have showed kindness to THANK
    YOU IT MADE A DIFFERENCE . I know it did with me

  107. Sorry, but these small Acts of Kindness do not outweigh all the bad Humans
    have committed….
    People Still Suck

  108. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much RESPECT on this planet !!! these people on these
    videos need a medal for bravery and beeing helpfull to mankind !!!! i love
    all of u !!!

  109. ppl whi dilike the video are jeliouse that they cant do it 😀 AND THE

  110. I hope everyone realizes that a lot of the dash cam videos are from Russia,
    as in people in Russia are generally nicer than the stereotypes they get

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