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People Are Kind

Random acts of kindness without expecting any reward. Watch closely from
Via People Are Awesome 2013.

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  1. I hope everyone realizes that a lot of the dash cam videos are from Russia,
    as in people in Russia are generally nicer than the stereotypes they get

  2. ppl whi dilike the video are jeliouse that they cant do it 😀 AND THE

  3. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much RESPECT on this planet !!! these people on these
    videos need a medal for bravery and beeing helpfull to mankind !!!! i love
    all of u !!!

  4. Sorry, but these small Acts of Kindness do not outweigh all the bad Humans
    have committed….
    People Still Suck

  5. I have been homeless job less one tries to hold it together to gain a
    footing these people who gave presents I hope you know that it made a
    difference. For me I still have no permanent home as yet. I gained a
    Teaching degree I have made the world my home as I now teach in 3rd world
    countries Science Communication English and math to become globally more
    aware and self aware. on behalf of those you have showed kindness to THANK
    YOU IT MADE A DIFFERENCE . I know it did with me

  6. Who would dislike this!!!!it almost made me burst to tears!! I love all
    y’all who helped, and were selfless to our world in anyway, and I also give
    props to the awesome stunt people, if u agree with me, do something nice

  7. Fuck Mario…and FUCK NINTENDO!!! ESPECIALLY THE WII. Those two guys were
    ninjas though…didn’t expect that from some Italians.

  8. Who ever disliked this video shame on them, so many people out there are
    dying of starvation besides the parkour, but the homeless people. They took
    time and money out of there life to go out there and buy and help all of
    those homeless people. I think now that we saw this we need to go out there
    and pray that we have a house over our head and clothes on our body, we all
    should be very grateful for what we have. Also, we should pray for all of
    the homeless people that are freezing and hope that they get a home and
    that they at least have clothes on there body and that they are getting
    treated with respect and kindness. I pray for everyone that give up there
    time to go and help them. Stay warm!

  9. They should totally use one of those indoor sky diving places to film Iron
    Man flying in a much more practical way 😀

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  11. Es geht nicht um Action. Es ist die Courage die einen zum Weinen bringt.
    Teilt dieses Video. Und seid Teil der Hilfe!

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