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Hero Of Time | The Legend Of Zelda Remix | Jeesh

Via Hero Of Time | The Legend Of Zelda Remix | Jeesh.

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  1. Doesn’t really give me a nostalgia effect because I grew up with the newer
    Zelda games and I didn’t start playing the older ones until recently. (Was
    born in the year Ocarina of Time came out, didn’t start playing that until
    about 3 years ago.) But I love the series (probably my favorite) for every
    aspect of the games. Great remix also. You should be proud.

  2. DAMMMMMNNN THIS IS SO FUCKING EPIC. You have some mad skills, this is so
    beautiful and brings back so many wonderful legend of zelda. but still DAMN

  3. This is pretty amazing, but why call it the Hero of Time when there’s so
    many more Links than just the Hero of Time involved?

  4. I Have A HUGE Erge To Tell The Legend Of Zelda The Company, To Make A Game
    Called ‘Remix Of Time’ And This Would Be The Theme Song, And All The
    Characters Will Be In It, And Islands Will Be Mashed Up, And They Put Beta
    Stuff In And All That, And Like Majora Mask And Blah Blah Blah With Master
    Sword The Mask To See Enemies Health, The Mirrow Shield, 9 Potion Bottles
    Maybe 10, I Don’t Know!? Well I Think It’s A Good Idea, And In Temples It
    Could Be A Backwards Played Song Of The Most Favourite Temple, From The
    Order From Other Games, Like The Earth Temple/Wind Temple Had Forest Haven
    Music, It Was Like A Big Remix Of All The Zelda Games Put Together Into One
    Hundle! And There Could Be The Zelda Series For A New Pause, The Cartoons
    Could Be Viewed In A Zelda Cinema, And You Could Watch Them, I Think It’s A
    Good Idea, But People Have Their Own Oppinion.. c:

  5. Though it’s done with a lot of heart, there are some parts that just sound
    off. I’m not saying this is bad, I really like it and I’m subscribing in
    hope of more stuff like this, but you’ll probably look back and think to
    yourself “man, I could have done this better”. And, it may not sound like
    it, but I mean that in a good way.
    Sorry if my honesty is a little brutal.

  6. Now go and look up “Can Can Legend of Zelda” If you haven’t already, it’s
    like this but instead of being awesome it’s just fucking hilarious

  7. Now go and look up “Can Can Legend of Zelda” If you haven’t already, it’s
    like this but instead of being awesome it’s just fucking hilarious

  8. I cannot stop listening to this!! this is THE BEST THING EVER!! Seriously,
    you’re making every Zelda fans happy XD

  9. At first i was not impressed because its a rip off of Pogos style, but
    after listening a few times its still a good piece of work, even though its
    a Pogo rip off… 🙂

  10. Wow man, this was really well done. +1
    i was just searching around with my name and i found this.
    it was a Great remix, and btw thank you for enjoying the content i created
    & using it, it means allot that someone is interested in what i do to use
    it in videos like this.

  11. Man, we’re such a huge fans of your work. Is it possible if we could use
    this track in an episode of our web series?

  12. really enjoyed. it says free download but… on your bandcamp you have it
    listed at 7 gbp… which is kind of expensive for a 2 and a half minute

  13. I like the basic concept of this and some of the samples, but it feels more
    like a clusterfuck of sounds rather than an actual song. Also, a little too
    Pogo-ish for the most part

    The Faces Of Evil samples were a nice touch

  14. This is amazing! Thank you so much for putting this together!!! 😀
    Heard it on Radio Hyrule and had to find it online!

  15. Oh my God. You managed to take the Zelda CDI, one of the worst games *ever*,
    and put it in something this beautiful. That my friend deserves an award!

  16. You had the CDI game, but Four Sword and Four Sword Adventures weren’t
    included, priorities, man. (but in all seriousness, this is literally the
    greatest thing ever)

  17. actually this a remix of more then just the hero of time version of link
    the hero of time is only the link in ocarina and in majora’s mask

  18. as soon as i saw zelda i knew it had to be the first song of yours i
    heard. liking it so far, just like pogo. I can tell you put a lot of time
    and effort into the creation of your music, Like it a lot so far! Sad to
    say I havent played all of the zelda games, but definitely all of them up
    to the twilight princess (yes even majoras mask <3 ) looking forward to
    hearing more of your music bro

  19. acctually ocarina of time and majoras mask links are the heroes of time the
    rest of them are others heroes like the twilight princess one is called The
    Hero Of Twilight

  20. I heard this in Capndesdes’ video and I was like, “OHMEGERD, DAT INTRO DOE!
    I HAVE TO CHECK THE DESCRIPTION!” I checked it, searched up this, and found
    out this remix was like video game paradise to my ears. O3O

  21. My favorite thing about this is that it gives fair acknowledgment of almost
    every zelda game, not just one or a few games. Well done. So well done 🙂

  22. That part with Fi sounded nice…at least until the cdi games came in. If
    you could would you ever make a version without the cdi games?

  23. 1st off, why can’t I post a comment on pogo’s YouTube videos or like the
    vids? Secondly, this is pure art how u guys come up with these great and
    Sooo chill instrumentals with a mash up videos from different scenes.. Also
    pogo Alice is a one of a kind all around great video

  24. I think after MM3D they should port SS and TP in full HD that would make my
    life. All my favorite Zelda games with stunning reinvisioned visuals. 😀

  25. Best remix i’ve heard so far… believe me i’ve listen hundreds of remix
    and yours is very well done. mixing old and new sounds 🙂

    Très Bon! Bravo!

  26. I was wondering, would it be alright for me to use this in my future
    videos? With credit of course. I really love this by the way, keep up the
    great work!

  27. Beautiful! 😉 AMAZING, don’t play Zelda? And you hate it!? Well after you
    watch this you will love it!

  28. Although I’m not much of a LoZ fan, the remix was nice. Now here’s a new
    suggestion for a game to remix: Freedom Planet! Haven’t heard of it? It’s
    essentially what Sonic 4 should have been all along, plus more. There’s a
    free demo if you’re interested.

  29. My boy, this remix is all what true warriors have strive for. Oh boy! I’m
    so hungry that I could add this to my favorites!

  30. Beautiful! 😉 AMAZING, don’t play Zelda? And you hate it!? Well after you
    watch this you will love it!

  31. Very big problem. I can download the music but it’s a .zip file. And I
    cannot hear it only my mobile phone I’m so sad right now. Please fix it.
    Because I really love but I’m so sorry that I must dislike. Tell me when
    it’s fixed then I’m gonna change my mind

  32. Did anyone else noticed they used audio files from THAT Zelda game? You
    know…. The one we don’t talk about….

    The one where Link actually talks…..

    Oh god…. “-~-

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