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The Scarecrow

Via The Scarecrow.

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  1. *Interesting article from Smithsonian* : Reproduced from the article : *Now
    that the dust has settled, and nearly 6 million people have seen the video
    on YouTube, some viewers may be left wondering: Could it really be that
    simple? Does Chipotle really represent the “other side of the food debate,”
    as this article from Midwest-based food and farming reporting collaborative
    Harvest Media implies? As I see it, the answer is: Yes. And no.*

    Read more:

  2. Seriously great cover of Willy Wonka’s Pure Imagination, by fiona apple.
    Plus it got that „we are always watching you type feel to it.. Its

    though sort of a diversion since last market news i heard about chipotle
    was that there beef or pork was GMO and the rest they claimed still where

    found via:

  3. Wonderful animation, haunting music, surprise in the end that’s its
    actually an informercial, of sorts. A gorgeous, creative, entertaining one.

  4. *The Scarecrow* from the wonderful *+Moonbot Studios*
    Classy work as ever from the inventive and imaginative makers of *The
    Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore*

  5. Great brand story telling by +Chipotle Mexican Grill Chipotle was brave
    enough to not plaster their logo on everything. (It seems to only appear at
    the end of the video)
    #chipotle #brandstrategy #brandstorytelling #marketing

  6. If you knew anything about farming, you’d know that it’s getting to be the
    end of the growing season, so farmers would typically have more time to
    plan for the next year, and have time to educate the public about what they
    do. Most of us have a rep that we talk to on a regular basis to see how
    things are going in the area, and are actually family friends with.

  7. It amuses me how this video basically shifts into the very thing it is
    condemning 15 seconds from the end. With zero self-awareness present.

  8. This video makes me cry every time, right when they show the cow’s eyes…
    And Fiona Apple is frigging brilliant in this…

  9. I hope you realize that I meant grocery prices would increase that much,
    not just having them switch to organic would dig deeper holes in their
    savings. In Europe, they don’t label everything GMO, that’s all lies and
    propaganda brought forth by the multi-billion dollar organics industry.
    What they do ban is certain crops, most of which restrict specifically GMO
    Canola. I AM a farmer in The Red River Valley in MN. Strict government
    regulation on GMOs wouldn’t increase „freedom“ as you throw out.

  10. If you knew anything about farming, you’d know it’s getting to be the end
    of the growing season, so I have more time to do shit like this to ignorant
    dumbasses like yourself. I’m a crop farmer, only, so I don’t have to get up
    as early as those that are in livestock agriculture. ALSO, I have a GS4, so
    when I’m in a tractor for 10+ hours a day, I utilize that time to educate
    those that are wrong. ALSO, I’m a single guy, ALSO, YES, I am a farmer in
    the Red River Valley in MN. Any other arguments?

  11. All food contains hormones. Vegetables contain more hormones than meat. In
    fact, there are more hormones in the tomato, lettuce and onions than the
    beef and cheese on their tacos. Hormones are naturally occurring in all
    food and there are no growth promotants for beef cows. fyi

  12. We live in a world where billions of animals are born to suffer in the
    worst hell imaginable everyday of their lives. Where they’re denied the
    smallest of things, sunlight, fresh air, earth upon which to stand and
    space to move freely. We even treat murders and rapists better than these
    innocent beings. Stop supporting these evil and cruel industries, buy free
    range organic, eat less meat or better still go vegetarian or vegan. Make
    informed decisions and respect all life. END FACTORY FARMS.

  13. In 2007, US farmers reduced CO2 emissions by 14.2 kg that’s equivalent to
    taking 6,300,000 cars off the road for a year!

  14. It would require 490 million additional acres to produce the amount of corn
    produced in the US from 2008 using practices from 1931. To give you an
    idea, that’s 120 million more acres than the state of Alaska, which is the
    largest state in the United States.

  15. They found a way, they are literally cloning slabs of meat and nothing
    more. Though the current version they say tastes like „soggy pork“ but
    apparently they turned it into bacon and it tastes a lot better.

  16. video seems to be about the over produce material making and selling of
    goods message video ends with an advertisement to an app Isn’t that a bit

  17. Thank you for what you do! When I was in Harare, Zimbabwe, I went to a huge
    grocery that rivals the size of a super wal-mart here and the sugar shelves
    were bare (along with the bread, meat and flour selves.) The last time I
    went to wal-mart I could buy all of the sugar that I wanted. You are

  18. This ad appeared on a video I was about to watch, and I was about to click
    the „skip ad“ button but something about it just captured my attention, so
    I watched to the very end.

    I’m very glad I did. Very well-put together small film. The way the message
    got across was effective. I think I’ll check this Scarecrow game out.

  19. Very good, except, that to feed a population of 7+ billion (and growing),
    providing wholesome, sustainable food for all is nearly impossible; not to
    mention the immense cost. The only way to feed an ever-growing and hungry
    population will most likely be mass production processing, maybe even
    something like Soylent – a basic, bare-nutrient drink mix.

  20. I know that I know this song from somewhere! I just can’t figure out the
    name!!! What’s the name and who sings this version?

  21. I had not seen this +Chipotle Mexican Grill video. Have you? This is how I
    feel about our food lately and I’m skeptical if Chipotle is really as
    green, free range, and organic as they say they are, but I hope so. I eat
    there several times a week.

  22. This perfectly shows how are food is given to is on a daily basis.
    Nowadays alot of our food is geneticly modified along with additives and
    perservatives. Instead of informing the public Congress actually sided with
    Monsanto to not tell people which food has been geneticlly modified.

  23. The World has become a place where everything is disposable, Animals are
    treated like they are not living beings, tortured, mutilated and even
    worse. People treat each other like they treat animals. Religions tell us
    lies that we need more and more people and to deny science such as
    Evolution, and to fill the world with what we do not need more of – people.

  24. Why am I not surprised that Americans voted an advert that promoted
    organic, fresh, authentic produce over mass produced, artery clogging,
    ethically bankrupt stodge as being ‚one of the worst ads of 2013‘.

    I thought it was one of the most moving, provocative adverts I’ve ever
    seen. It’s a shame it got such a bashing because I think Chiptole acted on
    principle, in a country where health problems due to poor diets are
    increasingly critical.

  25. I don’t like how companies treat animals, so I raise, breed, care for,
    kill, and eat my own. There’s something important in handling the lives one
    takes… We let these farm animals have the best lives and the most use;
    kids love them and handle them for 4H, I train them and socialize them, and
    once they are older and more babies are on the way, I humanely kill those
    animals so the new generation has the same room and funds as the previous
    generation, no crowding or worse treatment due to strained resources. I
    have enough animals, I put them up for sale to good, „forever“ homes once
    it is time for the next generation. Those who do not sell, who have
    health/temperament issues, are put down and may be eaten. The meat gets
    tougher and less flavorful if you wait to butcher an animal— doesn’t
    matter to me if the animal got a good, meaningful life.

  26. If all life is finite, which it is…
    And if only humans have souls, God told us to have dominion of the earth.
    „Kill and eat peter…“ There is nothing impure under my creation. So the
    Universal Being seems okay with it. Think about this btw, at least an
    animal can defend itself. A plant is fixated, it can’t escape death. Plants
    recycle C02, less plants = more C02. More animals = more C02

  27. Ummmm………. Since this doesn’t represent current reality, is it
    supposed to indicate some sort of future situation? I guess I’m missing
    the point somehow, unless it’s nothing more than corporate marketing.

  28. For all you saying that there is no humane meat, you are incorrect. First
    of all, the supposedly „healthy“ meat you had for dinner probably had drugs
    to fatten it up, and put some other horrible drugs in it to make it last a
    long, LONG time. Plus, they are not treated humanely. They are locked in
    cages, confined until death. Oh and the drugs they put in EVERY SINGLE
    supposed to be healthy food you eat, like regular drugs, are horrible for
    you. They don’t put the drugs and crap into just meat. They put it in your
    fruit, bread, candy, vegetables, EVERYTHING. Now, there is humane meat. Let
    me tell you. They are kept in pens with lots of room, and before they die
    they are fed medicine to put them to sleep. Then, they kill the cow in
    humane way. They never put drugs in the meat or any crap, and they pack it
    the right way. That my friends, is humane meat.

  29. Warning.
    Vegan level – owerlow.
    System overload.
    System overload.
    Proceed protocol „Give fuckloads of agression to meat-eaters“.
    Sceptic attitude attacking power – activated.
    Godmode – activated.
    All system reboot, online and ready for attack.

  30. Great commercial but Chipotle uses GMOs. The food is also NOT all local,
    some food coming from over 300mi away! Get with the program, Chipotle. I
    was extremely disappointed in hearing this. *Chipotle Scarecrow (Honest

  31. Vegetarian for 20+ years here, glad to not be involved in the mass
    slaughter of all of those animals. If you feel for the cow, there’s only
    one thing to do… Also vegetarian tacos and awesome!

  32. People will eventually have to come to terms that it is simply ineconomical
    and unsustainable to have farm free ranged no hormone all natural products
    for every single person because of space limitations and how wasteful it is
    to farm thin animals since grain goes into making the bones and other offal
    that we can’t eat. People also have to understand that the food scientists
    are not trying to fucking kill you, why would they? That’s like killing
    their source of income.

    By all means if you want to go vegetarian I fully support you, but if you
    want all natural meats everywhere then you’ll have to reconsider.

  33. Remember we are what we eat!
    source your food from small local farmers and keep your hard earned dollars
    support small farms, buy farm fresh!

  34. Awesome Commercial!! I loved it, Chipotle hit the fast food industries
    right on the head with all the processes nonsense. This commercial was just
    excellent in my opinion. About to Download the app Now

  35. I keep going back to that poor cow, just sitting there. It’s like you can
    feel the terror and the yearning for it to be free.

  36. fuck you chipotle, if you cared about the environment at all you’d close
    all of your shitty restaurants.

  37. I like Chipotle… Too bad Chipotle doesn’t like Android lol guess 1 day
    i’ll have to break down & get an iPhone (& join the long lines of
    hypnotized ppl who buy a new iPhone every 12 months like money grows on

  38. Using scare tactics against hard working American farmers to sell tasteless
    burritos. What class. And don’t act like you don’t use GMO food and
    switched over from „natural“ beef to regular beef due to the shortage.

  39. If anyone thinks Chipotle is anything but a giant money hungry conglomerate
    who doesn’t give a fuck about you, or those fucking cows. You sir/mad’am.
    Are a fucktard.

  40. The Scarecrow would be a wonderful advertisement for a Vegan restaurant,
    but I find Chipotle’s hypocrisy to be as tasteless as the death they serve.

  41. Damn Chipotle!!!!!!!! Ya’ll that greedy for some damn money!?? Y’all tried
    to psych us out with that trippy ass version of , “ Pure Imagination“ aka
    my HUSBAND, WILLY WONKAS THEME SONG!! How dare you???LMFAO . This really
    got into my psyche you fucks!! Good try though bitchesss!!!

  42. I’m 17 and I was a vegan for about a year because of the abuse animals
    take, and all the things they add to meat that we don’t know about…if
    it’s even real meat. Idk…but my mom practically forced me to start
    eating meat again. Now I only eat beef…until I move out.

  43. I work at a restaurant where we personally go out to farms in the area and
    get about 90% of the product we sell from locally based farms. Bottom
    line, If you just know where your food comes from, you are gonna be fine.
    There are plenty of ways to get fresh produce other than fast food. Go to
    a farmers market, buy some heirloom seeds, buy local, buy family owned,
    most importantly just be smart about it. A farmer is going to want all of
    his stock healthy as can be, and they are not going to feed the community
    and themselves with a product they have not fully put their heart into.
    That doesn’t mean there are not genetically modified foods. Do not buy a 14
    inch head of corn from stop’n’shop for 35 cents a pound in the middle of
    winter. MOST IMPORTANTLY…Stop blaming Chipotle for humanities inability
    to use common sense and sustain themselves. People have been doing it
    since the beginning of time. We essentially created them… this whole
    mess, cost of food, living, money, control…The only way to stop them is
    to not buy from them….stop spending money. Pretty damn easy if you ask
    me. We can stop beating this dead issue into the ground when we all stop
    spitting out money. (ex.) 13,000,000 views is alot of money……we all
    watched it haha, and frankly i think its a great message if you take it

  44. To be honest, it’s sick on what some people do to animals. I mean I get it
    when they… make meat out of an animal since that’s what we really need in
    the world for protean and all. But it’s sick on what people do to animals
    just for there own needs, It should be stopped yet some people don’t know
    how to..

  45. i just became an animal rights activist from that cow’s face. if i watch
    this ad again, my soul might break down

  46. God created animals so we can eat them. But not to be abused, tortured,
    teased, or hurt. It’s not needed to abuse animals to make food. Animals
    need love. They are innocent creatures and if your whole life is just meant
    to be eaten I’m sure you would want all the love you could get.

  47. For all you haters out there…

    This is a real problem.

    Even if this is technically an ad, it IS true. Some farms do not care about
    the animals, only the money. They try to cram as many animals as possible
    into unfit living conditions. It is truly sad how downhill we have come as
    a nation. We don’t even NEED to eat meat! We can get protein from many
    other sources. (Beans, for example.) We are just eating meat because WE
    WANT TO. You won’t die by not eating meat. I have been vegetarian for about
    4 or 3 years now and I am not dead. I can’t remember the last time I have
    eaten meat and I am totally fine.

  48. but…but doesn’t Chipotle serve meat too? The…er…uh…“good“ kind, not
    the „science“ kind…yeah…?


  49. Even though it’s a pitch for a game, it carries a heavy message. Fiona
    Apple’s voice and that poor cow’s face make my heart hurt.

  50. I work in education and Chipolte has sent several elementary schools in my
    area vegetable/fruit grow kits along with educational agriculture books. So
    props to them for that.

  51. LOL. Seems to me like Chipotle is indirectly trying to claim that they are
    all organic. You’re all being played like Peruvian pan flutes.

  52. OK, so, I see this as a advertisement on YouTube. I think: „Wow! what a
    wonderful animation! I bet some college kids worked on it and got an award
    or something!“ And it turns out to be for a FUCKING RESTAURANT I’VE NEVER
    HERD OF!
    I’ll will now go kill my self because nothing is sacred any more. Still a
    good video tho. Enjoy it wilts I’m dead.

  53. So I live in a farming community and the people around me hate Chipotle
    because of this. I don’t see what is wrong with this video.

  54. All this is is a clever bit of advertising. Here’s a rule of thumb: If it’s
    simple, comforting, reaffirms what you already knew, and gives you an easy
    target, it’s bull.

  55. I really like Chipotle. I can eat well there and it is a nice environment.
    I just found this and feel this is a GREAT marketing video and really makes
    me appreciate them a little more…

    +Dustin W. Stout I know you are a fan too…

  56. I really like Chipotle. I can eat well there and it is a nice environment.
    I just found this and feel this is a GREAT marketing video and really makes
    me appreciate them a little more…

    +Dustin W. Stout I know you are a fan too…

  57. I really like Chipotle. I can eat well there and it is a nice environment.
    I just found this and feel this is a GREAT marketing video and really makes
    me appreciate them a little more…

    +Dustin W. Stout I know you are a fan too…

  58. Wunderbarer Film. Es braucht keine Worte um zu verstehen, was dahinter
    steht bzw. was gemeint ist 🙂

    The Scarecrow

  59. I cant believe people eat those poor cute little cows and guys
    stop getting factory eggs get free range eggs instead
    because the chickens that lay the eggs in the factories are tortured and
    thrown into a pit with all the others, but the chickens that are free lay
    better eggs and aren’t tortured.
    By the way, I do not post to get responses, or to answer questions, nor to
    interact with anyone. Just in case someone wants to engage in a debate; I
    just enjoy posting my opinions.

  60. 自己有土地种出来的蔬菜还可以拿到城市里面去做成食物已经很不错了,而且还有和工业化的商店挨着一起的商铺,最关键的是没有工商、税务、城管、街道办、派出所等等来处理你?这是在天堂啊、、、何来绝望?比中国好多了!

  61. The Scarecrow: Ein Kurzfilm zum gleichnamigen Spiel welches die Probleme
    von Massentierhaltung, Intensivlandwirtschaft und Konsumwahn aufzeigt!

  62. Weirrddd…..Isn’t Chipotle funded and fueled by McDonalds? I am shocked
    that Fiona would have anything to do with this short film.

  63. This video convinced me to try this game. It’s like if I have something
    Inside of me telling me not to let all these animals die….

  64. Como el Espantapájaros, trabajar y observar todas las actitudes entre los
    que trabajan con uno. Hay que inventar y reinventarse para trabajar en
    ambientes de creatividad, desigualdad, hostiles y díficiles. Trabajar hasta
    que completemos nuestro deber del deber ministerial. Imaginar que nos
    respetan nuestros derechos, beneficios y apoyando que las leyes nos
    favorezcan. Intervenir en todo aquello que impide que los servicios
    profesionales sean ofrecidos con excelencia y profesionalismo. Al igual que
    el Espantapájaros, seguiré mirando lo que ocurre a mi alrededor.

  65. Everyone has the right to choose if they will eat meat or not. Personally I
    prefer meat to fruits but cool movie nonetheless.

  66. i applaud chipotle for making this video, but at the same time i wish
    everyone would realize that it is more a PR move than a PSA. mcdonalds owns
    chipotle and i promise you all those terrible images of torturing animals
    and injecting them with chemicals to make them grow faster- they are all
    practices mcdonalds has backed for the last 40 years. i doubt chipotle is
    any different behind the scenes. they made this film to put chipotle into
    the realm of ‚health food‘ and ’natural food‘– but in reality, they are
    neither healthy nor natural. how can it be when mcdonalds owns them??
    mcdonalds shakes are made of plastic and their chicken nuggets are made of
    gelatin and chicken parts that are blended into foam. come on, america.
    wake the fuck up.

  67. Kudos to Chipotle for making the decision to begin using non-GMO’s
    ingredients as much as they can, and for committing to expand into a
    totally GMO free menu 🙂

  68. This is actually very terrifying to the sharp eye. I’m not going to flat
    out say that large fast food corporations are pumping chemicals into their
    food for nasty humans to feed on but i will say that if that is what they
    do… Then intelligence can be a dark thing indeed.

  69. This is deep. But after a year of watching it and then coming back to it
    now, I realized this is just an advertisement for an app…

  70. Ejemplo de lo que pasa en el mundo, cada vez nos industrializamos más y no
    vemos el verdadero sentido de lo natural.

  71. This is why I began purchasing my meats at local butchers who ACTUALLY
    farm raise organically. And have overall increased my plant-based diet.


  73. Перед нами обычная реклама буррито-ресторана «Chipotle», но в то же время
    необычайно трогательный и эмоционально сильный анимационный фильм. Перевод
    не требуется. В одной из наиболее ярких рекламных компаний этого года все
    понятно без слов. Впрочем, как всегда, судите сами…

    Всем приятного просмотра!
    The Scarecrow

  74. Перед нами обычная реклама буррито-ресторана «Chipotle», но в то же время
    необычайно трогательный и эмоционально сильный анимационный фильм. Перевод
    не требуется. В одной из наиболее ярких рекламных компаний этого года все
    понятно без слов. Впрочем, как всегда, судите сами…

    Всем приятного просмотра!
    The Scarecrow

  75. This has nothing about becoming a vegan.

    This video expresses how other companies fill there animals with HGH
    antibiotics ect… to get them to grow faster and so they can be healthy in
    horrible environments

    How farmers are doing the wrong instead of doing the right with there
    produce and products.

    And how Chipotle is going against that doing all the right things. Like
    their Food With Integrity. We support farmers that treat there animals with
    respect since the day they are born.

    Chipotle is way more then burritos and tacos.
    Open your eyes and minds to what they really do.

  76. I want to become a vegetarian, but honestly I don’t think I could do it.
    Maybe I should try it for a week and see how that goes. Just the thought of
    animals getting killed so brutally pains me. This video didn’t help

  77. As a vegan, watching this video is bittersweet. I appreciate that Chipotle
    is trying to go more natural and treat their animals better, but they are
    still serving meat and I will FULLY appreciate it if they go animal-free.

  78. In an odd way this makes me mad about humans being happy all the time. In
    my mind it shows how humans may be happy but at the cost of everything
    else, id rather be unhappy with everything else than be some happy mindless
    robot that runs through cycles every day. But this is also the trailer for
    a mobile game so maybe im just being an idiot and pulling to much from this
    small little trailer.

  79. wow, i thought this was like an independent short that had a real a message
    and the WHAM! right at the end they hit with the product their selling, BUT

  80. Мультфильм пугало (The Scarecrow) 2013 года был создан сетью ресторанов
    Chipotle, которые не любят фаст-фуд. После просмотра данного мультфильма и
    прочтении информации о ресторанах Chipotle у меня сложилось такое
    впечатление, что аниматорам удалось сделать так, чтобы и ролик удовлетворил
    заказчика, и люди смогли бы в нем увидеть нечто большее.
    В мире, где живет главный герой Пугало, вся пищевая продукция
    контролируется корпорацией Crow Foods. Пугала теперь не занимаются отгоном
    птиц от садов и огородов, а работают на корпорацию Crow Foods, которая
    подсадила всех на искусственную пищу. В один из дней Пугало, идя на работу
    в корпорацию, задумался о том, что происходит. Он стал пристальнее
    присматриваться к своей работе и увидел, что в корпорации мучают животных,
    и что вся пища производимая корпорацией искусственная. Придя домой, Пугало
    взглянул на свой огород, собрал весь «урожай» и повез его в город, там он
    приготовил овощи и открыл маленькую лавочку «cultivate a better world»
    (развитие лучшего мира). Люди стоявшие в огромных очередях за фаст-фудом
    увидели это и потянулись к нему.
    Рестораны Chipotle не являются ресторанами вегетарианской пищи, но
    повторюсь, я увидел в мультфильме нечто большее и поэтому, с удовольствием,
    предлагаю вам его к просмотру. Вы все поймете сами и увидите то, что нужно.

  81. Мультфильм пугало (The Scarecrow) 2013 года был создан сетью ресторанов
    Chipotle, которые не любят фаст-фуд. После просмотра данного мультфильма и
    прочтении информации о ресторанах Chipotle у меня сложилось такое
    впечатление, что аниматорам удалось сделать так, чтобы и ролик удовлетворил
    заказчика, и люди смогли бы в нем увидеть нечто большее.
    В мире, где живет главный герой Пугало, вся пищевая продукция
    контролируется корпорацией Crow Foods. Пугала теперь не занимаются отгоном
    птиц от садов и огородов, а работают на корпорацию Crow Foods, которая
    подсадила всех на искусственную пищу. В один из дней Пугало, идя на работу
    в корпорацию, задумался о том, что происходит. Он стал пристальнее
    присматриваться к своей работе и увидел, что в корпорации мучают животных,
    и что вся пища производимая корпорацией искусственная. Придя домой, Пугало
    взглянул на свой огород, собрал весь «урожай» и повез его в город, там он
    приготовил овощи и открыл маленькую лавочку «cultivate a better world»
    (развитие лучшего мира). Люди стоявшие в огромных очередях за фаст-фудом
    увидели это и потянулись к нему.
    Рестораны Chipotle не являются ресторанами вегетарианской пищи, но
    повторюсь, я увидел в мультфильме нечто большее и поэтому, с удовольствием,
    предлагаю вам его к просмотру. Вы все поймете сами и увидите то, что нужно.

  82. So if you are feeling bad/guilty about eating processed meat/beef buy their
    game? Why on earth was this recommended to me.

    P.S. this would be less hypocritical if Chipotle were not a chain of
    And more honest if the scarecrow were severing organic chicken (the one
    that sprouts from soil *sarcasm*) heads and not chopping chilli.

  83. This is an insane representation of agriculture. Even factory farms do no
    look like that. No we don’t use growth hormones in our chickens…That has
    been illegal for almost 50 years. Chipotle is trying to say lets have a
    better world by better farms, which I agree with, but they need to first
    get the facts straight before putting it out to the public

  84. This can be turned into movie like „number 9“ movie about the scarecrow
    going against odds action movie…good idea

  85. This video make me sick because it paints a very unrealistic picture of how
    animals are treated, I own a milk farm and a beef farm and an egg farm and
    people saying the animals are treated cruel don’t know what goes on inside
    of the slaughter houses, the animals are respected and treated well even
    after they’re dead, oh I only the public eye knew the truth about actually
    goes on and if people would stop feeding the public this bullcrap.

  86. Animals in factory style farms are the one that suffer like this, not all
    farms do that but there are a lot that do. Cows can only give milk once
    pregnant, so they inject sperm into the cow and once the cow is born they
    do it again. To me that’s a terrible way to live. We higher forms of life
    we should treat lower forms of life better.Dallas Maccall I hope u read

  87. It is simple economics, economies of scale. Large corporate farms produce
    the same products, in a more efficient way. The end result is lower prices
    for consumers.

    Resist all you want, shop at Whole Foods, recycle, etc. but it is a useless
    protest. Economics and money always prevail in the end. Wal-Mart, IKEA,
    Costco, McDonalds, Target and the list goes on and on.

  88. That was a very surrealist experience. I agree with the message behind the
    animation, showing the terrifying green-washing that preys on people’s good
    intentions, and the song was fitting. However realizing it was an ad for a
    simple platformer, sponsored by a huge conglomerate gave a bittersweet
    taste to the video. I somehow hoped the creator put a bit of himself in the
    scarecrow, paid to hide blatant manipulation through art, and only being
    able to fight it by making the message so powerful it could hurt the
    commissioner, if only people would understand it. Chipotle wants to appear
    green, and certainly makes more effort toward it than McDonald, but they
    definitely spend far more on trying to appear so that to be actually

  89. Quel meilleur moment de l’année pour tenter de *retrouver son âme d’enfant*
    et *cultiver l’espoir d’un monde meilleur* ?
    C’est sur ce chemin que nous entraîne ce petit film d’animation… éveil et
    émotion garantis !

  90. The fuck is this? Is Chipotle trying to sell us some bullshit about how
    they’re humane? People realize Chipotle isn’t exactly a vegan restaurant
    chain, right? They also contribute to the raising and slaughtering of
    countless animals. This is just purely hypocritical.

  91. Here’s the short but powerful film we watched in class today about factory
    farming and the cruel conditions animals have to suffer through so they can
    be eaten. Please leave comments about what you think of this topic.

  92. ok what?!?!?!?!?! I freaking saw this at the movies as a prievew!!! I
    thought this was supposed to be a movie that never came!!!! Wtf!!!!!!!!!!
    Chipotle just scarred me w/ this.

  93. الحقيـقة المخفيـة وكيف لنـا أن نسينـا طبيعتنـا .!!
    مشهد محزن لكن معبـر ورائـع
    شـاهدوا بـأنفسكم

  94. After I saw this, I felt so sad and thought why does people do this? For
    money, to fill up their anger with living creatures, we should not do this
    guys, nobody should, to the cows, chickens, mice and other animals that are
    getting tested by chemicals! We, kids and teens has to change this, and
    lead the future better than the people there are now, we kids, we kids can
    change the future into a better place later on, no chemical testing to
    animals or human being, no cars, and using solar panels instead, we can
    lead the future guys! This video shows us what we did wrong, and to warn
    us… I hope you guys agree… We could be vegetarians, or use a better way
    to eat meat than testing those poor animals, love the animal, enjoy the
    paradise there are still remaining to earth, someday it would disappear…
    Before its to late, enjoy the view we have now!

  95. If that cow didn’t make you horribly sad about this world full of
    brainwashed idiots, then you’re part of the brainwashed idiots

  96. This video, and new of Chipotle going GMO-Free, made me gain so much
    respect for Chipotle. This makes me so happy to see people finally standing
    up to corporate giants. I hardly EVER eat out unless I have to, but thanks
    to more healthy food options being available I can. Thank you, Chipotle, I
    will for the first time be eating their for the simple reason of being
    GMO-Free and this video. #EndMonsanto

    P.s. Love the Willy Wonka theme song. 🙂

  97. Ein perverses System, der Holocoust ist bereits tägliche Praxis für unsere
    sogenannten Nutztiere. Wir würden gut daran tun, sie von unseren Tellern zu

  98. Even though factory farming is bad and unhealthy, without it, most of the
    world’s population would be starving.

  99. This is a great ad with a great message about humane farming practices, but
    it’s also misleading. If you didn’t know anything about Chipotle and you
    watched this, you’d think they don’t serve meat. :/

  100. Nice try, Chipotle, but if you want to put up an act about actually caring
    for animals, how about stop serving their tortured, murdered bodies in your
    establishments? All you’re doing is making people feel more comfortable
    about eating the dead bodies you serve. I’d rather watch an ad of a fast
    food giant that doesn’t pretend it actually cares.

  101. Crying shame they didn’t use cleaner major chords towards the end. Always
    waiting for the feel good chords to properly kick in.

  102. This is ridiculous. Generalizing all of American farms as factory farms is
    extremely disrespectful to the million of hardworking, responsible farmers
    growing everything you eat. Out of the 2.1 million American farms are
    family owned and operated. Even so, factory farms have strict requirements
    for cleanliness and animal welfare. Don’t let this one video define what
    you think about American Ag. Do some actual research with real facts, not
    just a cute cartoon.

  103. Chipotle, a major corporation that sells plant-marinated dead body parts &
    coagulated puss milk via the use, abuse, rape, torture, enslavement and
    killing of sentient, innocent non-human animals is trying to show us how
    our current „treatment“ of animals is wrong… what the fuck does it mean?

    It’s not about how we treat animals. It’s about how wrong it is for humans
    to use non-human animals AT ALL.

    Search „gary royal oak“ on youtube. This lecture literally changed my life.
    Veganism is the moral baseline. Humans are herbivores. Look it up, educate

    If you have ever loved a dog, a cat or any „pet“ you have or once had, you
    should realize that there is absolutely no difference between the animals
    you love and the animals you pay others to murder and abuse. Wake up,

  104. これってとても良いね!子供と一緒にやりたい。日本もベジタリアンに移行できるきっかけを

  105. OK I don’t have a problem with people being vegans and I totally support
    that!! I also don’t mind chipotle encouraging their business!! What I don’t
    like is them putting the agriculture business. That is not how we treat our
    animals!! Why would we want to hurt our animals. We keep our animals
    healthy and don’t keep them enclosed. I think it was wrong to totally send
    the wrong message and make the agriculture business look bad. And incase
    you didn’t know. 20% of chipotles meat is from the ag business. And one of
    their providers are McDonald’s. This video is also putting mcdonalds down.
    Just thought I might put that out there!!

  106. The world is horrible, oh my god that was so sad. What has the world come
    to? Do people think that doing those horrible things will help anything? We
    are destroying this world! We need more of those scarecrows bro. More
    people that understand that the world needs to be a better place. We need
    more people that care!!!

  107. The problem is that people that have never left the inner city and have
    never actually witnessed animal agriculture are giving their opinions on
    how animals should be treated and raised just from watching a video on
    YouTube (that was made for the benefit of the company) when they actually
    haven’t even seen the living conditions and treatment of these animals

  108. Well my class saw this video i told them ITS JUST ANIAMTION THERE MAKEING
    THIS LIKE IT IS REAL yes we the subways where true BUT EVERYTHING ELSE!
    they where crying …
    subways was true fotage
    „Pure imangation!“

  109. I watched this in class and there was so many things we analyze about it,
    the only part that made me really sad though was when the cow looked up and
    made eye contacts with the scarecrow

  110. Animals don’t have to be mistreated, we eat food that comes from farmers
    but we don’t know if they are drugging the animals.on some farms there are
    pigs who can’t move in there stall or pen cuz its only 3 meters wide . I
    have a heart of gold and when I see a animal being mistreated it breaks my
    heart. Come on people we have to save animals and not mistreat them they
    have feelings to

  111. :'( ….. we can change this world for the better if we all just ate
    ethically and consciously. x One by one we can make a difference.

  112. NOW THAT, IS A ADVERTISEMENT! witty, plays on emotion, and I’m hungry now.

    Well played sir well played. I will indeed see if a Chipotle grill is near

  113. *Cannes Lions 2014: las mejores acciones de #BrandedContent *
    Desde 2012 hay una categoría dedicada al branded content y entretenimiento,
    por lo que es un buen momento para recordar o descubrir los mejores
    trabajos en este apartado en el último año. El ganador indiscutible fue
    *Chipotle* en dicha categoría llevándose 3 leones de oro gracias a *“The
    Scarecrow”* pero sin obtener el premio especial. No obstante de la calidad
    excelsa de los trabajos, ningún proyecto obtuvo el premio especial en la
    categoría de Branded Content & Entertaiment. *“Ninguno de los trabajos
    ejemplifica todos los elementos clave del branded content: originalidad,
    arte, integración, alineación con la marca y lo más importante la
    narrativa” declaraba Doug Scott*, miembro del jurado y presidente de Ogilvy
    Entertainment a AdWeek.
    #CursoEspecializadoMarketing #ActívateMadrid #Branding #RedesSociales

  114. This made me cry & I don’t understand why we can’t treat animals better I
    mean all your eating when you eat meat is a poor animal
    That has steroids in it! #GoVegan

  115. I disagree that this is a PETA ad. It’s not saying taking meat is bad, but
    its saying that we are polluting healthy foods and are killing the animals
    inhumanely. We have so many chemicals that our food isn’t fresh. So they’re
    saying they have fresh ingredients at Chipotle. I think it’s a great
    commentary on our society and I agree with it fully

  116. And here lady’s and gentlemen, is another subtle, yet scathing commentary
    on our consumer culture! (Please no political lessons, I have my opinion
    you have yours).

  117. Imma bash my brains out if I read one more stupid comment from someone
    saying something like it’s fact, yet they have NO idea what they are
    talking about. People need to stop talking out of their ass about his
    meat/no meat diet stuff and whether it’s morally right or wrong. KNOW YOUR
    but seriously though, peace love you all.

  118. This ‚film‘ is nothing more than a commercial for Chipotle. They use
    vegetarian imagery to give off the impression of ‚fresh‘ foods even though
    Chipotle sells meat, probably cuz meat is depicted in such a bad way in
    this video. The symbol of the jalapeno pepper the scarecrow picks, the taco
    he creates with the ingredients, all subtle forms of ‚product placement‘
    for Chipotle. Let’s also not forget this video was released in q3 of 2013,
    which was in the wake of the horsemeat scandal in Europe of early 2013 and
    the fact that Chipotle also operates in 3 European countries (UK, France
    and Germany). I’m not doubting the overall message the video is trying to
    send is not a positive one, I’m all for it but I’m trying to tell you guys
    this is just a (fantastically created) PR campaign.

  119. Us human are too powerful. That’s why there’s so much animal slaughter and
    torture going on. How could you even hurt an innocent creature that hasn’t
    done anything? Thousands of cows and pigs and so much more are being killed
    everyday and yet it won’t stop, and I find that really disgusting.

  120. scared Meat eaters.. 🙂 like somebody is pulling your McDonald from you..
    i feel that most of you didn’t make proper meal for yourself ever!

  121. 1:31 to 1:38 always makes me cry. Its not fair what assholes do to chickens
    cows and other animals for food. I plan on becoming a vegitaring tonight
    and never eating neat again

  122. La realidad que impacta ¿Que, como, de donde obtenemos nutrientes? Elige
    muy bien #NutricionInteligente #SoyIsagenix

  123. Por los comentarios que vi abajo, pocos entendieron la alegoría, siempre
    hay quien toma las cosas literalmente, a ver: no todas las granjas son
    factorías de muerte, pero… prefiero animales en libertad y que no sean
    nuestra comida, no tienen el por qué de serlo.

  124. I find that most of the comments miss the real point of this moving short
    film. It is the pain the scarecrow evidences from seeing the lack of
    humanity and respect for everything that feeds us. Commercialization allows
    us to feed most our citizens, but at a terrible price. He makes his small
    contribution preparing healthy foods in the shadow of the conglomerate. A
    gentle hero moved by his compassion. He chased the crow away at the end. If
    only „want to change the world, there’s nothing to it.“ It will take
    imagination to overcome the world food growth and distribution system, but
    never underestimate the greed and power of „Crow Industries.“

  125. You know,i’m actually really feel bad for animals like
    cows,chickens,goats,cats,dogs and etc.You can call me an asshole or
    whatever,because I saw all lot of kids just yelling and mad like because
    they wanted to eat meats instead of vegetables.I know meats tastes really
    good,but at least eat vegetables or maybe before eating meats,at least
    thanked to the animals that’s been slaughtered for the meats.Oh by the
    way,the animals that people eat will no longer exist just like the other
    animals like Mammoth,dinosaur,T-rex and etc someday…

  126. Fiona’s voice is just so haunting in this, I love it! I’ve never even eaten
    at a Chipotle, not really planning to either, I just came for the music

  127. Very Cool, liked a lot, boy a chemical robot with a HEART! Even if one is
    not religious and does’nt abide to God’s laws as „thy shall not Kill“, and
    slaughterhouses cause karmic wars, still why spill blood and pain when one
    can survive nicely with it.
    ps: sorry for extra it plastered by accident, and I’m leaving it anyway,

    2003: Full nature of Charles Dawson’s career in fakes is exposed.
    The Piltdown hoax is perhaps the most famous paleoanthropological hoax ever
    to have been perpetrated. It is prominent for two reasons: the attention
    paid to the issue of human evolution, and the length of time (more than 40
    years) that elapsed from its discovery to its full exposure as a forgery.

    The focus on Charles Dawson as the main forger is supported by the
    accumulation of evidence regarding other archaeological hoaxes he
    perpetrated in the decade or two prior to the Piltdown discovery.
    Archaeologist Miles Russell of Bournemouth University analyzed Dawson’s
    antiquarian collection and determined at least 38 were fakes.[17][18]
    1908: Dawson claims discovery of first Piltdown fragments.
    1912 December: Official presentation of Piltdown man.
    1915: Marcellin Boule concludes the sample to be an ape mandible and a
    human skull. Gerrit Smith Miller concludes the jaw is from a fossil ape.
    1923: Franz Weidenreich reports the remains consist of a modern human
    cranium and orang utan jaw with filed-down teeth.
    1925: Edmonds reports Piltdown geology error. Report ignored.
    1943: Fluorine content test is first proposed.
    1949: Fluorine content test establishes Piltdown man as relatively recent.
    1953: Weiner, Le Gros Clark, and Oakley expose the hoax.
    2003: Full nature of Charles Dawson’s career in fakes is exposed.

  128. It’s bad what is done to these animals, but I’m not going vegan or
    vegetarian any time soon. It’s depressing to see what actually goes on, and
    this animation does a good job at showing it for the most part. (it’s also
    a very well done animation too, bravo!) I can’t help but think though that
    never in my lifetime will I see a perfect world where absolutely everything
    is grown or raised 100% naturally with no pesticides or antibiotics,
    including not being a genetically modified organism (GMO).
    My point is yes, it may be wrong to you, but you still can’t stop everyone
    from eating meat. That’s just not reality right now. Supply and demand is
    all some people care about, and they give the people what they want. It’s
    convenient and cheap- we seem to like that.
    „7 billion
    The United States Census Bureau estimates that the world population
    exceeded 7 billion on March 12, 2012. According to a separate estimate by
    the United Nations Population Fund, it reached this milestone on October
    31, 2011.“
    It’s 2015. I’m sure the population has gone up since then. So you want 7+
    billion people to stop eating meat?
    And notice how I said world population, not America, so you can stop
    generalizing the country as a bunch of obese retards.

    I feel like I’m going to get flamed at for some reason, it’s shivering me
    timbers and tickling my pickle. :‘)

  129. Disfrutad de este corto „El espantapájaros“ lleno de contenido y con
    estupendas imágenes, ilustraciones, animación…
    Película creada para un nuevo juego basado en la aplicación de Chipotle. La
    canción „Pure Imagination“, interpretada por Grammy Award.

  130. This video makes me want to start my own garden… and purchase actual
    ORGANIC meat.
    I’m DONE with that processed shit.

  131. This video has a great underling meaning and great symbolism also love the
    song and animation. Weird that it’s a Chipotle advertisement

  132. Un buen Spot de lo que nos preside en el futuro sino hay consciencia
    globalizada. Gran forma de viralizar la marca de comida mexicana Chipotle,
    con este video y la creación de un videojuego para móviles.

  133. No es publicidad al juego, a la marca o similares!!

    ES una realidad que debemos enfrentar y detener! y que lograron plasmar en
    este vídeo!

    Cualquier parecido con la realidad…. bueno queda a su criterio

    #comida #food #transgenico

  134. People in the comments are like „oh am gawdz it’s a cow looking sad Imma
    stawp eating meat“ first of all it’s a fake cow second of all if you become
    a vegetarian wouldn’t you be eating all of the cows,chickens etc ’s food?
    That’s just my opinion

  135. Sometimes I look up in the sky and I ask why can humans alike can be so
    cruel and ignorant to who we are sharing this earth with. Don’t get me
    wrong, I am a meat lover, but I hate it when they make animals have to
    suffer before they die. People like McDonalds always injecting there
    animals, pumping them up with fat and drugs, and turn around and sell it to
    make our world a sad place. Anyone still reading either actually cares, or
    just wants to make a snarky comment. But remember what your eating, is
    actually what you wanna eat.

  136. Its.okay to eat meat people. Like how sharks eat people. How cows eat
    grass(Grass are alive too you know) and to people that say we have to be
    vegan, plants are living things too. I am a meat lover, but I hate when
    living things(plants and animals) are abused. Dont hate meat lovers. Eat
    but dont abuse.

  137. Meat still rules! Sorry cows and chickens but you taste real good on my
    grill and apart of a balanced meal so yeah.

  138. Humans are assholes. Without us the world would be fair and equal. Animals
    would have a fair chance at life, and not just live to feed us, greedy,
    disgusting, selfish humans. I am disgusted to call myself one.

  139. There are alternatives. The only options aren’t eating abused animals or
    being vegan. There are organic, grass fed, free range meat that you are
    able to buy. I personally know a family that owns a dairy farm and they
    love their cows and treat them really well. Obviously it’s a little more
    expensive because the cost of raising animals and providing for them is a
    bit higher than just keeping them in crates and starving them but if it is
    something that you are passionate about it, money shouldn’t be a deciding

  140. I’m still gonna eat meat but I don’t want to industrialize animal at least
    let them have fun on a farm.

  141. Hunting is the way to go my friends. The animals are FREE they can do
    whatever they please. I speak for most of the hunters out there; if we dont
    make a clean shot the first time, we take another. We dont try to make the
    animals suffer. (IHunting in my OPINION is one of the best ways to get
    meat, i understand if you dislike hunting, but dont hate on me for it.)

  142. Cultivate a better world!

    I grew up surrounded by gardens and my mother cooked fresh from the ground
    food EVERYDAY! I look younger than my years, I’m never sick, and my body is
    strong. So the one thing I know for sure is that real food heals and
    movement keeps the body alive!

    #forksoverknives #foodismedicine #fountainofyouth #eatrealfood
    #Atlanta #growyourownfood‬ #chipolte #vegetarian‬ #organic
    #livenaturally ‬

  143. Cultivate a better world!

    I grew up surrounded by gardens and my mother cooked fresh from the ground
    food EVERYDAY! I look younger than my years, I’m never sick, and my body is
    strong. So the one thing I know for sure is that real food heals and
    movement keeps the body alive!

    #forksoverknives #foodismedicine #fountainofyouth #eatrealfood
    #Atlanta #growyourownfood #chipolte #vegetarian #organic

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