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How To Make A Paper Airplane Fly Forever – Infinity Paperplane

Via How To Make A Paper Airplane Fly Forever – Infinity Paperplane.

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  1. *How to make a paper plane fly forever – I know what I am trying when I get
    home tonight* This is totally awesome. /Via +Sam Dutton

    #Physics #Flight #Awesome

  2. @Fucking retarded ass morons who think its a string. You dumbasses
    obviously failed science in school. First off, if he had a string, the
    plane wouldn’t have flown so smoothly. Second, hot air makes things rise.
    (Thus the hot air balloon). And third, you’d see the string is there was

  3. And this has over 2 million views. We the people of planet Earth, are
    easily pleased dumbasses. But it’s still a cool trick.

  4. Then you see it catch on fire and the he realise that it is gas coming out
    and that they are not hotplates, he is never seen again…

  5. Fake because he probably switched on the oven . Which the heat rises
    causing the paper plane to be in the same altitude

  6. So if we all turn our heating ovens hobs bbqs etc up to 11 the aircraft
    industry would be able to make greener airliners that use less fuel as they
    float on all the hot air.. we could be on to something here??


  8. Nothing but uneducated people saying “it’s science laws hurr durr!” and
    even less educated people calling fake.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think this video is real, but the people stating that
    same fact in the comments, and claiming to know everything, are talking
    like idiots, even if their facts are (approximately) correct.

    Its not the “laws of science” allowing this to happen, laws are simply
    there for us, humans, to represent, define and calculate the effects of a
    particular phenomenon. Don’t confuse observable phenomena with the laws
    that we created to define them.
    In this case it is a simple convection current, brought upon by the
    increase of temperature and hence decrease of air density near the hot

  9. Catching thermals off the cooker….. Totally awesome. I would like to have
    a try but it will probably end with a fire, we have gas here.

  10. must be the most expensive way to fuel and fly your paper plane. do you
    have shares in the utility company I’m thinking

  11. So here goes: I think this experiment is impossible or at least highly
    improbable to recreate without the use of strings or some sort of digital
    processing. I have flown thermals more than enough to know how many
    corrections you need to make in your flight attitude to maintain a proper
    cirkle in a thermal. Next to that, in the outside thermal flying world just
    a couple degree Celcius of difference in air temperature gives an enourmous
    amount of convection energy, making it harder to maintain a neat cirkling
    flightpath without constantly and more profoundly correcting your flight
    attitude due to the turbulent nature of a thermal (up to a point where the
    thermal is big enough in diameter to constantly fly inside the package of
    rising air)
    Looking close at the flight direction of the paper plane in the video it
    seems to constantly “skid” to its left, an impossibility in free flight (at
    least for more than a few seconds). Next to that, the convection (ie
    thermal) just above a stove is so strong and turbulent that I am too amazed
    about the smooth flightpath of the paper airplane, especially because a
    paper plane is uncontrolable as soon as it leaves your hand. The cirkle the
    plane flies seems to be larger than the stoves diameter, therefor the paper
    plane has to strike lots of turbulence, which is not shown in the smooth
    flightpath. And to conclude (on a more scientific level): how come I can’t
    find any other video’s of the same experiment? Conclusion: it’s a cleverly
    made fake.
    Btw: I’m not judging anyones intellectual capacity, this is just a personal

  12. For all you dumb asses out there i have one tip… REPLICATE THE RESULTS
    whine about it to me, thank you. if someone can replicate this i will
    humbly say I’m sorry and call you the genius of the day! (if its fake i
    will not do that ofcourse!)

  13. that is just a simple modification of the previous airplane i just watched.
    the onle difference is the there is no tail at the back

  14. Dont be an idiot and burn your house down trying to do this with a gas
    stove. Obviously he just attached it to a string, hung it, then made it
    “fly”. Proof that its fake… at :50 he turns the stove off. It was well
    played but he didnt get me.

  15. It’s fake why do u think it go’s fast every time it go’s to time camera or
    it has a string tied to it or it’s real

  16. Ha, If you look closely, hes not turning the burners on hes turning them
    off, They were on very low heat anyways. The only way he did this is with
    string.And if you listen closely you can hear the pull of the string when
    he releases.

  17. it must be real.. the hot air lifts enough to keep the planes wings in a
    slight decline where the aerodynamics keep the plane turning and resisting
    free fall. the cushion of air that the plane is gliding on is
    always climbing while the plane is always gliding down. the circle just
    keeps the plane over top of the climbing air.

  18. It’s not fake!
    Hot air is lighter then cold air so what the hot air will do with the
    airplane is that the hot air are going up from the stow and hit the
    airplanes wings and makeing it fly so it’s 100% true it’s physics guys.

    Big Love Xzuckz Production!

  19. Its fake as the plane speeds up as it turns away, then it slows down when
    it comes toward the camera cos a fan is there

  20. Basic physics!
    The hot air is less dense that the cold air so it goes to heights!
    So the pressure that the hot air makes in order to go to heights pushes the
    plane, and it flies for infinity because the pressure force and the force
    of gravity are the same! And it can fly forever i meen untill you cut off
    the heating or the electronic company cuts your electricity for too big of
    a bill!

  21. This is exactly how birds glide in the air without flappin there wings the
    sun make the hills hot where i live there made of rock and it heats the
    rocks and air making the air rise and uplift rising the birds without

  22. This is fake. He initially throws it and it goes off screen. When it
    comes back down it’s on a string tethered to the ceiling.

  23. You can do the same thing outside over your air conditioning condenser fan.
    It’s not fake. It’s very tricky to get it centered in just the right spot

  24. i can not make the airplane men!!!!!make another video who you teach how
    we[i]can make the airplane!!!!…PLZ!

  25. Sooooo fake! It is CGI you idiots! this guy is just a reaally good
    animater…. you can tell its a green screen… All of you stupids should
    stop babling about the “physics” of it!

  26. why you was going so fast i couldn’t constrate don’t know what happened
    messed up you really just mest up

  27. Guys, the plane he did is called the “Sparrow” but he didn’t use a tail.
    I’m sure there are video tutorials on here.

  28. …”“What goes up must come down.”
    ― Isaac Newton
    I really hope you know that nothing will stay in the air forever

  29. Cool! wouldn’t work so well in most American kitchens because of the open
    flames, but the next time I’m in Europe, I’ll be able to entertain my

  30. The convection currents from the stove are pushing the plane upward, that’s
    why he turned on the stove and that’s why this trick works

  31. Awesome use of physics(nice idea), hot air given by the stove by heating
    the gas particles must rise up into the atmosphere and as a result it it
    gives the plane elevation it needs to stay soaring in the air

  32. Not forever, if you let it fly for a month. Your gas bill will be so high
    that the government stops sending gas to you, and your plane falls down.

  33. Grammar check: on the last message, it says ‘Thank’s for watching.’ It
    should be ‘Thanks for watching.’ So the message says ‘Thank is for

  34. I can’t believe people are still posting that they believe this? Seriously,
    if you think this is real you are a complete moron.

  35. Can’t believe all the idiotic comments about this being fake, and how it’s
    like a ‘gyroscope’ !
    This cooker top is a controlled environment that produces ‘thermals’, and
    if you keep perfecting the aeroplane design and tuning it so it has just
    the right amount of pitch and lift, eventually you will get perpetual
    flight. I suspect this took many attempts – maybe he/she only got it right
    once and that’s the video we’re watching. Very impressive, well done !

  36. I would have better luck powering a lightbulb with a fart than flying a
    paper airplane with a stove thats turned off.

  37. I would have better luck powering a lightbulb with a fart than flying a
    paper airplane with a stove thats turned off.

  38. you know you’re procrastinating when you find yourself on youtube watching
    how-to vids about paper airplanes. time to get to work, i guess.

  39. you know you’re procrastinating when you find yourself on youtube watching
    how-to vids about paper airplanes. time to get to work, i guess.

  40. I could go deep into the physics of why this is fake, but it is easier to
    just say anyone who thinks its real and not a paper airplane on a string is
    too damn gullible to be on he internet these days.

  41. I could go deep into the physics of why this is fake, but it is easier to
    just say anyone who thinks its real and not a paper airplane on a string is
    too damn gullible to be on he internet these days.

  42. Have you ever thought of making a “plain” omelette air bound over one ring
    by tossing it up out the pan. it really really does work and saves on
    the electricity.

  43. If anyone else bothered to try this, they failed, if you watch closely when
    the airplane hits a certain point it junps up slightly, showing us that
    this is a carefully looped video for the remaining portion of the video. I
    downloaded this video and checked it out and it is missing frames between
    where it is and where it started again. A word for the wise: Don’t believe
    anything you see on the internet unless there is a cat in it.

  44. seriously? everyone thinks there is hot air or something? sounds like a
    load of hot air.. It could be a freaking repeated video clip, the plane
    could have just gone in a circle once..

  45. Wow dude, you just found out how plane can stay airborne for infinite
    without fuel !
    Watch Out for hitmen sent by Big Oil !

  46. Me:Look dad I can make a perperairplane fly forever!!!
    Dad: Bullshit
    Me:Seriousley dad, want to bet on it?
    Dad: Ok $25 *shakes hands*
    Me:*folds plane and follows instructions of the video*

    *power goes off*

  47. Perpetual? What happens when the power hungry cooker elements make the user
    bankrupt and the utility company turns off the power due to non payment? :p

  48. I do agree with you EoT – People seem to write before they think ! & all
    that bickering over a paper aeroplane !!! – Still think its a neat idea ! –
    will have to show my son – maybe burn house down in process – ha! – thanks
    for sharing !

  49. это Полная хуйня Ну Просто Там есть Рыбаловная ЖИЛКА и привизал в Самалету
    и все епт !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. 360* 360* 360* 360* 360* 360* 360* 360* 360* 360* 360* 360* 360* 360* 360*
    360* 360* 360* 360* 360* 360* 360* 360* 360* 360* 360* 360* 360* 360*
    360* 360* 360* 360* 360* 360* 360* 360* 360* Dang, mom get the camera.

  51. very good and funny!!
    But…the amount of energy that those plates required, could fly a real
    size small airplane! 😀

  52. My brother did this and that little plane caught fire. He let it fly for
    over three days and it finally caught fire and flew off and landed in his
    bed burning him alive while he was sleeping. Someone should warn people not
    to do this as it is one of the most dangerous things that anyone could ever
    do. Plus the pilot of that plane also burned alive. Scary.

  53. It is because the hot air rises because it becomes less dense. Since the
    plane has a great extension and little mass, it can stay in the air because
    of its air resistance. duhhh

  54. OK besides getting a very large electric bill if you fly your plane for
    days, he gets forward motion from the updraft. He gets the circular motion
    from the wing flaps opposing. ((BUT THE STRING ATTACHED TO THE PLANE IS
    KEEPING IT IN PLACE)) I used to have a similar toy when I was a child and
    its thrust came from a small DC motor attached to a propeller in the front

  55. Way to fast you need to go slow worst way to show people how to make the

  56. it feels so impossible because he was going so fast. i meant it. i gave up
    in the first 10 seconds. but i still liked it

  57. THIS is all FAKE! I folded exactly the same paperplane, use the same stove
    and did approximately 50 attempts and all that for nothing.

    1. it’s on a string
    2. there are two moments when it’s off-screen and there’s space for a bit
    of editing

    Myth Busted!

  58. Amazingly this worked!

    I tried this, and it caught on fire, flew out a window and then lit my
    grandmas hair on fire. She started running in a circle screaming “Wang

    She is still running in a circle and it’s looks like she will keep running
    indefinitely. Thank you for making My Grandmother Run Forever.

  59. I am pretty sure he turned the stove from 1 to off. and used a string held
    above the frame to keep it going… just sayin’

  60. ‘Waste of electricity.’

    If you’re not blind, you can see that the stove is off. And that heat
    remains on a stove like that for a while.

  61. ok, watched the video(just for the humor factor), read tons of comments(for
    the same reason).

    now then… if you read his description, he states that the plane MUST fly
    directly over the center of the plates for this to work, and took 87 takes
    to get it right… but in the video, never once does it fly over the center
    of the plates. it always flies on the outsides of the plates.
    second, if you watch the video carefully, and it becomes more and more
    apparent the closer to the end it gets, which is why he cut it when he
    did… the plane begins to “fly” sideways and at one point, almost starts
    going backwards. this rules out the whole “the flaps” argument.

    getting back to the plane flying on the outside of the plates, with the way
    thermals work, the rising heat would lift the inside wing up forcing the
    plane to leave the “infinant” circle right away. for this “trick” the even
    have a remote chance to work, the plane would have to circle with its
    outside wing over the center of the plates. reason being, when you have 4
    thermals that close together, all the heat will be pushed towards a common
    center point the higher you go from the source as the hot air going up
    tries to pull air from the outside to fill the lower preasure from the hot
    air going up(this is why candles and fires all taper towards the top)

    summary… its held by string abover the center of the stove. neat visual
    effect, but nothing beyond that.

  62. The updrafts from the heated plates went on the bottom of the wing and made
    it go in a circle and made it go up when trying to go down thus making it
    glide and partially fly whitch makes it stay there

  63. Its fake. Heres how.

    He made everything seem legit but right after he said lets go flying he
    threw the plane repeatedly until it got into that position where it flew in
    a full circle.

    Then he repeated the video over and over again. C’mon guys common sense
    tells us this is physically possible.

  64. 70ies style stove. U should decorate your home in some time.
    happily U got enough money from YT for this fake-vid

  65. That’s not gonna fly forever the gas will run out on that stove or
    something and the flying will stop

  66. I say FAKE! … If it were actually flying helped by the upward airstream
    provided by the heater plates, I would expect slight variations in flight
    height and distance from the center of an imaginary circle … look at
    it… it describes quite regular circles and if you watch the plane
    carefully when in passes in front of the electric outlets on the right…
    it ALWAYS passes at the exact same height and angle relative to the point
    where I think a fine nylon thread was attached on a top shelf or so… it’s
    very suspiscious to me cause we all know that the air moving up from the
    heater (or any heat source for that matter) is never a pefectly shaped air
    column, vortexes and variations in the upward current are expected (besides
    the ocasional draft in the room)… I’d say the plane was hanging from a
    very fine nylon thread like the ones found on pantyhoses… I’ve pulled
    some neat magic tricks in front of my children using these almost invisible
    polymer threads… if you can hardly see them with the naked eye when
    they’re in front of you, it’s simply imposible to see them on a video like
    this… … and the kind of movement on this plane resembles more the
    movement of something tethered than of something doing free flight on
    heated air.

  67. Look i saw what you did its true that you fly the airplane like that you
    only repeat it and repeat the show when the paper plane is flying then now
    you repeat it

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