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BMW Presents The Bmw I8 At The Iaa 2013

Via Bmw Presents The Bmw I8 At The Iaa 2013.

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  1. Hybrids are NOT an environmentally friendly cars as the strip mining needed
    to produce the battery chems causes more damage to the environment than a
    high performance gas engine over it’s entire lifetime.

  2. Or a better deal is the 100 % electric “TESLA Model S Performance” with
    Battery 85 KW. From 0 to100 in 4,4 sec. Interior with 5 seats and 2
    children seats and cheaper.

  3. What YOU can buy is faaaar from an i8, so please just shut up and stop
    bashing the car. Oh, and before you do that, get your information right,

  4. 0-60 is not a (good) benchmark. only in the US you will hear people talk
    about that. japanese car makers try to appeal to US customers, thats why
    their times are usually good. they achieve that by strapping on bigger
    turbos and things like that. their engines only have power if you rev them
    to the max. but a big turbo lag is the result. but who revs their engine to
    the max to get this turbo power? 40-60 times are way more interesting the
    rest is nonsense and stupid. btw educate yourself idiot.

  5. Damn. Wish they had kept the see threw doors. Anyone know if it will be an
    option to add it on? I am willing to fork over 50k just to have the visible
    door implemented!!!

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