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AgingTime Lapse

60 years in 5 minutes,using various members of the same family. From Asian To European within a Minute?
Via Cool Time Lapse.

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  1. He used the little girls bone structure and features including her family
    and parents photos…and followed the child’s facial structure.

  2. are you stupid? he followed the bone structure of the child, this is what
    they use when children are missing….its the process of aging…not
    impurities! No one knows if she will be fat, thin, have acne etc…its the
    standard process of aging…you cannot tell when a person will get acne
    some at 14 some can get it even at 30 dumb ass!

  3. that is the aging process….even though he followed the little girl’s bone
    structure…we all change and end up looking different.

  4. „Using images captured at his friend Danielle’s family reunion, filmmaker
    Anthony Cerniello digitally stitched together shots of similar-looking
    relatives, from youngest to oldest, into what appears to be a child
    seamlessly aging 65 years in less than five minutes.“ -msn not a total
    explanation but thought I’d post. :3

  5. Hmmm looks like about 3 different face morphed slowly. Just guessing let me
    know if I’m close – filmed in a loop – could be using after effects and
    photoshop only – but you may have used the common morph software or
    possibly 3d projection. However there are some „pops“ here and there with
    eyelids and cheeks which might be the loop – but also could be your
    blending between positions with after effects. Am I close?

  6. Клёво!

    Как снято:
    Автор отснял на фотоаппарат одну большую семью — разновозрастных женщин с
    общими чертами лиц. Затем фотографии были обработаны и оживлены с помощью
    морфинга, а глаза и волосы — смоделированы в 3D и наложены поверх.

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