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Hands On With Iphone 5S Touch ID Fingerprint Scanner

Via Hands On With Iphone 5s Touch Id Fingerprint Scanner.

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  1. *Touch ID*

    This is the first iPhone/iOS feature that really has me jealous. I have way
    too much information on my phone to leave it unlocked but I hate dealing
    with lock screens. This looks like an awesome and convenient way to unlock.

  2. Here’s a video of Touch ID in action on an iPhone 5S: Looks pretty good to

    Hands on with iPhone 5S Touch ID fingerprint scanner

  3. Hands on with iPhone 5S Touch ID fingerprint scanner


  4. iPhone 5S指紋辨識動手玩影片。

    影片:Hands on with iPhone 5S Touch ID fingerprint scanner

  5. Ажиотаж вокруг вчерашней +Apple Inc. Special Event не утихает и новостные
    порталы поголовно пишут про новинки – +iPhone 5 S и +iPhone 5C, даже если
    их основная тематика – кошачьи корма. А мы тем временем отыскали на
    просторах +YouTube видео технологии Touch ID в действии.

  6. Well what if the guys hold your hand and get access to it.With password at
    least they beat you and you dont say password and they dont get secret
    info.worst they cut ur finger …..My name’s bond James bond.

  7. How can you tell it works perfectly? Do you have one? No, you don’t so
    you’re giving false info from the start. Also iOS 7 is very bad in a lot of
    ways and if that’s what the 5S is going to be running on then we can all
    agree Apple is down the pooper.

  8. you don’t know what are you talking about I don’t know if you remember last
    year before iphone 5 come out Samsung copied everything from apple… so
    shut the fuck up

  9. thats funny because I have owned 5 android phones since 2009. The three
    most recent android phones had facial recognition and none of the 5 phones
    lagged. including the 3 with facial recognition. and that is even with live
    wallpapers which I often used.But that is understandable. Maybe I was the
    lucky one and got the only 5 android phones on the planet that didn’t lag.
    right? you are nothing more then an apple sheep like the rest of them. You
    only believe what Apple tells you to believe.

  10. source code? there is none. It uses an implementation of TrustZone.
    Everything is done with dedicated processing logic (no software). Details:
    The fingerprint data is used to decrypt a hash stored on the SoC. After the
    decryption the SoC injects it into the processor core and then into the ram
    for the os to access. if the hash was decrypted incorrectly (wrong
    fingerprint) then it won’t unlock. The OS has a reference to the hash but
    the hash has no data on the fingerprint.

  11. What the fuck do you think i”OS” stands for you dumb fuck? i then operating
    system, shut the fuck you god damn idiot.

  12. the first thing that happens to you when you arrive in america is they scan
    all your fingers. wouldn’t it be amazing if all people willingly scanned
    their fingerprints themselves.. oh wait. apple have to surrender all info
    to the US gov, if requested. Have fun apple fankids.

  13. yea i think we all know that. but the actual device is better with android.
    for example are the home screen replacement apps more polished on IOS? or
    how about the other customizable apps? nope because they don’t exist. apple
    focuses on the minor details like security with the fingerprint scanner
    while android focuses on literally everything else. including security but
    only enough to protect the phone

  14. Motorola x was the first one to.introduce the fingerprint scanner 3 yrs ago
    and apple only revised the name into touch id so that it would fool its
    fanboys that apple first introduced that technology

  15. HAHA you’re still living in the present? lol who needs a finger print
    scanner when samsung will be already making an eye scanner … Too old dear
    iphone … Samsung rule !

  16. Iphone 5s and 5c touchscreens where surprisingly inaccurate, samsung galaxy
    s3 touchscreen is way more accurate sources are from gsmarena, phonearena
    and androidauthority

  17. i have an iphone 4 an iphone 5 and a samsung galaxy note 3 … the problem
    of the iphone is that its only work with itunes and apple market … but i
    must say the samsung galaxy note 3 is much better in all categories …

  18. I really don’t like (or dislike) either. What I dislike are the fanboys (of
    any kind) that bring up invalid statements and lie about a certain product
    just because they spent their money on it.

  19. i honestly hope they don’t make the screen bigger, i don’t want people 4
    meters away to be able to see what i’m doing.

  20. Nice video but can i just interject ….., If you need to get your iPhone
    unlocked for free go to iphonegeeks(.us). A+ for this site.

  21. Apple’s September launch of the iPhone 5S was the FIRST smartphone with a
    fingerprint identity touch sensor, provided by AuthenTec, part of
    Apple. Fingerprint already has contracts to supply its CHEAPER “swipe”
    fingerprint technology to Japan’s Fujitsu, South Korea’sPantech and China’s
    Konka. Now, let’s see how many are about to copy yet again 😉

  22. lmao have fun with your fingerprint scanner on the iPhone. because in less
    than a year Android released the fingerprint scanner again which the
    Android OS had for the past few years on one of the hundreds of phones. now
    Android has 2 phones with a fingerprint scanner but iPhone still only has

  23. When a new iphone or ipad comes out:

    Oh shit look! the new iphone has 2 cameras! im gonna spend soooo much money
    Oh shit look! They made a giant ipod called the ipad! Im gonna spend 600
    Oh shit look! They made a new iphone that has voice controls. Im gonna
    spends all my money on it just because of that!
    Oh shit look!, they made a new iphone that has fingerprints! Omfg im gonna
    spend sooo much money

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