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Hands On With Iphone 5S Touch ID Fingerprint Scanner

Via Hands On With Iphone 5s Touch Id Fingerprint Scanner.

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  1. When a new iphone or ipad comes out:

    Oh shit look! the new iphone has 2 cameras! im gonna spend soooo much money
    Oh shit look! They made a giant ipod called the ipad! Im gonna spend 600
    Oh shit look! They made a new iphone that has voice controls. Im gonna
    spends all my money on it just because of that!
    Oh shit look!, they made a new iphone that has fingerprints! Omfg im gonna
    spend sooo much money

  2. lmao have fun with your fingerprint scanner on the iPhone. because in less
    than a year Android released the fingerprint scanner again which the
    Android OS had for the past few years on one of the hundreds of phones. now
    Android has 2 phones with a fingerprint scanner but iPhone still only has

  3. Apple’s September launch of the iPhone 5S was the FIRST smartphone with a
    fingerprint identity touch sensor, provided by AuthenTec, part of
    Apple. Fingerprint already has contracts to supply its CHEAPER „swipe“
    fingerprint technology to Japan’s Fujitsu, South Korea’sPantech and China’s
    Konka. Now, let’s see how many are about to copy yet again 😉

  4. Nice video but can i just interject ….., If you need to get your iPhone
    unlocked for free go to iphonegeeks(.us). A+ for this site.

  5. i honestly hope they don’t make the screen bigger, i don’t want people 4
    meters away to be able to see what i’m doing.

  6. I really don’t like (or dislike) either. What I dislike are the fanboys (of
    any kind) that bring up invalid statements and lie about a certain product
    just because they spent their money on it.

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