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Dakuwaqa’s Garden – Underwater Footage From Fiji & Tonga

Via Dakuwaqa's Garden – Underwater Footage From Fiji & Tonga.

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  1. Wow, I’ve just seen that in the last week, views of my latest YouTube video
    have been taking off exponentially. I have no idea what exactly gives a
    YouTube video the critical mass to gain so many views, but I’m just hugely
    grateful to YouTube and Google to give me the means to enable my videos to
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    director’s slower cut one day)

  2. Scuba divers take an INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL video of sea life around the
    reefs of Fiji & Tonga.!

    To get the most out of this HD video use full screen and turn on CC if you
    want to view the names of all the dive sites, names of all the tropical
    fish, and other marine life.

  3. *The Ocean As You Have Never Seen It*

    *This is a nice video of coral dives in HD. The colors and variety pop out
    at you, as it plays along. It lasts about five minutes so you will want to
    watch when you have a few minutes and a cup O’ coffee. The credits and info
    are directly on the youtube site.*

  4. It’s absolutely Wonderful !! these videos underwater are really greatly
    wonderful (*_*) I’m astonished ! I want to dive again !! Aquatic creature
    and coral have nothing to envy to the air breathing world !!

  5. Thanks. The music is The music is “In the Meadows” by Stephen Richard
    Thomas Brown”. You can download it from his Bandcamp or Soundclick pages.
    Links are in the video description.

  6. Underwater footage shot whilst scuba diving in the Fiji islands and Tonga.
    Featuring colorful coral reefs, huge schools of tropical fish, sharks,
    humpback whales, underwater caves, scuba divers and much more marine life
    from the south Pacific.
    Please share, or leave a comment here or on my channel at My Facebook page is at and I have more scuba diving videos
    and underwater footage on my website at, where
    you can also license rights managed and royalty free stock footage

  7. Lo mas excelente de este vídeo, es el amor que uds. sienten por lo que
    hacen y lo que yo siento que hacen en este vídeo, es amar el mar y a
    nuestro planeta entero. Gracias!!!

  8. Una hermosura con este vídeo tenemos que la contaminación ambiental es el
    principal enemigo de los habitas de toda especie y por tal motivo donde
    esta no ha llegado se puede disfrutar de estas hermosura

  9. Wonderful, that is life! I’d like to see these colors with my eyes
    someday.. I think you cutted the videos too short, they change too fast.
    Better more than 4 seconds per video, to be able to enjoy more every video
    you did. I feel you happy there doing those videos! It’s a very good way to
    exploit time and tecnology.

  10. For those who find this video is cut too fast, or dislike the music, I made
    a slow-motion version with some epic, ambient music at: Dakuwaqa’s Dream –
    Scuba Diving in Fiji

  11. I love this video I feel me in the deep of the ocean …it is wonderful !
    Keep me mor calm …. and I don’t use to be ……….lol………..
    Dakuwaqa’s Garden – Underwater footage from Fiji & Tonga

  12. When you dive, there is no guarantee you will see moments like these every
    minute of every dive……but every minute of every dive brings the
    possibility of moments like these.

  13. This is so beautiful! This video helps to emphasize how important it is
    for us to continue to protect our oceans, and all waters. The photography
    is stunning! Thank you from Canada, Prince Edward Island!

  14. Excellent video, it was like watching a 2 hour Nat Geo special without
    commercials! One of the few times instant gratification has been a thing
    for me.

  15. A great video but the music is too quick for this kind of footage the other
    one on the other versiion is better. Thanks for sharing these beautiful

  16. Really beautiful video! One small correction – all damselfish lay eggs in
    nests. The speckled damselfish at 1:44 isn’t “spawning” – it is indeed
    defacating as “Jess the Dragon” noted below.

  17. This is sooooo beautiful. thanks. I’ve been snorkelling on the Great
    Barrier Reef in Australia. That was great but I was very sea sick and also
    couldn’t get anywhere near as close as you have and didn’t see any of the
    special moments you captured.

  18. World never stops and fails to amaze me. This video footage is (I can’t
    find the best word to describe it).

  19. Beautiful pictures, but that “music” is unlistenable. It’s like a cup of
    tea with sugar, but where they left out the water, and the milk, and the
    tea – this music is a cup of white sugar

  20. That was fantastic some real WOW!! Moments in there. Especially the
    humpbacks and the shrimps. Loved it!! The music was lovely, was it written
    to go with it?? Seemed to rise and fall perfectly. Someone wrote it
    perfectly “Have you ever wondered what other beauties you haven’t seen?”
    Well, for sure now I am. Brilliant job guys. xxx xxx

  21. To watch this video again is the most amazing thing that I remembered for a
    Sunday…. I could watch it millions of times. Thanks so much for for share

  22. Je vous emmène sous l’eau…

    Lorsque le film est commencé, dans la barre en bas de l’écran à droite
    cliquez sur une roue dentelée pour “améliorer la qualité” sélectionnez le
    maxi tout en haut en H D c’est tout simplement SUBLIME.
    Sous la mer comme si vous faisiez partie de l’équipe de tournage vous ferez
    d’étonnantes découvertes c’est un superbe HD vidéo à voir plein écran


  24. Who are the 4,836 people that dislike this video? This video should have
    ZERO dislikes as it displays the wonderful creation and perfect beauty in
    nature that God made at the power of his word.

  25. *Fiji & Tonga´da Deniz Altı… MUHTEŞEM!*

    Keyifli seyirler! 🙂

    Dakuwaqa’s Garden – Underwater footage from Fiji & Tonga

  26. Fiji & Tonga..
    The South Pacific Ocean as we have never seen it..
    Video: 04.49 minutes..

    Dakuwaqa’s Garden Underwater footage from Fiji & Tonga..

  27. Fiji & Tonga..
    The South Pacific Ocean as we have never seen it..
    Video: 04.49 minutes..

    Dakuwaqa’s Garden Underwater footage from Fiji & Tonga..

  28. My most popular video, Dakuwaqa’s Garden, just reached 20 million views.
    That’s more than the population of somewhere reasonably big! Thanks for

  29. Szívből gratulálok a több, mint 20 milliós nézettséghez. – Én Oscar díjat
    adnék azért a fantasztikus munkáért, amit adtál az emberiségnek élményben,
    minőségben. Mennyivel szegényebbek lennénk nélküled, nélkületek. – Minden
    tiszteletem Tietek, jó egészséget és még sok-sok szép filmezést kívánok
    nektek. Vivát !!!!!!!!!

  30. Too bad human over population and human induced global warming have
    condemed all of the species in the video to extinction.
    I am glad we will at least have videos of what the human race has

  31. The videos are beautiful and it’s great to get a view of a part of our
    planet I will likely never see in person. I was wondering about your music
    choice – I very much enjoy it. How did you select it and where does it come

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  34. there are lots of Dislikes because people were fooled into watching this
    video by misleading Headlines… but it’s clearly not author’s fault!

  35. there are lots of Dislikes because people were fooled into watching this
    video by misleading Headlines… but it’s clearly not author’s fault!

  36. La increíble imaginación del Creador, que diseñó tanta belleza y

    “… lo que de Dios se conoce es evidente entre ellos, pues Dios hizo que
    fuese evidente. Porque lo invisible de él, su eterno poder y deidad, se
    deja ver desde la creación del mundo, siendo entendido en las cosas
    creadas…” (Romanos 1:19-20)

  37. I just don´t get used to, it´s been 15 years a became a full time OWSI and
    I just don´t get used to, I do it absolutely every day of the year
    and…still amazing. Great video, makes me appreciate my job and my
    life. Thanks!

  38. Wow! This is an amazingly beautiful video with such clarity. I was in awe
    getting to see such gorgeous life under the water! This video brought peace
    and calm into my life for a few moments. I will be watching again and

  39. 5,406 dislikes on this video ? Now i have 5,406 ppl i dont like in the
    world. How can you not like this. Mother nature at its finest , yet the
    world of the abyss is beyond our reach. Loved this video. REMARKABLE

  40. What is that at the beginning of the video.. Exactly on the 0:05 right hand
    side of point of view light up eyes and moving like a fish.. Is that a
    alien or a mermaid?

  41. What a beautiful underwater garden. It is heartening to see places like
    this still exist in our world despite all the damage we seem to be doing,

  42. No estás deprimido, más bien estás distraído y no has visto estás
    maravillas que han sido puestas para ti… Estas imágenes son mi regalo
    para ti. Feliz 2015

  43. Hi again, Will you share the title of the 2ed piece of music on video? The
    first is “in the meadow”. The tiny bite of the 2ed song sounds like
    something from Magic of Politics- Re MIX 9:02 Michael Darius 8 3/17/12, 8:26
    Thank you

  44. มอบให้เพื่อนๆชม สบายตาสบายใจครับ

  45. สวยงามกว่าไปดูด้วยตาเองอีก

  46. From an email sent by my friend, Pearl: Ocean In 3D

    This may be one of the “best videos ever” of the ocean with a 3D effect.
    The clarity is unbelievable. No special glasses or anything needed.

    Only the people actually living it can, most likely, see it any clearer.

    This is in HD, 3D, I hope your monitor can view it that way.

    Dakuwaqa’s Garden – Underwater footage from Fiji & Tonga:

  47. This brought me to a state of awe. Imagine that these beings are — right
    now — our co-inhabitants on the planet, our fellow-and-sister
    planetarians. We are in a world with them. We must think differently —
    how can we not respond to their lives, our companion lives? How can we
    poison and dump trash into their world? How can we not think of wanting
    the best for them, just as we do for our own species families?

  48. La belleza que ofrece nuestros océanos o mares, debe ser protegida porque
    esta maravilla nunca debe dejar de existir. Es responsabilidad de todos.

  49. Espero que esten pasando un excelente sabado, les comparto es video, espero
    les guste.
    Gracias Dios por una semana productiva, con buenas noticias en todos los
    aspectos, gracias por convivir en familia, con amigos, compañeros de
    trabajo y con la misma ciudadania, que dentro de nuestro trabajo de
    reportear tenemos el grandioso regalo de aprender, conocer de cada una de
    las personas con las que platicamos, una semana cerrando jugando futbol con
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    aunque perdimos 🙂 pero lo importante es convivir y saber que aun hay
    mucho que aprender, mucho que conocer, mucho que enseñar, muhco que diseñar


  51. It is beautiful! I just can’t explain how wonderful it looks to me. Thank
    you all for do this wondeful job.

  52. This is how we should visit our gorgeous ocean friends – in their natural
    habitat, without causing them and their environment harm – instead of in an

    Come enjoy the Dakuwaqa’s Garden with me – Underwater footage from Fiji &
    Tonga. 🙂 Watch it full screen.

    Enjoy. <3

    P.S. Thank you Leslie for emailing this great video to me. I love it! <3

  53. Really makes the need to keep our planet clean of our debris…such beauty
    and diversity…makes me wonder if the leaders of this world ever watch
    these types of videos

  54. ดีมากค่ะ ดูแล้วสบายใจ ไม่เครียดเลยค่ะ

  55. Le calme de la vie sous marine.
    J’ai simplement trouvé cela superbe et rassurant.
    A chacun de voir …

  56. Unbelievable footage of beautiful fish in crystal clear waters. This looks
    like it was filmed by National Geographic photographer. Incredibly

  57. Esta puede ser una de las “mejores videos ever” del océano con un efecto
    3D. La claridad es increíble. Sin gafas especiales ni nada necesitaban.
    Sólo las personas que realmente viven se puede, lo más probable, verlo más
    claro. Esto es en HD, 3D, espero que su monitor puede ver de esa manera.

  58. 晚點名 ~~~
    親愛的朋友大家好 ~ 晚安 !
    吼 ~ 我被這幾天的天氣搞得烏煙瘴氣的 . 早上出太陽 .
    快中午時開始變天 . 沒風 ! 很悶熱 . 中午過後風開始吹起
    過半小時候就開始下大雨 ! 這樣的天氣還要持續多久咧 ?

  59. Passez une agréable fin de journée les amis.

    Savourez ce moment de pur bonheur. …

    No comment

  60. My most popular video, Dakuwaqa’s Garden, just reached 20 million views.
    That’s more than the population of somewhere reasonably big! Thanks for

  61. Petite dédicace à mon ami Ami Juba.

    Je crois que je vais réaliser ton souhait Ami
    Rien que pour toi et le plaisir de tes yeux…

    Jette un oeil sur cette vidéo et laisse toi embarquer…
    Ce n’est que du bonheur. ..
    Tu voulais des poissons aquatiques et bien en voilà…

    Bisous et très bel après midi. ..

  62. *Dakuwaqa Сад – Уникальные подводные кадры из Фиджи и Тонга*

    Подводное сафари аквалангистов на островах Фиджи и Тонга обнаружило
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    коралловые рифы, огромные стаи тропических рыб, акул, китов-горбачей и
    других морских тварей, подводные пещеры…

  63. He mirado este vídeo casi una docena de veces y todavía puedo dejar de
    ¿Alguna vez te has preguntado que misterios se esconden bajo el agua en
    lugares remotos como en las islas Fiji y Tonga?
    Bueno, tienes mucha dicha ya que este video te dará la respuesta. Gracias a
    Bubble Vision, podrás ver como es la vida marina bajo el Océano Pacífico.
    He visto un montón de imágenes submarinas en mi vida, pero esto si que es
    algo realmente especial.
    ¡ este video es un verdadero recordatorio de lo maravilloso que es la
    naturaleza Dada Por Nuestro DIOS!

    Génesis 1:6
    Entonces dijo Dios: Haya expansión en medio de las aguas, y separe las
    aguas de las aguas. 7 E hizo Dios la expansión, y separó las aguas que
    estaban debajo de la expansión de las aguas que estaban sobre la expansión.
    Y fue así.…

    Apocalipsis 15:3
    Grandes y maravillosas son tus obras, Señor Dios Todopoderoso; justos y
    verdaderos son tus caminos, Rey de los santos.
    Salmos 19:1
    Los cielos proclaman la gloria de Dios, y la expansión anuncia la obra de
    sus manos.

  64. Regardez cette vidéo sur YouTube :c’est de toute beauté et quelle richesse
    créative …. ❤️ ❤️

  65. Bellisimo lugar, un gran misterio para disfrutar, el universo marino es uno
    de los espectaculos mas sorprendentes,

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