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Lady Gaga – The Edge Of Glory (howard Stern Show)

Via Lady Gaga – The Edge Of Glory (howard Stern Show).

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  1. I think it’s not on the radio because she stole her name from a queen song
    and prances around in meat suits while claiming she doesn’t want the level
    of attention she gets. Psst

  2. Faith is believing in spiritual apprehension rather than solid evidence.
    Just because science can’t prove it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist; that’s a
    very close-minded way to observe our universe. Accept possibilities!

  3. what’s silly and childish is for you to say that there is no evidence to
    support the Bible when you really have no idea what you’re talking about.
    if you knew the first thing about the Bible, you would know what evidence
    there is.

  4. At least Gaga can play an instrument and sing without backing, unlike, say,
    Katy Perry.
    Lady Gaga – The Edge Of Glory (Howard Stern Show)

  5. Oh god this is why I hate the internet. There’s that stupid loser group of
    Christians who try to defend religion and there’s that stupid loser group
    of Atheists who have gained a superiority complex because they suddenly
    think they are geniuses because they don’t believe in god.

  6. like if you read that whole comment chain and come out the other side only
    to learn it’s technically lady gaga’s fault.

  7. In a musical world full of autotune and dubstep. It is amazing that someone
    like her has true vocal talent. I’m not crazy for gaga but she has an
    amazing voice.

  8. Hey Lady Gaga, if you ever see this message, understand, I fell in love
    with you after seeing this performance. You bitch. I fucking hate you. x

  9. Well… I’m 50 years old and a big fan of woman with great voices like
    Aretha, Gladys,… this one beats them all! what power, what feeling! Dear
    lady, bring out all your songs solo on the piano, I’ll by them all! You
    made me cry… what a performance!!!

  10. Wanted to find out if she can actually sing LIVE compared to oh so many
    other artists.. my god im shocked about how good this is!

  11. i feel like when Howard is telling her how amazing she is Gaga is just
    like yeah obviously, I am lady gaga haha, Howard and Gaga together too
    very influential people in modern day time.

  12. This makes me hate her manufatured, cookie-cutter, gay-nightclub, dance
    sound even more. this is absolutely beautiful and it moves you in a way
    that a dance beat never can. it’s such a shame that talent like this is
    wasted with music that comes on the radio between lightweight, no-talent
    hacks like Jennifer Lopez and Nicki Minaj

  13. She is an amazing, otherworldly talent. Her performance on the Oscars was

    #LadyGaga #Oscars2015 #SoundofMusic

  14. All Anglo society criticism, if they have not looked at their solo piano
    performances PLEASE !!! that girl playing the piano legs and one hand.
    She does not care social criticism, she has great class status.

  15. His classical training during childhood and adolescence formed the great
    singer who is !!
    She’s on another level that few have reached,

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