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Dolly Parton – Jolene (Slow Version)

Via Slow Ass Jolene.

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  1. The Blacklist has become a gateway to terrific things. Great tracks,
    surreal words and even more enthralling plots. 🙂

  2. It’s actually really hard to find songs that sound good slowed down. Tried
    it with The Doors, but Jim’s voice is already quite deep and scratchy so it
    just sounded horrible. Tried it with Johnny Cash too, but it sounded
    monstrous. I reckon country is the best genre to use.

  3. I have heard practically every version of this song and 99% of people I
    meet also sing their own little version to me. Slow ass jolene is by far
    the best…well done to who ever came up with this! I now love the song
    again after becoming a little tired of it

  4. I picture the image of Walter White on the desert, with the Heisenberg hat
    walking to the horizon. RV burning, while the Ozymandias poem’s been read
    by him. Am I the only crazy?

  5. Some thing need to be left alone, like this version lol. Some tosser has
    done a ‚pitch corrected‘ slow ass Jolene, it sucks. This one FTW

  6. 这首 #SlowAssJolene 的翻唱真的好棒!比原唱多了爱尔兰民谣的调调,深深的无力感。让人着迷啊着迷。

  7. Sooo in LOVE with this song!! If it really is Dollys voice yet slowed
    down…AMAZING!! Yes, Blacklist brought me here…was already in love with
    it when seeing miley perform the song in backyard sessions! Wonderful!!

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