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Arkasia – Evolution (Album Preview)

Via ▶ Arkasia – Evolution (album Preview).

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  1. You can easily tell that Arkasia is NOT a republican, mhjskisincb. He’s
    probably an anti-capitalist if not a communist. He for example promotes a
    resource-based economy, which is clearly anti-capitalist. And I luv it

  2. Cause he isn’t mainstream. Look @ UKFChannel.. More Clicks -> More
    Mainstream. I love Arkasia for his Music and i wish him so much success,
    but it makes me ill, when i think about that he could switch his style for

  3. 7:00 this whole minute of music brings shivers up and down my spine, and
    makes me want to cry… Gotta love the serenity sample too ^_^

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