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Gopro: Chicken The Dog – Tv Commercial

Via Gopro: Chicken The Dog – Tv Commercial.

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  1. These videos just get better and better, proving it’s all about
    perspective! GoPro: Chicken The Dog – TV Commercial #tf

  2. Video of the Day!

    Our favorite French Bulldog, Chicken, is the star of our latest national TV

    #GoPro #dog #FrenchBulldog #lifesabeach

  3. Wow…that is unbelievable, I’m beginning to understand why some people
    refer to the U.S. as a “police state”. Whatever happened to “The Land of
    the Free”, and your police wanted drones?? our police officers don’t even
    carry guns on them! I’ve seen it on TV but I can’t imagine what it would be
    like to have a police officer come up to my car holding a pistol, lol f***
    that… We sure do live in different worlds you and me.

  4. about 85 grams out of the case. 200 grams in a case with qr attachment and
    hardware. GP Makes a lighter frame mount as well.

  5. I shot this footage and spent about 15 minuets playing catch with our dog
    at a beach that we go to 5 times a week. Used a stock mount on a stick. Our
    dog loves sticks.. nothing fancy here…except Chicken:)

  6. Check out this video on YouTube:

    I’m not gonna lie and say this is my dog, Stella. But Chicken the French
    Bulldog is awesome!

  7. This short video puts a smile on my face every time I watch it (it’s even
    saved in my Youtube favourites). =)

    It’s probably all those cute grunt noises she makes, those big ears and bug
    eyes (French bulldogs!), the fact that her name is Chicken (!)…
    (So I did some digging and found out it’s a her, and her owners have a FB
    page for her [PaddleChicken]…)

    Okaaayyyy *and* GoPro did a pretty good job showcasing their camera in this
    commercial too.

  8. a great video, greetings from Germany and a thumbs up and visiting times
    but our channel, we are also fans of slow motion / timelapse videos

  9. anyone know which mount they used for the stick? been on their website and
    everything and not once do they tell you which one they used lol

  10. Video of the Day!

    Our favorite French Bulldog, Chicken, is the star of our latest national TV

    #GoPro #dog #FrenchBulldog #lifesabeach

  11. For the people wondering how to attach the GoPro to the stick:
    I attached the GoPro to the stick with a long bolt, this works fine as you
    can see in my video. I’m not sure which method they use in this particular
    clip, but the bolt works fine!


  13. that shot where he drops the stick couldnt of been more perfect, with the
    sunset coming between his legs and all dat

  14. I loved this video, cute and beautiful shots. I also have a fun video shot
    in 2.7k and in slow motion with the new GoPro Hero 4. You can see it in my

  15. Love you chicken and all your vids and pics!! You can follow Chicken on
    @Paddlechicken on Twitter or on Facebook

  16. Very interested in gopro cameras. Are they durable enough to get thrown
    around like that? Couldn’t believe it when i realised he’d thrown that

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