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Kim Jong Un At Opening Of New Meat Shop

Via Kim Jong Un At Opening Of New Meat Shop.

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  1. Yup that’s the only difference. Please go live in North Korea for a year,
    and if you survive, come tell us how it is the only difference.

  2. Are you serious? You do realize that with the exception of the chosen that
    live in Pyongyang, no one in the DPRK has anything right? You realize that
    most people barely have enough to eat right? Or do you think the world is
    making all that stuff up about them starving? I guess my question would be
    why are you so hungry when there is this great meat market right in
    Pyongyang? Based on that.

  3. Are you serious? You do realize that with the exception of the chosen that
    live in Pyongyang, no one in the DPRK has anything right? You realize that
    most people barely have enough to eat right? Or do you think the world is
    making all that stuff up about them starving? I guess my question would be
    why are you so hungry when there is this great meat market right in
    Pyongyang? Based on that.

  4. wow….these poor poor sad people, the food on the isles are probably all
    fake…the only cool thing i seen on this video is the audi A3 where the
    fat fucking leader drove up on….and still its sad to see such a sexy car
    in a shitty country.

  5. There was a joke in former Soviet Union. A boy asks his father: “Daddy, is
    it true that under communism we will be able to order groceries over the
    phone?” Father replies: “Yes, but we will only see it on TV”. I think this
    North Korean propaganda video decided to put this joke into practice.

  6. I imagine that some day the Chineese are going to have to storm the country
    to get rid of all this human garbage. The United States will never do it.

  7. Where are the customers???? Oh wait the people pictured in the video are
    the customers. There won’t be any customers after this, Vice channel pretty
    much confirms this.

  8. That guy has got a proper bad haircut. The way he looks at the tins is a
    sure sign he has never seen one before!!!!!! As the for the looks when he
    sees the cash tills – ‘WTF is that’ springs to mind!! All Chinese imported
    goods no doubt too……….

  9. Big big respect and love from former.Yugoslavia to north Korea.
    Soon Communists wil rule the world again.
    Democraty is for fags…

  10. Those corrupt EU leaders taking billions of euros from people’s money will
    be the next to be thrown to starving dogs like what He did to his traitor
    uncle. Praise the North Korean.

  11. Its pretty telling when the North Korean government makes such a big deal
    about the opening of a meat shop . maybe the next propaganda video will be
    the opening of a hotdog stand

  12. Over two million starving N. Koreans are struggling to get just one meal in
    three days, and yet look at all those meat waiting for those starved ones
    to die so their ghosts can finally visit the meat store.

  13. for all the people blasting north korea for their dictatorial leaders wait
    till u see when resources like food, raw material and fuel declines and
    populations grow ur leaders in all countries and continents will be the
    same no one cares about the next person anymore and if u don’t witness it
    ur children certainly will

  14. lol. 12 shopping carts. I guess they know exactly how serious this shop is.

    Why is it impossible for Koreans to have normal fucking hair?

    I mean, So. Ko pop stars have some of the worst hairstyles in the entire
    history of man, but fuckity fuck Jong Un’s hair looks like it can’t decide
    if it was done by a retarded 3 year old with 90% blindness and tunnel
    vision or by a spastic donkey operating clippers only with the use of its
    upper lip whilst experiencing a medium level stroke.

    At least his sicophantic entourage had the decency to wear hats.

  15. Communism: Hard work for the government, people hates it.
    Democracy: Government can be lazy, people treats the government as slaves.
    Republic: Government works hard, people…react differently depending on
    what the government decides to do.

    Seriously though it’s quite true though.

  16. It is just a supermarket…. We only got these I don’t know 60-70 years
    ago. We didn’t have some generals of the army open them either ha. Korea is
    like a time capsule.

  17. 1:56 Well would you take a look at that. A 2010-2014 Audi a8 luxury sedan.
    Wait a second …. I thought North Korea was fully independent, and didn’t
    need products goods or machinery (like that Audi) or anything in general
    from the outside world! And wtf! What type of leader of a country comes to
    a newly opened meat market! Oh yes, I forgot. That’s because there is a
    new opening of a market in North Korea once every decade.

  18. This just fucken WEIRD! Yes a PM or President may visit a meat shop say for
    reelection but where are the customers? Why Miltary Generals also?
    OMFG ,”Tell Kim Jong Un, It’s people. Soylent Green is made out of people.
    They’re making our food out of people. Next thing they’ll be breeding us
    like cattle for food. You’ve gotta tell them. You’ve gotta tell them!” (:

  19. Kim Jong Un Loves to be the center off attention. these videos you see are
    all propaganda videos made only to be leaked out of the country to make you
    think things are great in North Korea…..notice how spotlessly clean
    everything is is all these video

  20. This is just a sterile show piece for propaganda purposes. No one but party
    officials, senior military officers, and foreign guests will ever buy
    anything there.
    Most N. Koreans are lucky to eat at all.

  21. Kind of pathetic that a simple produce store is a big enough deal there
    that the president has to be there for the opening. And of course nobody
    will ever shop there but military officials and the highest class citizens.
    What a pathetically corrupt place.

  22. Coming from USSR I can attest to watching a truthful comedy scetch on
    “whoops apocalypse” when Breznev shows a prime beef steak and says ” this
    is not the only prime beef steak in the USSR, we have dozens all over the

  23. i say, another fat cunt with a bad haircut walking around the food aisles
    not buying anything on a saturday, just like myself

  24. He’s like I want this frozen apples ,and the lady was like ” but sir u just
    had 5 plates of kimchi”

  25. And party officials will be the only ones shopping and eating their, while
    the ordinary North Korean people can’t afford to eat dirt.

  26. You can’t deny the only thing that might be actually beneficial to the
    just because the country’s still overall fucked up.
    I think he actually did one thing right (which is opening a meat shop)

  27. You imagine Obama opening a Walmart?!?! Ha, ha…..I guess it is a big deal
    to open up a fake supermarket in North Korea…..Kim Jong II hasn’t got
    much else to do…..except eat all the fake food “on sale”.

  28. those hats though, you might be a general but here’s a stupid looking hat
    and remember I killed my uncle, my former girlfriend and all of her
    friends…now smile like you like that stupid hat

  29. I am sure it’s like a meat museum there, since I have the memory what it’s
    like to be inside of commie country.

  30. Now they have a meat store, the only obstacle left is finding the meat,
    good going North Korea, one step to world domination at a time.

  31. Glory to Great Leader Kim Jong Un!!!!!!!!!! Let them live Great North Korea

  32. It’s either all made of cardboard or real and therefore was probably
    confiscated by the state immediately after this was taken.

  33. This market is obviously only for higher ranking officials and rich
    Man from the street could barely afford a tin of sardines ( tomato sauce is
    extra ).
    There are no tills either….hmm…bizarre…very odd…but hey its a
    fucked up country..
    blame fat fuck babyface and his a fucked ancestors too…all for now

  34. What’s the point of building a meat shop in a place where there are only
    empty buildings? It’s really creepy.

  35. waiiit a second…wasn’t that a brand new 2014 Audi A8 at 01:46 left of the
    screen? I thought they don’t have imported cars.

  36. I have an unrelated question, guys, and maybe someone out there can answer
    it. Whenever we see Kim Jong-un he is always surrounded by dozens of
    generals, admirals, etc., etc., and they always have notepads in their
    hands and continuously write in them. What on Earth are they writing in
    those notebooks?

  37. They only have the one shelf and on each tier is the same product lol. Well
    there goes the whole food budget for the entire year. If they are
    communists then why do some people get to get their food from places like
    that and other people have to starve (by the millions?) That meat in a tube
    looks like the same kind you buy if you can’t afford the fresh stuff, and
    that is suppose to be their best stuff !?!?!

  38. Only a country that’s starving to death would celebrate the opening of what
    looks like the Kroger meat section attached to a shitty buffet. Too bad
    nobody will ever eat there.

  39. 2年以上前にこの動画を見たけど、今でも面白いし、今月意味を理解した言葉→行幸、聖蹟などがあてはまる。

  40. How come David Cameron did not go to the Sainsburys that just opened that
    kind of says something when yo head of state is visiting a shop it is not
    even a supermarket

  41. Who is going to shop in what you called, “Meat” market? Only the high
    ranking officials could afford to shop there. Millions are still in poverty
    in North Korea. Are all foods in this sub from China?

  42. very good leader. I wish everything checks for every leader like him. How
    many in the world . Congratulations. The Turks love you

  43. Remember Vietnam war? US divided Korean into South and North, then divided
    Vietnam into South and North.
    What did US do in Vietnam? They killed 2 million people over a decade
    What did US do in Korean war? They killed 4 million people, mostly
    civilians in North in less than 3 years.
    What US did in Vietnam is shameful.
    Same thing in Korea.
    During Vietnam war, US propaganda depicted Northern Vietnamese as devils,
    animals, and evil people. They are doing the same thing to North Korea.
    This is a witch hunt.
    If US did wrong in Vietnam, they are doing wrong in Korea, too.
    Wake up folks. Think. Don’t just believe what is told to you.

  44. There’s no people shopping or eating. Who cares about the opening of meat
    shop? you don’t see many leaders in the west touring meat shops when they

  45. The North Korean meat shop is like 10 times better than all meat shop in
    the western world combined. Meat shop in the western world is just a teenie
    weenie shop even a cow will not fit in.

  46. okay fine North Korea have a meat shop. but the question is, do this meat
    shop will serve the north korean people or it will only beneficial to the
    foreign visitors and officials of the country? this should be for the
    people and not for propaganda to brag to th whole world that north korea
    already have meat shop. non sense bragging.

  47. This is not a shop, this is a weird spa. No actual architect with
    experience would built such noble materials in a store supposed to be
    crowded with people buying stu— OH WAIT!

  48. if any of that is real, just give it to the starving people. nobody except
    the elite has the money to buy any of that.

  49. How cute, make believe with the only fat person in North Korea. Don’t worry
    you will get what’s coming to you. (:

  50. Любуется аквариумом, в котором сидит одна рыба. Гениальное решение
    продовольственной проблемы!!!

  51. Now that Kim Jong Un is killing prisoners, he decided to grind them up so
    everyone can have some red meat. KJU especially enjoys roasted penis.

  52. Waste all that money building a fake shop to show a few bigshots, they
    would be better to spend the money to feed his own starving people. I look
    forward to the day the people there rise up and overthrow that spoiled
    brat, hang him up like the Italian people did to Mussolini near the end of

  53. if a leader + a bunch of high ranking military officials have to attend &
    praise a freaking new meat shop [99% it not even real] then something is
    seriously wrong with that country, LMAO!!!

  54. So you know a country is a piece of shit when they have a massive ceremony
    just for the opening of a meat shop… Like really, imagine that happening
    in modern society, it’d be a nightmare.

  55. I hope that Kim should die a painful death an let there be freedom in that
    country hell yeah America kicks ass so fuck you North Korea ….now don’t
    go crazy OK you Swamp rats,

  56. congritulated. the words they say kill me. saying like 5 names in a row.
    kim jong un kam jing um ing tong tung twackadingdong.

  57. Had to see what the fuck a “meat shop” was… apparently it is exactly that.

    Impressive display of bullshit propaganda DPRK… very good.

    Amazing how their Great Leader General Comrade Kim Jong Un (or whatever),
    who can do all kinds of God-like things, needs a 45 year old female shop
    clerk (sorry if I’m wrong lady, but then again you’re most likely not
    watching) to help him close the lid on that cooler.

  58. You know things are sad when state dignitaries goes to the opening of a new
    meat shop. The government has nothing to do?

  59. They say this meat shop is so great that all the animals start singing
    songs in praise to our Great Leader just like in the Disney movies right
    before they`re slaughtered. God bless our magnificently brilliant Leader
    and may he rule for many years to come for giving us the gift of a meat
    shop that shines like a star!

  60. It’s fun because every second a new meat shop opens in a corner over
    western countries and there when one opens even their leader goes to the
    oppening like if it was something amazing LOL

  61. Ooh oh question! Pick me PICK ME! Yeah, can you actually buy stuff in this
    store? Or is it like all the others and it’s just to lie to the world that
    we actually have food?

  62. did you her that right when he touched the crab he sed that is cold and
    hurt kill the person who let me be to cold. Then he asked wear is the
    bathroom not to use as he dos not have a but hole but to make sure lesser
    people who do can have a bathroom. I watched the movie the interview it was
    funny because he is not that kind he never kids only thinks of who to kill
    next he shoots people for fun and every femail in his country must have sex
    with him.. now you want to know 1 truth from the film north korea has less
    people in jail prision or camp what ever you wish to call it per capta then
    the us his people are well trained and some of the most respectable people
    on earth but they also have no care for life

  63. Im a filipino. How i wish to visit north korea but im afraid to go due to
    the history i have read about this country. I hope mr. Kim jong un
    appreciates all his countrymen including the critics which are in the labor
    camp. I wish mr. Kim is kind and considerate. I been looking forward
    someday nk is open for any investors including USA. It is quite awesome
    americans are welcome to study korean language in nk, right mr kim?

  64. His fuckin’ shop is SHIT!….He’s fuckin’ SHIT!….His “Party” is fuckin’
    SHIT!…AND his cock-suckin’ country is fuckin’ SHIT!……..( I bet you
    ANYTHING he sniffs little girls bike-seats! )

  65. Screw this shitty country forever and its obnoxious government. LONG LIVE

  66. Wow, he was really thin back then (thou still the fattest man of N. Korea)!
    Now he’s the fattest man of Asia.

  67. Yes meat shop, but only for Jong Un, the population is not part of that.
    They starve in labour camps far far away.

  68. if he want to be greater leader then his fader he need to start feed his
    ppl and make a better land for them to evole then he win now is just shit
    wake up and dont trust no one come kim wake up

  69. ¡Qué viva la monarquía norcoreana!!!
    El primer Rey fue Kim Il Sung, que fue una marioneta de los rusos.
    Cuando éste se murió, subió al trono Kim Jong Il, un maniático corrupto y
    perverso que se peinaba al estilo electrocutado. Se murió por una crisis de
    La dinastía continuó con un principito obeso y afeminado que se llama Kim
    Jong Un: estudió de incógnito en una escuela para millonarios en Suiza,
    donde fue sodomizado en repetidas ocasiones. Con frecuencia debe de
    permanecer en observación médica, por los continuos ataques de hemorroides
    que sufre, y que lo hacen caminar como pato.
    ¡Que viva la monarquía!
    ¡Que viva el Gordito Maricón!

  70. why fail to mention his title as Supreme First Secretary of Korean People’s
    Dildos, Dingleberries, and Queefs (KPDDQ)?

  71. Imagine how bad things must be in North Korea, when the little fat boy with
    the bad haircut and a few generals show up for the grand opening of a
    little market. Now that’s real big time! LOL!

  72. I didn’t see fishes applauding nor bursting in tears of joy in the presence
    of the greatest leader of all times so by now they’re must be all executed
    for anti state activity and defeatism…

    Leaving all joke aside same shit had happened in Romania who knew one of
    the toughest form of communism ever imagined. The former “el lider maximo”
    was regularly inaugurating or visiting meat shops and supermarkets to show
    his people that he’s really concerned about their health and general
    welfare and you may imagine that every damn supermarket was filled to the
    roof with merchandise while he was there and emptied afterwards. The goods
    were simply rotated between shops according to the dictator’s visiting
    schedule while his people were queuing for hours and hours for half of
    bread a day/person, 1kg sugar/month, 1 litre sun flower oil/month, 1kg of
    pork meat/month, 1/2 butter pack/month, 5 eggs/month and 200 grams of
    salami/month. Refrigerated chicken claws/heads packed together or smoked
    pig’s feet were considered pleasant surprises. Slaughtering a cow or a veal
    (your personal stock) was a crime punishable with death by bullet. I’m
    talking about the second country in the world with a rail road network, the
    first country with public electric lighting, the biggest grain producer and
    exporter in Europe between WWI and WWII, the biggest oil extraction and
    refinery capabilities in Europe, huge uranium, gold and silver deposits in
    its soil, the richest country in the whole Eastern Europe; it is the
    Kingdom of Romania which was left behind by Iron Curtain by the allies in
    the hands of USSR who made sure nothing stays the same…

  73. Kim Jong Un he’s a retarded children,and the Koreans stupid people,without
    a cancer like korea the world can be a better place,sometimes we need to be
    objective!!Japan,China,Korea,all beautiful place,less the japanese,chinese
    and koreans

  74. omg the guy at 2:01 with the glasses center-right….that is the most
    hilarious forced clap i’ve ever seen.

  75. Without China, DPRK/North Korea would dry up & blow away. DPRK is like a
    welfare recipient opening up new stores with money grubbed from someone
    else; and claiming it was all their own. Nothing new. We see it here in the
    US, too. Peace

  76. Dave Skylark learned the hard way in THE INTERVIEW that DPRK/North Korea
    has fake grocery stores! The rest of the sweaty, starving & oppressed
    masses will have to submit to the old mantra: The beatings will continue
    until morale improves! Peace

  77. DISGUSTING! Hey SuperPrimo leader of the people! Your people are starving
    to death while you and the old men who lick your butthole get to buy fresh
    fish in an architecturally significant grocery store.SATAN is alive & well
    on planet earth 🙁

  78. Such simple thing, just opening of a shop. And so much hatred and lies from
    shitty fat americans… That’s hilarious.

  79. Gringos cabreados por razones que ni les va seguro comentan aquí criticando
    la forma de gobierno norcoreana cuando ellos mismos no se percatan de la
    mierda de lugar en la que viven, llenos de esclavitud perpetua como el
    humano mismo sabe hacerlo. And they won’t even know what I just said
    because they only care about what they do everyday and don’t even speak
    proper English, their own language, because they’re fat, illiterate, angry,
    stupid and meat eaters.

  80. There are a lot more than meets the eyes. You should ask why? questions. If
    you don’t understand the past (i.e. history) correctly, you cannot be a
    judge. A person can look awfully miserable if he was beaten nearly to death
    by a strong power.
    It is the strong power that should be blamed, not the one who was beaten
    up, especially if the scum came from the other side of the world to meddle
    with the problems within a family, and killed many family members.

  81. In NK the meat shops are like a paintings museum.Thousands of people rash
    to observe the marvels with out restrictions, as long as they don’t touch
    the exhibitions.

  82. 4:10 I wonder what’s the point of refrigerating tin cans? Food is sealed in
    tins so you can keep it at room temperature without it going bad. Unless
    their tinning process control is that bad.. XD

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