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Kim Jong Un At Opening Of New Meat Shop

Via Kim Jong Un At Opening Of New Meat Shop.

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  1. 4:10 I wonder what’s the point of refrigerating tin cans? Food is sealed in
    tins so you can keep it at room temperature without it going bad. Unless
    their tinning process control is that bad.. XD

  2. In NK the meat shops are like a paintings museum.Thousands of people rash
    to observe the marvels with out restrictions, as long as they don’t touch
    the exhibitions.

  3. There are a lot more than meets the eyes. You should ask why? questions. If
    you don’t understand the past (i.e. history) correctly, you cannot be a
    judge. A person can look awfully miserable if he was beaten nearly to death
    by a strong power.
    It is the strong power that should be blamed, not the one who was beaten
    up, especially if the scum came from the other side of the world to meddle
    with the problems within a family, and killed many family members.

  4. Gringos cabreados por razones que ni les va seguro comentan aquí criticando
    la forma de gobierno norcoreana cuando ellos mismos no se percatan de la
    mierda de lugar en la que viven, llenos de esclavitud perpetua como el
    humano mismo sabe hacerlo. And they won’t even know what I just said
    because they only care about what they do everyday and don’t even speak
    proper English, their own language, because they’re fat, illiterate, angry,
    stupid and meat eaters.

  5. Such simple thing, just opening of a shop. And so much hatred and lies from
    shitty fat americans… That’s hilarious.

  6. DISGUSTING! Hey SuperPrimo leader of the people! Your people are starving
    to death while you and the old men who lick your butthole get to buy fresh
    fish in an architecturally significant grocery store.SATAN is alive & well
    on planet earth 🙁

  7. Dave Skylark learned the hard way in THE INTERVIEW that DPRK/North Korea
    has fake grocery stores! The rest of the sweaty, starving & oppressed
    masses will have to submit to the old mantra: The beatings will continue
    until morale improves! Peace

  8. Without China, DPRK/North Korea would dry up & blow away. DPRK is like a
    welfare recipient opening up new stores with money grubbed from someone
    else; and claiming it was all their own. Nothing new. We see it here in the
    US, too. Peace

  9. omg the guy at 2:01 with the glasses center-right….that is the most
    hilarious forced clap i’ve ever seen.

  10. Kim Jong Un he’s a retarded children,and the Koreans stupid people,without
    a cancer like korea the world can be a better place,sometimes we need to be
    objective!!Japan,China,Korea,all beautiful place,less the japanese,chinese
    and koreans

  11. I didn’t see fishes applauding nor bursting in tears of joy in the presence
    of the greatest leader of all times so by now they’re must be all executed
    for anti state activity and defeatism…

    Leaving all joke aside same shit had happened in Romania who knew one of
    the toughest form of communism ever imagined. The former „el lider maximo“
    was regularly inaugurating or visiting meat shops and supermarkets to show
    his people that he’s really concerned about their health and general
    welfare and you may imagine that every damn supermarket was filled to the
    roof with merchandise while he was there and emptied afterwards. The goods
    were simply rotated between shops according to the dictator’s visiting
    schedule while his people were queuing for hours and hours for half of
    bread a day/person, 1kg sugar/month, 1 litre sun flower oil/month, 1kg of
    pork meat/month, 1/2 butter pack/month, 5 eggs/month and 200 grams of
    salami/month. Refrigerated chicken claws/heads packed together or smoked
    pig’s feet were considered pleasant surprises. Slaughtering a cow or a veal
    (your personal stock) was a crime punishable with death by bullet. I’m
    talking about the second country in the world with a rail road network, the
    first country with public electric lighting, the biggest grain producer and
    exporter in Europe between WWI and WWII, the biggest oil extraction and
    refinery capabilities in Europe, huge uranium, gold and silver deposits in
    its soil, the richest country in the whole Eastern Europe; it is the
    Kingdom of Romania which was left behind by Iron Curtain by the allies in
    the hands of USSR who made sure nothing stays the same…

  12. Imagine how bad things must be in North Korea, when the little fat boy with
    the bad haircut and a few generals show up for the grand opening of a
    little market. Now that’s real big time! LOL!

  13. why fail to mention his title as Supreme First Secretary of Korean People’s
    Dildos, Dingleberries, and Queefs (KPDDQ)?

  14. ¡Qué viva la monarquía norcoreana!!!
    El primer Rey fue Kim Il Sung, que fue una marioneta de los rusos.
    Cuando éste se murió, subió al trono Kim Jong Il, un maniático corrupto y
    perverso que se peinaba al estilo electrocutado. Se murió por una crisis de
    La dinastía continuó con un principito obeso y afeminado que se llama Kim
    Jong Un: estudió de incógnito en una escuela para millonarios en Suiza,
    donde fue sodomizado en repetidas ocasiones. Con frecuencia debe de
    permanecer en observación médica, por los continuos ataques de hemorroides
    que sufre, y que lo hacen caminar como pato.
    ¡Que viva la monarquía!
    ¡Que viva el Gordito Maricón!

  15. if he want to be greater leader then his fader he need to start feed his
    ppl and make a better land for them to evole then he win now is just shit
    wake up and dont trust no one come kim wake up

  16. Yes meat shop, but only for Jong Un, the population is not part of that.
    They starve in labour camps far far away.

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