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Space Shuttle Thermal Tile Demo

Via Space Shuttle Thermal Tile Demonstration.

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  1. This is fascinating… a material they hope to make space shuttles out of
    for when they enter and exit earth’s atmosphere. He pulls it out of the
    oven at 2,200 degrees and can hold it in his hand within seconds.

  2. This was a specific tech tour given by the Marshall Space Flight Center
    (MSFC) resident office to MSFC visitors that day. I don’t believe that
    demonstration is given to the general public other than in special tours
    given to school- or university-based groups and events.

  3. This doesnt seem right. he keeps saying the are dissipating heat so quickly
    you can pick them up. The reason you can pick them up is they DONT
    dissipate heat right? They are insulators…BAD at conducting heat into
    your hand. It may be 2000 degrees on the inside but it will take forever to
    transfer that heat to the bits touching your hand, so it feels cool. Seems
    to me like the science is explained wrong in the video.

  4. *Something so hot it’s cool to touch*

    Light up your sunday with this video demonstration of a space shuttle
    thermal protection tile! These tiles dissipate heat so quickly, it can be
    safely picked up immediately after being removed from a 2200°F (1204°C |
    1478K ) oven, despite still being red-hot.

    The Thermal Protection System covered essentially the entire shuttle
    surface and consisted of seven different materials in varying
    locations. Each type of TPS had specific heat protection, impact
    resistance, and weight characteristics. Ceck out this pdf for a very
    detailed look at the space shuttle’s TPS.

    How can something this hot be cold enough to touch?
    Misconceptions About Temperature
    spoiler; When you touch something you are actually feeling the heat flux:
    how fast that thing is heating you up, not the temperature itself.
    Because the material used for these tiles conducts heat extremely poorly it
    won’t burn your fingers.

    #ScienceSunday | +ScienceSunday

  5. Where am I going wrong here. The guy says twice he can pick up the tile
    because it is so good at dissipating heat.

    Surely it is the exact opposite.

    Space Shuttle Thermal Tile Demonstration

  6. If a block of metal dissipates heat badly, that would mean the block would
    stay hot for a long time. Dissipates: To drive away, dispers, fade, vanish,
    use up… yeah, something along those linse.

  7. *“Why 2200°F Space Shuttle Heat Tiles Won’t Burn Your Bare Hands.“*

    Watch as they pick up cubes made from the same tile material that was used
    on the NASA space shuttles, even though they are heated to 2200°F.

    The white cubes are mostly made of silica glass fibers that basically makes
    them pure quartz sand that is 94% air by volume.

    Thus they are extremely poor conductors of heat and it’s basically why you
    can pick them up with your bare hands…

    *More info:*—
    #SpaceShuttle #NASA #Tiles #SilicaGlass #Heat #WontBurn #BlogsOfGPlus
    #TechNews #Geek

  8. Someone needs to turn this into a CPU heatsink for PC’s. Would be perfect.
    Now if we could just drive the cost of manufacturing and materials down
    %12,000 or so I think we would be in business.

  9. I must say, it is incredible all the things that God has put on this earth!
    We have been blessed with such stunning technology. It is very strange that
    cults of filth like islam think they can ever control us (America). Think

  10. I must say, it is incredible all the things that God has put on this earth!
    We have been blessed with such stunning technology. It is very strange that
    cults of filth like islam think they can ever control us (America). Think

  11. Just out of a 2200 degree furnace and you can touch it after a few
    seconds?! They should make toasters out of that stuff.

  12. „If the metal did not melt at least it would conduct the heat and keep the
    heat for so long“… If the metal would keep the heat it would not conduct

    He is also wrong when he talks about the tiles, he says that they dissipate
    the heat quickly but it is the other way around. If they would dissipate
    the heat, the heat would dissipate into your hand and you would get burned.

    The tiles are very bad att conducting heat and this is why they are exelent
    at insulating the vessel. The perfect hypothetical tile would not dissipate
    any heat at all and would stay at 2200 degrees forever.

  13. *Eu amo Física!*

    Objeto a *2.200 graus* (independente da unidade, muito alto) pode ser pego
    com as *mãos*!
    Tudo isso pela baixa condutividade térmica!

  14. Moments after coming out of an oven at 1200 degrees Celsius (2200 F), these
    blocks can be picked up with bare hands, because they are terrible heat

  15. Why did they have to pick the cubes up by their corners? why would touching
    the other parts of the cube burn them, but not the corners?

  16. Интересно, а что если его в кого ни будь кинуть, насквозь пройдет и дырку
    оставит в форме куба?

  17. The guy says you can pick them up because they dissipate heat very fast.
    Actually, that’s not relevant. You can pick them up because they are
    awfully bad heat conductors. Heat capacity doesn’t have much to do with

    It’s quite unnerving to see a NASA employee fuck up like this.

  18. Amazing how fake this crap is and everyone that watches it believes it.
    It’s not a space shuttle it’s an airplane. Watch a re entry video and you
    will see how fake that is too

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