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My Life Changing Experience With A Baby Sea Lion

Via My Life Changing Experience With A Baby Sea Lion.

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  1. The normal reason a sea lion gets this close or even gets on the boat is
    due to being curious or being afraid of closeby predators.

  2. There’s a fine for deliberately touching a seal. But if a seal touches you,
    it’s okay. It’s against the law for handling a seal unless injured and in
    need of the aquarium official’s professional care. The fine is up to

  3. I believe you!!!! it was one of the best days one can have. You are so
    honored be that baby! I am MELTED!! I adore their cat-like faces!

  4. Recording the experience of 1000 lifetimes vertically: Because you’re
    mentally challenged. Good job ruining the video!

  5. Потом он достал член и выебал его в рот, приятного просмотра

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