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My Life Changing Experience With A Baby Sea Lion

Via My Life Changing Experience With A Baby Sea Lion.

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  1. *VIDEO: Super cute baby sea lion decides to hang out with some folks on
    their boat for an hour*

    How awesome is this!

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  2. What a privilege to have such a sweet encounter! I sure hope the little one
    was able to get with a colony of sea lions and survive. How nice that you
    were there to give it the rest and companionship obviously needed. Too bad
    you didn’t have some fresh fish to feed it. 🙂 Thank you for sharing.

  3. Wow… Sooo amazing experience.. Unique coup de foudre ;)…Well, we must
    to admit that all animals know a good person when they meet one.. This man
    really won my heart. He’s so gentle talking and sit there for an hour.
    YOU’re such a special man..

  4. How sweet. Just too cute. To Meg.. You stated they should have called
    rescue so it could be raised at sea world.. THAT would be cruel. Animals
    should not be used to entertain people for money their entire lives and you
    suggesting that makes me think you might need to educate yourself on what
    sea world is really about. I had actually rather this little darling be
    eaten by a shark than live at sea world. If you care about animals you
    should never support them exploiting animals for profit!

  5. I too think the back of its neck looked injured. This is a rather unnatural
    behavior for a wild animal, as far as I know. Wild animals usually only
    approach humans if they really need help. I would have called wildlife to
    make sure just because of his behavior.

  6. i think he was too young to be on his own, he was looking for love safety
    and family and sorry to say but most likely didnt survive much longer after
    they let him go

  7. So jealous I may have to charter a boat to go looking for that little guy!
    So happy you got to experience once-in-a-lifetime Event such a special
    little guy

  8. Frankly, I don’t see what’s so moving about this. I thought the sea lion
    was adorable — but —– the guy never really responded to the situation.
    I kept waiting for him to pet the fellow — or at least make a kind or
    loving remark about him —— but rather ——– he just sat there
    passively — like some kind of an ignorant potato —— when the sea lion
    was so very obviously looking for a trace of affection.

    (added from a reply below): Also, a question: how did the baby sea lion get
    on the boat? Did it somehow just magically jump on the boat? Or was it
    pulled on the boat by some people overly anxious for a YouTube moment? And
    – if by chance they did pull the baby sea lion on – couldn’t the act of
    doing so potentially put the little fellow’s relationship with its mother
    (assuming she might still be a part of its life) in jeopardy – by
    separating them?

    If you want to impress me – show me something with an actual exchange of
    affection between two beings.

  9. He should have been taken to a marine mammal center. This sea lion is too
    young to be on its own, a sea lion mother would never have allowed this.
    Still an awe inspiring experience.

  10. This sick or starving creature was obviously begging anyone for help. You
    can see him wobbling and unsteady, very thin, and he probably died within
    another day or two. You could have locked him in the cabin and had rescue
    meet you at the docks. Then you would have saved his life, instead of just
    recording the end of it.

  11. Hi J.R., Enjoyed your video very much, and your intelligence in how you
    interacted with this baby California Sea Lion (Zalophus californianus). I
    see you posted this in May. I estimate that this sea lion is between 6
    months and year old. Did you actually encounter him in May, or was it
    earlier? I have other questions if you are monitoring your comments.

    Having worked with stranded sea lions, I may have information that will be
    of interest to you. In fact, I wonder if he has been stranded and released.
    The cowlick on his neck is relatively common, and is just a cowlick
    probably. The marks on his head may be just coloration variations or may
    be places where he sustained bruises at some time in the past (can make
    permanent hair color changes.) Sea lions are ‚thigmotactic‘, meaning they
    like to sleep piled on top of one another. So, you made the grade and are
    one of the gang.

    This sea lion looks like he is in good condition, but a bit on the light
    side. It may have really helped him, if he is far from a ‚haul out‘ to be
    able to rest for awhile and be dry, since it is a lot easier on his system
    to stay warm in air, than in the water. I hope he was relatively close to
    land when he left. These animals are mostly intercoastal and don’t usually
    stray too far from land – especially when small and light bodied.

    A lot of my career has been involved in helping people to learn about, and
    interact with, animals like this. It is really great to see someone have
    an amazing encounter, and respond intelligently and responsibly. You may
    have saved his life by giving him a chance to rest. Blessings!

  12. This guy is young and I bet moms not around call a marine mammal center if
    you encounter strange behaviors like this they will take in sea lions nurse
    them back to health.

  13. This is wonderful!! I am just angry that this man didnt let his daughter I
    guess to touch it and it has to pass so long time to understand that this
    animal is a good animal and came to find mothers love,not to fight!! But
    some people are so untrustable in their life that death or cheats are
    chasing exactly such kind of people. This sea lion would be a good human
    friend and if I met it there,I would have taken it to live with me in my
    swiming pool inside and outside my house. Very nice movie!!

  14. no he was not injured I have seen other videos of sea lions that like to be
    around people for some reason! and jump on boats but not like this…soo

  15. Knowing what brutal creatures humans are, that sea lion was fortunate to
    find some decent ones who didn’t kill and eat him.

  16. Soooo amazing! What beautiful creatures. Definitely a once-in-lifetime
    experience… once in a MILLION lifetimes!

  17. Seal is lucky… Just like everyone has commented. Here in the US, it’s
    50-50… Let that try to happen in other places in the world. Hell, let
    that seal hop on my boat ( I don’t have one)…. I wouldn’t attack it but I
    wouldn’t let it touch me.

  18. Awesome. It’s gotta be pretty profound experience when a wild animal boards
    your ship, climbs up on the bench, takes a look at the sights and then
    spends an hour resting on your lap. This made my day =)

  19. Whoever keeps saying not to reach out or touch the sea lion is a real
    asshole and a buzzkill. The sea lion is obviously harmless and loves
    humans. Cut it out.

  20. I don’t see why nobody tried to interact more with it from the beginning. I
    thought it was obvious that it wouldn’t have disproved of a nice neck rub.

  21. Where are the parents? I wonder what the Marine Mammal Center thinks about
    this incident. I understand they have been rescuing a lot of them this

  22. I wonder if this wasnt an escapee from a sea world type place. Pretty
    cool…but it is still a wild animal…

  23. I would imagine that if he/she was 2 miles out on it’s own that maybe it
    got separated from the others or wandered to far off and caught a current.
    Should have brought it back closer to land and port.

  24. Proves to us humans how animals can love and accept us without fear and
    judgement…thanks so much for sharing your amazing experience…i am in
    awe and a wee bit jealous…:)

  25. AWESOME experience.. I work at a Marina, and get to see lots of Seals, and
    get very close to them.. But never been that close… Thank you for sharing

  26. This video is really adorable but just a reminder, don’t touch the sea
    lions or any other marine life that want to hang out with you. I’m not
    saying they are dangerous, I’m just that some not so nice people could be
    the next humans it decides to investigate and that could be bad news for
    the marine life. 🙂

  27. this was probably a moment where a great white was in the neighbour and you
    guys just happened to be there and he saw an escape!! and then showing his
    silent gratitude for saving his life!

  28. He loves you, because you gave him safety and a place where he can rest. I
    think he hade traveld for a long time and as a result he got exhausted.
    You have been in the right place at the right time !

  29. My guess this animal was raised by humans & dumped due to their feeding
    requirements. I feel for the little guy…he was looking for the human
    support he has never forgotten & the fact he was all alone that far out in
    open ocean, makes him a sitting duck for sharks. I hope a zoo or something
    similar was contacted in the animals behalf & brought back to the docks.

  30. its beautiful.
    i dont want to think about what would have happened if there were instead
    of these nice guys, bad people..

  31. WOW!!!! My jaw was dropped the whole time. What a friendly little guy. Just
    wanted some cuddle time…

  32. That has to be the most amazing thing i have ever watched on YouTube. Thank
    you so much for posting..

  33. please turn your phone sideways next time
    this is a great video but i just can’t get passed that

  34. If this had been a woman….she would have been rubbing and touching him
    and reciprocating the love the little guy obviously asked for and needed.
    He asked for love but the dude denied it…..sad.. I Love this little guy!

  35. America the retarded strikes again!
    The animal has clearly been handled by people a lot prior to this.

    Everyone get on board the media delusion train makes me sick.
    A nation of brainwashed ninnies that won’t speak their minds because they
    no longer have them.

  36. What a beautiful video. I hope it makes people see that animals are not
    creatures with no feelings, they feel and hurt, the same as we do. What a
    day that must have been. Just watching the video was a wonderful
    experience. He was so cute. I hope he stays safe. Thanks for sharing : ))

  37. He must have been tired and wanted a rest … you never know but there
    could have been some predator after him so he took a risk and boarded the

  38. Thank you for sharing. And thank you that you where so thoughtful and let
    him get closer on his own term. What happende after an hour??? Did he leave
    the boat by himself and swam away?? Where you close to land? Lovely video.

  39. Well done. If wildlife approaches you, and you don’t want to or cannot run
    away, this is the way to do it. All on the animal’s terms. I am envious
    of your experience, Mr. Gilkinson!

  40. This sounds maybe harsh… but… i would pet this little cute guy till it
    dies! sorry.. but this experience is so cool! I would love to see a sea
    Lion once in my Life!

  41. As you were sussing the situation out, letting it all happen on the animals
    terms, did you determine the sex by any chance? My gut told me he was a
    little boy. However, I am accustomed to the fact that, „I have 2 very
    intelligent 13 & 15yr old sons, therefore… I no longer, @anytime know
    what I’m talking about, I’m all old, I was right about 30yrs ago, I don’t
    understand etc, etc.“ So, as I stated, what do you guys feel it was!
    Hopefully ya’s did let him know, that not all humans were as intelligent as
    you, & to tell all that would listen under the water down @BikiniBottom
    that there is hope, & maybe even a chance that us menfolk, we won’t
    out-right ruin this entire earth before nature runs it’s full cycle… I’ll
    think of this for days now. Thnx-

  42. Sure it changed your life. But consider how it changed the seal’s life by
    giving it a trust of humans. It’s likely doomed.

  43. 1. Beautiful video, and I envy you that you got to experience it. 2. It’s
    amazing how many ass hat, morons are experts on Sea Lions on here. 3. All
    you idiots that are accusing this guy of not being friendly enough to the
    Sea Lion are complete, and utter IDIOTS.

  44. Lets stop arguing and enjoy the video. J.R. Handled the situation perfectly
    and no one got hurt, including the sea lion. He rested and then jumped back
    into the water. It was just an unprovoked encounter by a tired little sea
    lion. I envy your amazing experience!

  45. Just as well the guy wasn’t Canadian,he would have clubbed it to death. How
    anyone can hurt such creatures is beyond me.

  46. wow imagine what a great moment that would have been to record, if only you
    hadn’t recorded vertically.

  47. well, it’s an amazing experience but you don’t think it’s an exhageration
    to call it *life changing* ?

  48. That’s really amazing. My sarcastic sense elf humor though I would have
    ended the movie with me BBQ’ing a large piece of Red meat and then left it
    for audience interpretation lol.

  49. we dont know who we are, cause we dont know what nature is, but we all
    should know that we are nature, all of us 😀

  50. Simply adorable. Clearly he wanted to be stroked and perhaps he had a
    message for you, was he trying to tell you something? Was he hungry?
    Thank you for sharing.

  51. Certain Animals trust Humans but some humans are just savages.We were put
    on earth to take care of them anyway

  52. J.R. Gilkinson, where were you when you filmed this, there has been an
    alarming amount of emaciated and dying baby seals showing up on the coast
    of California and nobody knows why…

  53. this is something else! a #babyseal with no reserves about his new found
    floating friends climbs aboard a boat off of the #californiacoast

  54. I have a dream. That one day technology will allow us to live outside the
    planet so we can all leave and this planet will become a sanctury for all
    the life forms it contains.
    We will look from the distance thinking how marvelous and humble our

  55. Thanks for sharing this precious video. I am amazed at how excellently you
    contained your emotions and remained calm in the first minutes of the sea
    lion’s approach. That was a very intelligent move, especially if you are
    unfamiliar with Sea Lion behavior. Like others have commented, I, too, do
    not tire watching the video repeatedly. It’s no surprise that it has had
    SIX MILLION VIEWS… and counting. What a blessing to witness.

  56. Maybe it was hungry and tired from looking for food, or escaping from a
    predator that wanted to eat it. I saw that gash in it’s neck. I wonder if
    they’re normally that thin, poor little thing.

  57. Ein Pärchen saß in einem Boot auf dem Meer, als sie bemerkten, dass neben
    ihnen etwas im Wasser schwamm. Es stellte sich heraus, dass es ein junger
    Seelöwe ist. Der junge Seelöwe wirkte müde und plötzlich kam er an Bord.
    Dort fühlte er sich sichtlich wohl. Er kuschelte seinen Kopf an das Knie
    des Filmers und entspannte sich.

  58. Why do smart phone users always capture once in a life time video events in
    vertical letterbox?

    60% of the whole experience missing….

    Smart phone users = video idiots

  59. What a dick, he didn’t let his wife touch it. He kept telling her not to,
    said „Don’t even do that again“. He wanted the baby sea lion to himself.

  60. Have you ever read, „A Dog’s Purpose?“ I’m a firm believer that our best
    friends are reincarnated and will find us again, and to me it seems like
    this little guy not only trusts you, but knows you. I hope you see him
    again. 😀

  61. „don’t even reach out again“
    what the fuck?! if aanyone tried to stop me from petting a seal would knock
    them out ! with the seal!

  62. I think the baby sea lion is just too young to know any danger. By saying
    that i’m not saying that our dear video maker would do any harm to it.I
    just wonder when we were young, we don’t know any evil, why sometimes,some
    of us grow up being so cruel to wild animals.Like hunting and killing just
    for fun or sports. I wonder if one day this kind of harmony and trust
    between animals and human beings can be something very common. I do hope
    that can happen.Anyway, thank you for sharing this amazing experience with
    us, i’m sure it’s now warm memory for all of us.

  63. This Seal Lion Was Swimming By A Boat. But You Won’t Never Expect What He
    Did Next!

    Please Follow : +Interesting Videos

  64. Two possibilities, one is that this pup had interact with human before,
    second, it is lost from its original family and is so tired swimming around
    looking for them, just want some rest and care. I am very happy to see
    that, this family of human is being very sensible, not scare, not over
    excited…..and they did the right thing….do not touch unless it want you

  65. What a lucky man.

    I just hope the little sea dog doesn’t associate all humans with
    kindness… it would get him killed.

    But yeah… awesome experience in the truest sense of the word.

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    คนที่อัพโหลดคลิปนี้ตั้งชื่อคลิปว่า “the experience of 1,000 lifetimes.”

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    J.R. Gilkinson

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  67. He did end up petting the sea lion.. It was prudent for him not to pat it
    at first. He let it get comfortable.. That Sea Lion may be small but it
    does have some very sharp teeth and strong bite. You wouldn’t want to have
    your fingers bitten off or sustain a serious bite especially at sea. Great
    experience! I wish it had been me.

  68. Cool!

    There’s a famous book about a Maine Sea Lion named „Andre“ … true story,
    was turned into a movie several years ago.

    Sea Lions are distant relatives of dogs, part of the canine family …
    several have become quite fond of us land lubbers.

    Awesome experience, thanks for sharing!

  69. I’m glad that you totally let him run the show. Showed lots of respect
    (and great restraint as he’s so cute I’d totally want to pet him!)

  70. Awww.. He was rubbing against you because he wanted petting obviously. The
    human skin feels amazing for any animal, that is why almost any animal can
    be tamed, with petting, care and love.

  71. the reason why they are not stroking him is because it would be detrimental
    to him if he became too attached and comfortable in human company. the
    filmmakers are responsible and doing what’s best for this precious lil

  72. He seemed to be lost and tired and very glad to find anyone or thing to
    interact with. What happened to him? Did he get thrown back overboard and
    left alone again?

  73. It’s quite fascinating when we think of friendly social sea animals we
    immediately think of Dolphins or Whales but Seals are very social as well,
    normally they don’t mind humans. This young seal was obviously exhausted
    and needed a rest. Poor thing you don’t get many opportunities to rest in
    the open ocean since your always going to be a target from Sharks and Orcas
    all while trying to find food yourself. The Seal seems wary at first but
    after he looks around and knows the people mean him no harm does he then
    settle down for his nap. Pretty smart animals too, many people call them
    the dogs of the ocean which I can see why.

  74. Resisting the temptation to reach out and pet such a cute animal must have
    been challenging for everyone on that boat…

  75. The sea lion acts as if it is happy to stay with you. I’m sure you didn’t
    take him home. lol But I am curious. Did it eventually go back into the
    water? did you have to put him off the boat? did you take him back to shore
    and get him some proper attention with animal rescue?
    Overall Thank you for sharing your experience. 🙂

  76. Is it a Feral Sea Lion?
    if so..
    You should have it neutered or spayed before releasing it…
    Its basically up to us humans to make sure we control how animals reproduce.
    and if you are thinking about buying a sea lion from a breeder or a pet
    why not adopt one from the wild…before it is eaten by a whale?

  77. FYI: interacting with marine mammals is illegal under the Marine Mammal
    Protection Act. I understand that it jumped on your boat – however, please
    do not touch the animal. There are serious consequences for the animal to
    become friendly with humans.

    page 6&7 has Genera guidelines set by NOAA

  78. He was seeking companionship, as well as rest. Your ability to accept
    ‚his‘ reaching out while preventing the humans aboard from making any
    struck an excellent, respectful balance. Have you asked any animal expert
    to interpret this? I hope the animal wasn’t sick, or alone. Thank you so
    much for sharing this.

  79. I sure hope it didn’t take on too much of that human scent and doesn’t get
    rejected by it’s mother or peers now, but it appears old enough to survive
    on it’s own though.

  80. He is soooo cute! I wonder if he was maybe a rehabbed sea lion, and that’s
    why he was so trusting. Either way, good on ya!

  81. What a bunch of retarded fucking idiots in these comments. So what the
    phone is vertical. Be thankful you could experience this at all.

    It is scary he just goes up to people like that. I hope he never trusts the
    wrong ppl.

  82. oh mahh gadddd TOOO CUTE!! i couldn’t hv resisted THAT long to start
    petting it – wuld hv done it rite after he felt comfortable n safe!! omg i
    want onee!!

  83. It’s so nice to see people (or just the one guy) being patient with the
    seal. There’s nothing worse than everyone forgetting that it’s a wild
    animal and screaming (like the woman at the start) ….because yes, it’s
    young, but it’s not a human baby that’s going to respond to your baby
    talk… Anyway, kudos to the itching post 🙂

  84. ซึ่งในคลิปนี้ เรือลำนี้ อยู่ห่างจากชายฝั่งราว 3 กิโลเมตร จากชายฝั่ง Newport
    แคลิฟอร์เนีย และเมื่อเจ้าสิงโตทะเลตัวนี้เห็นคนบนเรือ
    มันคงเหนื่อยมาจากการว่ายน้ำทั้งวัน จึงกระโดดขึ้นเรือทันที
    แล้วลองดูคลิปจนจบนะ คุณจะแทบไม่เชื่อในสิ่งที่มันทำเลยล่ะ!

  85. that may well be the coolest thing i have ever seen in my life. i am just
    really glad you captured it because had you not, no one would’ve believed
    it. just ignore the people giving crap about not petting him or extending
    your hand to him. Anyone in the know is quite familiar with the fact that
    even a juvenile seal can remove a couple digits off your hand. Even if he
    was looking for a cuddle, these poor things have to duck and dodge the
    largest great white sharks in the world- that alone would make me a
    perpetual nervous wreck…..Awesome stuff!!!

  86. No one else can touch this seal, this is his moment and his alone
    apparently. got help who ever tries and ruin it for him by getting in on

  87. You should never touch a Baby sea Lion, because of the smell. When a Baby
    animal has that human smell on it, the mother may won’t accept it anymore.
    May it’s really hard for us not to touch such a cutie, but at the end it’s
    better for it, because it still needs the help of his mother and without it
    can’t survive. You can read that kind of things in Internet, please inform

  88. Hi J. R. Gilkinson!
    I have seen the fantastic film with the sea lion and think that it’s a very
    unusual behavior for a sea lion. I shared the film on face book and have
    had quite a few questions after that. I was hoping that you could give an
    answer to these questions.
    How far from the shore were you when you met the sea lion?
    What most people asked was: “what happened to the sea lion afterwards”?
    Best Regards from
    Thorleif Grimstvedt

  89. 1:20 „Why would he come that close to us?“
    He hasn’t any fear of humans ,…yet. And he/she is young and tired. Why
    not rest on a close, convenient floating thingy with other creatures that
    aren’t posing a threat? Not to mention those other creatures might be food
    once I rest up.
    Wild animals key instincts, eat, reproduce, shelter / safety… not
    necessarily in that order depends on several factors. Not so very different
    from the „human“ animal.

  90. Потом он достал член и выебал его в рот, приятного просмотра

  91. Recording the experience of 1000 lifetimes vertically: Because you’re
    mentally challenged. Good job ruining the video!

  92. I believe you!!!! it was one of the best days one can have. You are so
    honored be that baby! I am MELTED!! I adore their cat-like faces!

  93. There’s a fine for deliberately touching a seal. But if a seal touches you,
    it’s okay. It’s against the law for handling a seal unless injured and in
    need of the aquarium official’s professional care. The fine is up to

  94. The normal reason a sea lion gets this close or even gets on the boat is
    due to being curious or being afraid of closeby predators.

  95. Poor baby, living such a rough life. Whales and sharks after it, fukushima
    radiation, sonar weapon testing. Probably lost his family due to the chaos.

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