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Owl Loves To Be Petted Cute

Via Owl Loves To Be Petted Cute.

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  1. check your voicemail, the beeping reminds me of my mom who never checked
    hers and i could hear it all around the house. haha

  2. I’m sure you will return or already have returned this owl to the wild,
    where it belongs. Look in her deep dark eyes — she is a creature of the
    night: That is WHY she is biting thine lacquered hand, mortal. Get a cat if
    you have to fondle it or pet it like that, or a human. In fact, I bet a cat
    would get annoyed as well if you are this intrusive. Or a dude. Maybe just
    go with a stuffed toy rhino, eh?

  3. I absolutely love all Owls and would LOVE to have one join my family not as
    a pet but as a family member 🙂 your Owl is so gorgeous I’m happy you have
    the pleasure to be near such and amazing animal

  4. She’s amazing! (I’m guessing she’s a girl) She seemed a bit shy and
    cautious at first, but with a confident owner she gobbled the mice up. I’m
    an experienced rat owner, but I think it would be cruel to not feed it
    properly. Just because us humans don’t have the same eating habits, doesn’t
    mean you can force your choices on an animal. She must be very lucky to
    have a smart ownder.

  5. Absolutely sinister. I watched the entire video expecting every second for
    the thing to LUNGE and rip and tear the woman who was petting it.

  6. at first I thought it was gonna pull the mouse apart but NO! it swallowed
    that bitch whole!1 I WANT AN OWL SO BAD!!

  7. did you know its really bad luck to see an owl in the day time suposably
    when you see an owl in the day time it means your gonna die

  8. She’s not that weird. An owl gets afraid because he would feel as if he’s
    the prey, that’s why she says „No one is going to eat you.“ and she’s
    telling him to swallow the mouse because he needs to eat to be
    rehabilitated. She’s breaking it down to a primal sense of what it really

  9. Owls are not meant to be domesticated, they are wild animals and hunters
    who prey and are quite destructive that’s why its biting you

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