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2013 Firestone Indy Lights Close Finish! Freedom 100 4 Wide Finish

Via 2013 Firestone Indy Lights Close Finish! Freedom 100 4 Wide Finish.

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  1. WOW Look at this finish! The FREEDOM 100 race driven by the Indy Lights
    today. Hopefully we’ll see the same this Sunday at the Indy 500 😉

  2. Off-topic, but related enough (Formula 1 drivers would routinely run the
    Indy 500 back in the 60’s and it’s open-wheel racing). It’s not the actual
    500, it’s just Indy Lights (think GP2), but this finish is just plain

    I’m sure fans of motorsport should appreciate this.

  3. The finish to today’s Indy Lights Freedom 100 from Indianapolis; Lights is
    the developmental series for IndyCar. What a frigging finish! I can’t
    wait for the 500 on Sunday!

  4. after watching this finish in a feeder series its hard to get me to watch
    the parade lap that is f1

  5. after watching this finish in a feeder series its hard to get me to watch
    the parade lap that is f1

  6. For the motorsport fans out there, you don’t get a race finish much closer
    than this… #f1 #indylights

  7. One of the best race finishes I have seen! Awesome racing by these guys.
    One touch and they would have been done.

  8. One of the best race finishes I have seen! Awesome racing by these guys.
    One touch and they would have been done.

  9. what has that to do with most popular? Soccer is with any doubt the most
    popular sport in the world just because racing has more capacity for fans
    doesn’t mean anything :D.

  10. Kyle Busch Winning In Talladega Race Chase With 4-Wide In
    Gordon,Johnson,And Dale Jr.? Is Possible?

  11. Nobody in Canada, US, or Mexico, or Hawaii, or South America, cares about
    F1. Don’t let the European Media fool you. Go and check the TV ratings for
    those regions, its not good. Get the FACTS buddy.

  12. You obviously had no idea what I said. F1 is for everyone…a.k.a it’s
    international. I said Nascar was American and V8 is Australian, learn to

  13. When you say ‘for everyone’ you are saying for all the people on Earth, Or
    do you mean motorsports fans? Also. before you say something about me not
    liking F1, I do like it.

  14. The way that one guy yelled “DEMPSEY” at 0:51 just has to make you laugh!
    Between this race & the 500, this has to be the best year for Open Wheel
    Racing at Indy in a long while. I’ll say this even rivals the events of a
    couple years ago!

  15. He won because he thought about it and decided to draft behind them all,
    pick up more speed than them. Best finish i have ever seen.

  16. Why don’t those cars look like the other Indy ones? Am I missing something?
    They don;t have that almost wing type thing on the bottom of the car.

  17. The lead commentator for NBCSN Indy Lights races is IMS Radio lead Mike
    King with Jake Query (another IMS radio turn commentator) and this race,
    INDYCAR driver Josef Newgarden. Newgarden is the one screaming “DEMPSEY!”
    There’s something about motorsport when the radio commentators are in
    charge. Paul Page, Bob Jenkins, Mike Joy, and Allen Bestwick are all
    radio-trained commentators. King even called F1 and MotoGP on radio at IMS.

  18. This Kind of Commentators made my heart bump like a b#tch (in a good sense
    xDDD).. 3-wide finnish (even a 2 wide) is just insane, BUT Indy Lights
    rocks the world with this equation.. 2013, Freedom, Indianapolis, 4-some,
    Point-0026, equals you’re in freaking heaven.. Awesome finnish.. (No..)
    Superb.. (No.. I don’t know how to define this d#mn it!!.. Is Just..
    YIEEEEEEAHH!!.. >.< .!m!).. Oh mine..

  19. Great stuff man. I wish Indy was world wide. The cars look great, drivers
    are willing to fight, and nu stupid trickery like KERS and DRS; just
    racing. This is so much more fun than F1.

    Some better drivers, car manufacturer involvement and it will push off F1
    with ease.

  20. In F1 you will never ever see something like this. That’s amazing.
    That’s the reason why US peoples like to see NASCAR and Indycar races more
    than F1.

  21. Hey Guys,

    I am an 18 year old driver from Munich and belong to the top 5 karting
    drivers in Germany.
    My goal is to reach the top of openwheel racing in the future.
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    Have a nice day and keep racing !

  22. Wow…60 dislikes? My head fills with a multitude of interrogatories. Only
    thing that makes reasonable sense is they were forced at gunpoint to give a
    thumbs down.

    Have to thank the brave racers for such a daring show of excellence; that
    was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.

  23. I remember intitally seeing this finish in a video posted by FOX Sports on
    the company iPad at work. An astonishing finish in my book.

  24. i was watching this getting ready for the Indy 500 and Coca Cola 600 and
    just happened to see it on nbc sports and wondered ‘Lets watch some indy
    car right now and all ad sat there and watced almost the whole race after
    they started and that last lap was amazing. Probably a top 5 finish of all
    time in the history of racing. 4 wide at a track

  25. Não sei se vcs vão entender, mas isto foi espetacular! – 2013 Firestone
    Indy Lights Close Finish! Freedom 100 4 Wide Finish

  26. Greg Moore is smiling somewhere.
    Absolute professionalism from essentially rookies, close as all hell, and
    no idiotic wrecking.
    Reminds me of Villeneuve and Arnoux at Dijon in ’79…and talk about
    intelligent racing from Dempsey.
    Great stuff, thanks for sharing.

  27. it’s all about the best if Dempsey didn’t make that final move he wouldn’t
    be FIRST. Dempsey you the BEST. he was like I’ll show you how fast i am LOL

  28. This video only got a million views because it was advertised on
    Please dont forget to send offerings of Mountain Dew and dank may mays to
    the alter of reddit, OP.

  29. Look at that stadium full of supporters of this world famous sport. No wait
    they are taking left turns.

  30. I have never understood the allure of car racing, but that was actually
    pretty damn cool.
    Do the non-final laps hold any sort of the same excitement? Not trying to
    be a cunt, actually interested in which elements of the race are
    enjoyable/interesting in the build up.

  31. That was so close that I bet just 10 pounds of weight for the driver
    would’ve made the difference between winning and losing the race. If the
    guy who came in second had a few pounds lost, he would’ve pulled ahead just
    ever so slightly. Absolutely crazy.

  32. Though some might say that it’s stupid to just drive in circles,
    there’s actually some racing in this series. Unlike F1, where the whole
    race is run in the pits and the cars don’t even get close except for the

  33. “We got some pretty fast cars, let’s make an thrilling oval circuit for
    them to run” – said no smart person ever. Welcome to America…

  34. Sometimes I imagine what if FIA announced F1 US Grand Prix will held in
    Daytona Speedway with inside road course like Daytona 24 Hours, without
    stupid bus stop chicane in back stretch.

  35. If the racing is close and passes are constantly being made. Why does it
    matter that they are going in circle?

  36. That is extreme skill for none of those four drivers to collide! Would have
    been an almighty shunt if any of them had made a mistake…

  37. Nearly 1.6 million views, and I am responsible for nearly half of those. I
    could watch this non stop!

  38. So far as I know, this is the only time in IMS history, in any race (I’ll
    try to look up the 1909-1910 seasonal “heat” races predating the 500, but
    good luck on that), where the battle for the lead was three-wide all the
    way through the final turn…nevermind four-wide on the line, which is the
    current max due to the width of the cars.

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