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2013 Firestone Indy Lights Close Finish! Freedom 100 4 Wide Finish

Via 2013 Firestone Indy Lights Close Finish! Freedom 100 4 Wide Finish.

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  1. So far as I know, this is the only time in IMS history, in any race (I’ll
    try to look up the 1909-1910 seasonal „heat“ races predating the 500, but
    good luck on that), where the battle for the lead was three-wide all the
    way through the final turn…nevermind four-wide on the line, which is the
    current max due to the width of the cars.

  2. Nearly 1.6 million views, and I am responsible for nearly half of those. I
    could watch this non stop!

  3. That is extreme skill for none of those four drivers to collide! Would have
    been an almighty shunt if any of them had made a mistake…

  4. If the racing is close and passes are constantly being made. Why does it
    matter that they are going in circle?

  5. Sometimes I imagine what if FIA announced F1 US Grand Prix will held in
    Daytona Speedway with inside road course like Daytona 24 Hours, without
    stupid bus stop chicane in back stretch.

  6. „We got some pretty fast cars, let’s make an thrilling oval circuit for
    them to run“ – said no smart person ever. Welcome to America…

  7. Though some might say that it’s stupid to just drive in circles,
    there’s actually some racing in this series. Unlike F1, where the whole
    race is run in the pits and the cars don’t even get close except for the

  8. That was so close that I bet just 10 pounds of weight for the driver
    would’ve made the difference between winning and losing the race. If the
    guy who came in second had a few pounds lost, he would’ve pulled ahead just
    ever so slightly. Absolutely crazy.

  9. I have never understood the allure of car racing, but that was actually
    pretty damn cool.
    Do the non-final laps hold any sort of the same excitement? Not trying to
    be a cunt, actually interested in which elements of the race are
    enjoyable/interesting in the build up.

  10. Look at that stadium full of supporters of this world famous sport. No wait
    they are taking left turns.

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