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Mortal Kombat :the Live Tour Publicity Promo On Ktla 5

Via Mortal Kombat :the Live Tour Publicity Promo On Ktla 5.

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  1. I was waiting for Shang Tsung to grab up the reporter and suck out his
    soul. It never happened. I am sad now 🙁

  2. it was the secret codes that are used in MK3. Thing was that the ad
    campaign, movie, and live tour featured 6 symbols, and they would add some
    interesting things such as prohibiting the use of throws. Some of them
    though did leave hints such as playing some pinball games like No Fear and
    Jack*Bot which if you did a certain action, it would give you a code for

  3. KABAL has become a commando?
    KANO has a mustache?
    SHANG SUNG is a spokesman?
    jeez,,,,Shao Khan must of really let himself go on the “cheesy 90’s” meter
    this time

  4. How much were the tickets back then dang I wished I was born in the early
    80s to see this as cheesy as it was the 90s were the best.

  5. It, umm, well, uh Mortal Kombat teaches teens to be positive. um.. and
    well.. screw it, lets just be honest. We are cashing in on a hot game right
    now and most kids want to come and see a fatality. Sorry kids, no
    fatalities on the tour. Peace!

    1:41 – 2:10

  6. No joke I swear I remember going to this with my friend Matt when it came
    to Pittsburgh. I was maybe 11-14 at the time, I really don’t remember much
    else but I was definitely there!

  7. Название слишком длинное, не соответствует правилам или содержит недопустимые символы. sagt:

    Почему Мне в правое ухо кто-то мурлычет?

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