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Octopus Walks On Dry Land

Via Octopus Walks On Dry Land, Broome.

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  1. *A number of futurists* believe that once humans are vanished from the
    Earth, *Cephalopoda* will replace them as the main sentient life form. I
    have no reason to doubt it. They’re big-brained and have good eyesight.

    Given the following video, I imagine it’s only a matter of time before they
    develop lungs and begin life on land. Maybe they’ll creep up on the beach
    and eat a sand crab or two. Or run across a field of grass and take a
    liking to beetles and lizards. Who knows?

    Maybe one day a cephalopod will amble across the carcass of a dead sparrow
    or crow and devour it. Or maybe it will be swimming off the coast of China
    and take down a waterfowl (and who doesn’t like Peking duck?). Will the
    evolutionary development of wings trail the event by much? I doubt it.

    Which leads me to the following supposition. We admire H.P. Lovecraft as a
    brilliant creator of imaginary fiction; but what if we’re wrong? What if,
    instead of being a great writer of the imagination, he was a time traveler
    who narrated his experiences?

    Maybe what we’re seeing in this video is an omen of the future, when the
    great Cthulhu rules the planet.

    I, for one, welcome our new octopus overlords.

  2. octopi is actually incorrect. octopuses is the correct English plural.
    there’s a video from Mirriam-Webster about this.

  3. by „undescribed“ he means that it hasn’t been officially studied enough to
    give it a specific epithet, which will replace the „sp.“ in „Abdopus sp.“


  5. Technically no. Only dochebags would correct you if you said octopi, but
    the true English plural is octopuses or octopodes.

  6. Makes me think about how organisms firsts came to be on the land.. Idk like
    watching evolution take place!

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