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A Fox Steals A Man’s Golf Ball And Has The Time Of His Life!

Via A Fox Steals A Man's Golf Ball And Has The Time Of His Life!.

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  1. THAT IS ADORABLE! My favourite animal is any kind of fox! I would enjoy a
    fox to hang out with! THEY ARE SO ADOWABLE!

  2. THAT IS ADORABLE! My favourite animal is any kind of fox! I would enjoy a
    fox to hang out with! THEY ARE SO ADOWABLE!

  3. Do they realize that they are teaching the fox on the golf course it’s ok
    to play with golf balls? Nobody else sees an issue with this?

  4. i like the idiot making kissing sounds….now do you really think by doing
    that, the animal will come over and let you pet him? first time you reach
    out to pat him on the head, he’d put a zipper in your arm two feet long!

  5. Ha ha awesome. Gets on my nerves when people make those pucker sounds,
    please show me on animal , cat , dog , fox ,etc that kiss sound has ever
    worked on.

  6. I love this. XD So awesome and shows that foxes aren’t just pests laden
    with rabies as many want to believe but intelligent animals that can also
    be adorable. (I wouldn’t condone any one trying to handle a wild fox
    though. They are still dangerous when they want to be.)

  7. One time I was at my cabin when I was around 15 or so and this fox kept
    coming by our bonfire. I assume other idiots fed it too, I was 15 though
    and didn’t realize it’s as bad as it is to feed wild animals. Anyways, we
    kept throwing it a slice of bread and then it would take it from our hands
    and run away to eat it. Around the 4th slice or so the fox used its
    cunning brain and grabbed the whole bag from under my chair between my
    legs!! Haha and it was gone like the wind! I was holding the slice and
    realized I was just schooled by a fox!

  8. They’re all so excited about a fox playing with a ball. They were just
    playing with a ball like a minute ago. A fox is a fox. They’re just stupid.
    So are the most of you. If you paid more attention to things that affect
    your life rather than paying attention to someone with a (base) (foot)
    (whatever) ball, your life would have been better. The fox is awesome
    though; because it’s a fox. You all suck because you are human beings that
    have degraded to the point of no return.

  9. You are right, so very sweet, and it’s awesome how wildlife sometimes feels
    safe enough to share its world with us. You were kind enough to not
    threaten him/her and it’s wonderful to see.

  10. I think that the fox aren’t happy that the dogs were domesticated and they
    were not. If you watch some other videos about the red fox….they thrive
    in playful activity with humans….and thrive as private pets, too…..I
    think this is great. The coyotes are starting to eat them up…..and I
    would rather have red fox in the neighborhood instead of coyote, anyday.
    Girl in Pennsylvania

  11. What a gorgeous, super great/sweet fox, thank-you for posting, definitely
    Discovery channel/ Animal Planet material. Looks like everyone was having
    fun the fox and people. Looks like the fellow picked up the golf ball to
    toss it back, to the little fox I hope so the fox was loving it.

  12. Really a beautiful sight! ❤️❤️❤️
    Thank you for sharing this video, amazing!!! I love this. :=)))))

  13. So cute. I love foxes, I have seen one that was trotting down this one
    trail and then it got this mouse thing that is like, 25 cm tall in like,
    two sec, it was so cool. It was like swift and quike,

  14. Dude, give the ball back to the fox, it was playing and you snatched it as
    if that was the last golf ball on earth..

  15. I have to wonder; if the fox’s playing had knocked the ball into the hole,
    would that have counted as a hole in one?

  16. I respect these people. Its hard to find people that find joy in a wild
    creature rather than hating it or fearing it. This made me happy to see 🙂

  17. Excuse me, Mr. Fox. Can you please tell us what you say? Because people
    have been singing that question for months now.

  18. I hate those „cute“ videos with 1M+ views.
    „Don’t watch if you don’t like, u dumbass hater !“
    I watch because it keeps coming as a suggestion from youtube, enough to get
    me bored of this. Now shut up and watch that bullshit.

  19. I would have traded the golf ball for a tennis ball with it so that way it
    the golf ball wouldn’t cause it any harm. It would have been fun to watch
    it play!

  20. They would’ve crapped their britches if that fox had rolled the ball toward
    the cup and dropped it in. lol !

  21. This is so charming I want to puke. These golfers are respectful and
    playful with the fox and it’s wonderful. Real men like fluffy animals! THEY

  22. The fox played with that golfball the way my dog does lol…thanks for the
    fun and light hearted view.

  23. Saying Americans are stupid is nothing more than your opinion because you
    are talking about every one in a nation with out knowing them all you are
    talking hundreds and hundreds of millions of people with out knowing them.
    I can say with 100% confidence there are people in America smarter you.

  24. Judging by a lot of the comments, I would say there are some very
    disturbed, if not dangerous minds out there ! For myself, I find myself
    respecting these golfers (not that I like any sport – I’d sooner watch
    paint dry) for their human compassionate nature – it comes across in their
    The world needs LOTS more MEN like these guys.
    Respect !

  25. Hay troll I graduated high-school and got a nocte certification and two
    year corse completion in small engines/ lawn and garden, and was on high
    honors. So if you care to make any sensible comments that would be great,
    if you want to continue to be a troll and a hater you are not helping

  26. Sorry if destroying anybody’s good mood. Maybe this place is not an hunting
    area and the foxes are safe. I would love to know that.

  27. Did the old geezer take his ball back? Personally, I think that the young
    fox is much more fun to watch, than the old guy trying to make a hole. Oh
    well, I guess the poor guy can not afford another ball, after spending most
    of his money on „Depends“!

  28. Thats an unusually long-legged fox. Wonder if its a zoo-escapee ? Would
    explain it‘ s lack of fear of the camera.

  29. cute, and FYI for the assholes that shouldn’t comment i’m an american and i
    happen to love animals don’t think for one second there’s not jackass’s in
    your country that would happily torture and kill an innocent animal just
    for the fun of it. no matter where you like theres people like that so
    judging a whole country because of a few P.O.S’S just shows how small
    minded and dumb you are.

  30. My parents were once playing golf with friends in Vermont when a fox and
    her kits (think that’s the word?) appeared. My father was playing with a
    bright orange golf ball and suddenly the mother fox ran onto the green,
    grabbed the ball, and disappeared with her young! Guess she thought it was
    food; this fox seems to understand quickly that it isn’t, and is just
    having fun playing with it.

  31. Foxes on golf courses certainly aren’t uncommon, I’ve seen one or two at
    the one I work at. Shame they’re mostly nocturnal though, would be pretty
    choice to catch one on camera like this.

  32. …this
    – is what a fox
    does to small prey…
    before he dispatches ‚em.
    A wild hunter’s…’play‘.
    Foxes are a distant relative to felines.

  33. American men are so different to Kiwi and Aussie males it seems. they are
    not afraid to enjoy nature and say something is beautiful. A lot of NZ men
    would just want to shoot the poor thing and not enjoy and appreciate wild
    life. These guys are awesome.

  34. Everybody knows the expression, „Smart as a Fox,“ right? Well, this IS just
    a PUP and it has done something pretty hard to do…..Endear yourself to
    Golfers by interrupting their game, stealing a ball…well, watch the clip.
    This beautiful little red fox pup, and the humans trying to get in their 18
    holes…were both better off I think it’s safe to say after meeting this
    day on the fairway.

  35. Foxes. They look like dogs, but act like cats.
    So says the Warrior Cats.
    I’ve always pictured foxes to be dog-sized, and when I saw a pic of a fox
    standing with a cat, I was surprised to see how small it was! It’s only
    slightly taller than a cat!
    Same thing with deer. I picture deer as pony-sized, even though they’re
    actually the size of a dog!
    How funny our minds are, when picturing size differences!

  36. As far as Aussies & Kiwis, farmers shoot foxes to protect their livestock
    because foxes kill them. They would not shoot this one! This is adorable 🙂

  37. As a citizen of the united states of America I am proud to be an American
    and one of „we the people“ who will defend the constitution of the united
    states of America. If you can’t see why a citizen of the united states of
    AMERICA calls them selfs Americans then maybe you should stay off the
    internet because your juvenile attempt at
    bullying is just making a fool of your self.

  38. It’s so nice to see adults admiring nature, not killing it! Imagine that
    200 years ago, these things were hunted to death!

  39. FOX (when it goes back home):
    MOM: UH HUH…
    MOM: UH HUH…
    (this child o’mine needs to see the doctor)

  40. That was awesome! The guys were great, the fox was even better. Shut up all
    you whiners. It was great. „If you can’t say something nice then don’t say
    anything at all“.

  41. National Geographic had an article about how some foces are becoming like
    dogs through generations of treating them as pets.

  42. Amazing beings, and to think people hunt that is discussing. We need people
    to respect out wildlife because it is amazing!

  43. Cute and all. However, whenever I see a fox hanging near people in broad
    daylight, i wonder if something is wrong. Foxes are crepuscular, meaning
    they come out and hunt mostly at twilight. They’re skittish and shy, so
    hanging around people in the open makes me wonder if he lost a parent or

  44. I dont know which is cooler, the fact y’all got this on film or that you
    simply diddnt care that he took your ball, So many people would have yelled
    and scream and maybe even hurt that animal, But you guys grabbed a camera
    and had a laugh, You Sir’s are alright 😀

  45. I’d have loved to be there to see that rompin‘ juvenile fox. That would
    have been even more cute to see in person.

  46. I simply love foxes! That’s why it makes me angry and sad at the same time
    when people go out there, shoot foxes in half with their high powered
    rifles and then brag to others what a great hunters they are…

  47. The suburban golf course I work on has a number of foxes on it too. Sadly
    they only come out at night.

  48. Well….that’s actually competition legal, why? because it isn’t YOU that’s
    moving the ball (There is nothing in the rules of an animal not being
    allowed to move the ball, or throw it)

    The rules of golf indicate that the ball must be played as it lies except
    as otherwise provided in the rules…..

    *A player must not alter the lie of his ball, the area of his stance or
    swing, his line of play, or the area in which he is to drop or place a

    A player is entitled to place his feet firmly on the ground when taking his
    stance, but must not „build“ a stance (by moving the ground under his feet
    to attain a stable position)…

    When a ball lies in a hazard, before making a stroke at it, the player must
    not test or touch the hazard in any way with his hand or club, nor move any
    loose impediment within the hazard. The rule provides for various

    but that’s rule 13 of 28 in the game of Golf

  49. this fox wanted to play with TIGERS….so as the latter is not
    interested,he is playing with the things of TIGER WOODS :p

  50. I love foxes they are so cute there is a place called fox village in Japan
    I really want to go I can’t help it there so CUTE!!!

  51. The cutest thing is hearing these men comment about how cute and beautiful
    the fox is. That was adorable! I’m so sick of men thinking they have to
    kill everything to be men.

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