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Organia Næsebjørn (ringtailed Coati) Katta Lemur (ringtailed Lemur) 28-03-2012


Live video from Organia Zoo in Denmark of a group newborn ringtailed coati (Nasua nasua) and a ringtailed lemur carrying a newborn child. The mother (dam) of the five coatis is subordinate in the group and she leaves the nest enabling video recording for a few minutes. The mother (dam) of five other coatis is dominant and she defends her nest aggresively, while expressing threatening vocal, leaving no chance to obtain video of the offspring. The ringtailed lemur mother (dam) carries her baby on the belly, while she jumps around and occasionally stops and lick the baby, while she is protected by her group of females and of course the male who is the father to the child.

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