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Great Natural Wonders – Bryce Canyon, Usa – David Attenborough – Bbc


David Attenborough brings us amazing video of Bryce Canyon in the USA. Beautiful rock formations created from millions of years wind and rain. From BBC. Watch more Great Natural Wonders of the World clips here youtube

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  1. Wonderful rock formations, and beautifully presented. Rocks are our oldest things on the planet, and tell so much of the past. The beautiful igneous Rocks around Lake Victoria in Tanzania record the ancient history of the lake itself. I’ve uploaded a short video of some of them on my youtube site, under Speak Swahili, Dammit.

  2. Bryce is beautiful. This video is great, but being there is definitely better. I don’t think the video even captured the best of it.

  3. Ok, so I’m from Norway! And I really liked the idea about the bad peolpe being turned into rocks better than the one About Thors Hammer! I

  4. If the Earth is billions of years old, then those plateaus (based on science fiction uplift) have had plenty of millions of years to erode. Something eroded the quadrillions of cubic whatever amounts of dirt that used to be around them, but what didn’t get eroded away was just in those plateaus, that are obviously much tougher, and resistant to erosion, than all that other rock that erosion destroyed over millions of years. But, they only need about another million years of erosion to be leveled

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