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WTF – Weird Robot Shit From Asia – How To Ride Kuratas – Suidobashi Heavy Industry


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  1. O-O …. !! OMFGWTF now the last bit of my skepticism -_- for japanese amrod suits is gon, they a fuking gonne do it!
    hoo came up with rubots-suits in the fist place?? >_< this i way past Awesome, as in over fuking awesom

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  3. Japan: invents a toy robot mecha that costs 1 million dollars
    USA: successfully sends and lands a car sized automaton robot on mars

    get your shit together Japan

  4. Now you know what to get the person who has everything.
    Also, although it only goes as fast as a brisk jog, I bet it would be cool going through the drive-thru in that thing.
    “That’s a funny lookin’ car.”
    “It’s Japanese.”
    “Go figure.”

  5. Am I the only one who thinks the smile-to-shoot function is going to be a bad idea? I mean, how can you expect me NOT to smile while piloting a giant killer robot?

  6. Strap on your neurohelmet, tighten your coolant vest, initiate cold start on the fusion reactor, souble check life support and sensors, check myomer function, move at least 1km from the hangar, and test fire the PPC, ER and Pulse lasers. Initiate jump jets, and then move out to engage the enemy. All salvage is the property of the Draconis Combine, unauthorized scavenging is punishable by death.

  7. So this is what people are capable of if they aren’t concerned about egalitarian political-correct (read; cultural-Marxist) crap… The West concerns itself with the latest ups-downs of celebrity marriages/divorces, and Japan develops the most awesome thing ever. Way to go political-correctness, for dumbing down our societies since the 60’s!

  8. The human mind is stronger than any supper computer, and the will and faith in ones actions will prevail against any unmanned machine. The human intuition is much greater than that. I have experienced that anytime you put you mind too something you can accomplish it. This is the first one of its kind and even with just shooting BB’s someones head is gone in half a second if they advance in this then it very well could prove to be the best military technology in the world.

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