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Cute And Friendly Deer


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  2. am i the only one that feels like something is going to pop out at me, I mean I’m sitting here like „Awwweee <3" but usually after I see something as cute as that, the exorcist girl jumps out at me...

  3. yeah it’s cute and all but it’s not like extraordinary, it’s a zoo deer , it must have been petted before by the zookeepers, the real special thing would have been to see this happen in the wild ( that’s what I thought it was at first)

  4. Man:Aw your so kind
    deer: I know now start scratching meh!
    Man:Okay, starts to scratch few mins later
    Man:Fuck this, DIE
    Man: ‚Pulls out a gun“ And fires!

  5. How many people die from hitting them with cars? REALLY? How many deer die from getting hit with cars!? People even hit other people with cars! Have you ever seen a deer hit someone with a car? Didn’t think so.

  6. I* would have slapped* that deer in the face if that were* me.* You* know how many* people* die from hitting* them with their* cars?*

    (Brought to you by the Grammar Nazis)

  7. Lmao that just made my week, but of how idiotic that sounded. LOL.
    If someone hit’s a deer with their car, it’s not the deer’s fault, or the person’s fault, it was an accident. Dumbass.

  8. It happens, but the genuine accidents don’t happen that often. Usually it’s a mix of stupidity and expedience on both sides. People driving at night should take it slow on country roads so they don’t slam into a deer who’s crossing the street like he does every night. That’s why there’s „Deer Crossing“ and just deer signs in general, so people won’t be morons 😛 Technically, they often use certain roads (for crossing) more than we do, so we’re the strangers in that situation.

  9. lol, I used to live out in West Texas and people would hit them all the time. Nothing would happen to the people, but the cars would be messed up if they didn’t have a brush guard on. I’m not sure where you’re getting your information from.

  10. obviously it’s not a wild deer because it would not be walking up to people that deer is domesticated in some sense therefore allowing it to be touched and pet by humans. that’s probably a very well traveled nature walk sweetie.

  11. That actually depends, if it is one of those places with both a high deer population, and high human population, sometimes deer get used to people. There were a few deer that used to come to my uncle’s house in the country, and they would be walking around near us, and we’d feed them and pet them. They got used to humans, like many other animals can. (Ex: Cheetah can be tamed/ live near humans, but tigers truely can’t) Its all about disposition. So stop being an ass and enjoy the cute deer.

  12. You are aware that in some parts of the world (Germany where i live for example) you have to hunt deers to keep their population down as there are no natural enemies left for them. So venison is actually one of the very vew kinds of meat you can feel „good“ about when eating it. And it tastes way to awesome to feel bad as well 😀 I rather shoot (still need money for the license) one than let them starve to death in a ruined forest eco system.

  13. Same with Possums in New Zealand. They were introduced in the 1800s when the New Zealand goverment decided they wanted a fur trade, imported about 50 pairs of possums from Australia, then changed their minds. The possums got released into the wild and bred like crazy, now they are basically devourering the forrests.

    How does this relate to eating venison? Two words: Possum Pies

  14. Lol I had a similar encounter before. I was just sitting on a bench with this statue that looked like a deer. Except it wasn’t one. A few moments later, it freaking moved, LOL. It was comfortable with human presence, it was an awesome experience. It allowed me to pet it, so calm and relaxed 🙂

  15. Deer might not get hit by cars intentionally, but the blame can still be at least shared to them. It’s elitist to think that just because deer are relatively stupid that they can never be responsible for their actions.

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