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Mars One Introduction Film – Big Brother Now Fails On Mars? Lol


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  1. we are not gods we are just another animal.death inevitable you cant escape it.the human race will come to an end,nothing last forever.its impossible to settle on mars the high radiation,the distance from earth,and the lack of atmosphere,proper soil and oxygen especially makes this nothing more than typical science got to accept death brother.another even better being will take our place when we our gone,we were born on earth and will die on earth time to accept it

  2. Interesting but they’re either going to have to find one incredibly stupid doctor or a suicidal one. You cannot go on a Mars mission without a doctor, one of those four people will have to be a doctor. Secondly, even if they have a doctor, no training will be able to prepare them for what conditions humans may contract while on the red planet.

  3. Where’s your sense of adventure!? I would greatly enjoy this! And if you were a happier person because of my absence then that’s another plus.

  4. id rather choose reason,and i have the courage to question,i admit i dont have the worlds biggest imagination but i question and stick to my guns and views,cant hate me for that

  5. The big question huh? I think people have matured a lot and there are definitely people who are able to make the choice and live by it. After all, it’s not that much of a conflict of ego when you’re one of the pioneering heroes of extra-terrestrial residence. A similar question has been asked to many travellers in the past who knew they had no chance of return to their home land.

  6. They are not the same. Appreciating nature beauty from my closed bedroom window is not the same as being able to enjoy them outside among nature. Pretty sure no future Martian will be ever to step outside their enclosed oxygen dwelling to enjoy something they took for granted on Earth. But this is my perspective because I love mother nature and all things outdoors.

  7. Living on Mars for the rest of your life? It’s impossible to even predict what kind of affect that would have on the minds of these people. It is definitely something that fascinates the mind to think about though

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  10. I’m kinda worried about the psychological impact of travelling to an entirely different planet and then realizing you can never see your old friends and family again because you literally have no way of returning home.

    Being the first 4 people to land and live together might be exceptionally jarring. What are they going to be doing on Mars though? Do they have plans to eventually terraform it (assuming terraforming isn’t still just science fiction)?

  11. The future is never certain. they just say it will be forever, so that you are prepared for that possiblity. If this succeeds though, they should be able to devlop the tech tobring people back as well.

  12. For all of you who question this great project, such as „how can they live there, there is no atmosphere“, and „this is too expensive“, I have responses. Firstly, Mars DOES have an atmosphere, although it is thin. The astronauts will live in PRESSURIZED houses.

    To everyone who thinks this is a waste of money, think about the short term cost versus the long term benefits of a Martian colony. You may have slightly higher taxes in the short term, but in 75 years, everything will be cheaper.

  13. We have to get off of this planet and become a multi-planetary race. Our survival depends on this, but also our quality of life will greatly improve. Think about Mars. It’s right next to the Asteroid Belt. Some of those asteroids contain so much metal that a single one could be used to build multiple cities.

    I just don’t understand why some people don’t see the huge long term benefit of this project. And, as a bonus, it will be fun to watch it unfold, or maybe even take a vacation on Mars.

  14. what makes you any other species would be better or why not worse?
    you cant pass judgement on a species that we have not even encountered yet, its pure nonsense

  15. actually if it works massive profits would be gained from both government contracts and other corporations from both the tech reached and created from the endeavor

  16. As they already said: No new techs are invented, it’s all existing technology. Also, there are no profits to be made from Mars, there isn’t even any guarantee that they’ll be able to grow crops on Mars, and there might not even be any precious minerals to mine out there. The entire project will be one huge financial drain without any conceivable gains. What happens to the colonists when companies pull out and there is no more money left to send more supplies?

  17. actually many new tech would have to be created for this plan to work well, like new air filters,food storage, ship construction ,and engine tech etc..
    not all the old tech will be used many new will be needed to make it work well.
    they will not be able to grow crops the soil is barren and toxic but they would have planted the flag and can sell the area for future real estate.

  18. We already did the moon first. From that and from the ISS we have learned a lot about how humans deal with space travel, how to take off and land safely, how to maintain self-sufficiency, and almost everything else that needs to be done. Of course it’s dangerous, but did that stop immigrants in the 1500s-1700s from crossing an ocean in wood bowl powered by sheets? No, because humans are explorers. We travel just past the edge of our knowledge and demand answers from the unknown. It’s what we do.

  19. I expect that most of the profit will come from advertisements and sponsors – the whole mission will be on TV after all. Martian soil is actually not toxic as far as I know, it’s just devoid of nutrition. Send a pound or two of bacteria-filled manure and they’ll be fine.

  20. we went to the moon but we have not built anything on it.
    there is a big difference in between crossing the ocean to crossing a massive length of space and putting people on a planet with no support or no rescue.
    Its better we build a space infrastructure first then it will be safer to go out with support because right now is a suicide mission is anything goes wrong.
    and no its not what we do all humans find there own idea to life saying that is wrong.

  21. „actually many new tech would have to be created for this plan to work well, “ – I’m just repeating what they’re saying. No new techs, just existing stuff, slightly modified for the purpose.
    „they will not be able to grow crops the soil is barren and toxic but they would have planted the flag and can sell the area for future real estate.“ – I’m sure that will be a comforting thought to the colonists as they die a slow horrible death 😛

  22. Crops should be fine, Martian soil is perfectly usable as far as I know, especially after adding some bacteria-filled manure. The colony is expected to be entirely self sufficient in food, water, power, and oxygen within the first year, so the only absolutely necessary regular supplies will be replacement parts. Conceivable gains include: Tangentially developed technology, an expanded interest in the STEM fields, and an increase in people’s ability to dream. Not bad for $6 billion in my opinion.

  23. On the other hand, Mars is home to the Solar System’s longest and deepest canyon and its tallest mountain, it has absolutely beautiful scenery if you like hills, mountains, desert plains, and don’t mind everything being red and brown, it has a view of the stars unparalleled on Earth, it’s sky is pink, and it has two moons.

  24. I think this is actually one of the two best possible „space infrastructure“-type things humans could do (the other is a space elevator). Going to Mars will actually be less dangerous than the moon because a base there can supply its own food, water, and oxygen. I call people explorers because that’s what great people are. Not just explorers of the physical world, but explorers of morality, human nature, art, music, everything great thing people have done was some kind of exploration.

  25. In the general theory of relativity, it says that she will be „trapped“ forever in time compared to us… We will see her stuck in time, but time would be normal for her, and she would experience time travel…
    Time dilatation is, even nowadays, a unknown concept. If she were to travel in the future and time compresses when something enters the black hole, light will never reach her, since she goes faster and faster thru time, even faster than light that came afterwards…

  26. Yes, I know. So the ground is compatible with growing plants, but as I pointed out before, you need more than just soil that is not poisonous. You need enough moisture, the right balance of microbes, the right temperature, protection from lethal radiation, enough sunlight. The quality of the soil is just one factor to the success of the crops.

  27. Interesting!

    I can’t wait to witness that. I saw the movie „Prometheus“ yesterday, which was wonderful, and I defnitely recommend it to whomever is interested in human living in other planets.

  28. true I have been saying here that before we run half cocked to mars lets first get a space infrastructure in place first that will not only lower both cost of space travel and time but will increase safety chances of not sending people to near death on mars.

  29. actually that has been proven to be perfect for a space elevator and strong enough is something called carbon nanotubes.
    it was chosen because the space elevator would need to be really strong to resist its own weight and the movement of the earth.

  30. Exactly. People don’t want to hear that this won’t work. „We lack vision, we’re ruining the dream“. Fact is, if they actually pull this off, only to have the whole world watch 4 people die an agonizing death on Mars, it will put people off the idea of space colonization for the next 200 years! Only fools run where others fear to tread.

  31. No you are not being serious. You give me points to „proof“ for your statement, and I got an explanation for them all.
    Then you just answer with this: „Oh, and by the way, NASA admitted the footage was fake, they said over a decade ago they „could not find any of the lunar footage“ so they remade it all.“
    Who tries to show proof against something, and then in the end „oh btw, they admitted it was fake“.
    „They couldn’t find any of the lunar footage, so they remade it all.“
    You can’t be serious.

  32. not really all the technicians say that this will be a one way trip no way back the only abort point will be in the near earth area after that its win or death .

  33. Dear World leaders,

    Please use the billions invested in this useless mission on useful things, like helping Greece, cancer research, fighting hunger etc.


  34. „Please use the billions invested in this useless mission on useful things, like helping Greece, cancer research, fighting hunger etc“

    I agree, mate. I never take foreign holidays or travel beyond my home village. Instead I go from door to door and try to sort out every single problem in my home village instead of traveling anywhere else. I don’t own a car, neither a bicycle. What’s the point? There are simply so many problems in my local area that doing anything else is pointless.

  35. „Please use the billions invested in this useless mission on useful things, like helping Greece, cancer research, fighting hunger etc“

    I agree, mate. I never take foreign holidays or travel beyond my home village. Instead I go from door to door and try to sort out every single problem in my home village instead of traveling anywhere else. I don’t own a car, neither a bicycle. What’s the point? There are simply so many problems in my local area that doing anything else is pointless.

  36. for me it’s disgusting that the Nobel prize winner is involved in this and he accents the ‚media event‘ so much and not talking about scientific assets …

  37. for me it’s disgusting that the Nobel prize winner is involved in this and he accents the ‚media event‘ so much and not talking about scientific assets …

  38. I am confused by the first sentence, disagree with the second through fourth, and agree with the rest. How is greed preventing this? The rich do keep getting richer, but the poor (at least in developed countries) are also getting richer, just a bit more slowly than the rich are.

  39. Dear worthless youtube user. Please understand how ads/commercials can fund something, and that this video clearly states how no „world leaders“ have any funding at all to this program. Oh and good luck on your freshman year in high school.

  40. Maximal I have to strongly disagree with you. I agree with sentence 1-4, and I disagree that scientists should rule the world(I have a feeling that morals would be put aside for science)

    Let me explai why superman is actually telling the truth: we spend money on „helping“ the economy with bank bailouts and QEs, this is GREED. We try to save money with money, to keep the rich from being poor. However, this causes extra stress on middle income and working class people,

  41. And the poor get poorer than they were. You don’t actually think we can have continous growth on a planet with limited tech, limited desire to innovate, and limited resources? Thats why we need this program, because it allows us to have more tech, more desire to invent, and more resources.

  42. I agree that we need this mission, I was just disagreeing with the part about the poor getting poorer. The poorest people in the world live exactly the same or better than the poorest people from 100 years ago. In America, and I assume this is similar in other developed countries, even the very poorest of the poor have access to food, water, shelter, and often running water, indoor plumbing, and electricity.

  43. I agree with both of you, with the exception of the idea that the poor are getting poorer. I still don’t see why superman said greed will prevent this mission, though.

  44. He probably means the second it gets unprofitable to go to mars, than the money will pull out(hence greed). And I assure you, the poor are getting poorer. Do I need remind you of Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Portugal, Ireland, and Italy to name a few? or perhaps I can direct you to Darcus Howe of youtube fame.

  45. I think it would be good to have a group of historians paying attention to the mission. Since the whole thing is broadcast 24/7, though, I don’t see why it would be necessary to have a historian actually on Mars rather than sending a surgeon or an engineer.

  46. „Mars One payed visits to major aerial space companies…“ No russia, no china, 2 out of 3 countries in the world that managed maned space travel.

  47. What I find wrong is that companies are ready to fund this project, on their own free will, as you said, when they could also choose to use the same money for plenty of projects which could actually be useful to mankind (local development, health programs…).
    Also, if it actually happens, the media will speak about it extensively, and forget about real problems happening here on Earth.

  48. It sounds pretty cool, cause it’s like space. mars. another planet, but then again, it just sounds like a escape plan, since earth is kinda fucked from global warming. It’s crazy how much money people are willing to invest. Why not work on something closer to ‚home‘. save our own planet first, before thinking about THIS.

  49. yeah because we obviously have unlimited resources on earth to last us till the end of time right? and everyone knows earth will be here forever and our population of 7billion+ (which is increasing in rates never recorded before) will be able to survive on this one little planet with no reprocussions right? moron.

    Stupid people like YOU are the reason this world is so screwed up, and also the reason why i envy the first people to get to mars, must be nice living on a planet with no idiots.

  50. ok smart ass please go and leave in a capsule on Mars i swear i pay you the ticket ..and of course we have limited resources because of the guys who buy 3 cars and 2 houses and they have no family ..

  51. Ahh, I misunderstood our point of disagreement. You say ‚Why spend money up there when we have so many problems down here?‘ My response to that is that spending up there _will_help_ down here. I could explain why, but Neil deGrasse Tyson does it better at /watch?v=CbIZU8cQWXc and /watch?v=BFO2usVjfQc

  52. I assume you think the people who worked their whole lives for that stuff should just give it all away? I agree that Earth has far too many poor people (read: more than zero), but taking from the rich, or even them giving voluntarily, is not the answer. We need to reach the point where the ‚poor‘ humans are ones who only have access to all the food, water, shelter, and education they need. That can only be done by finding a way to make everyone on Earth productive.

  53. Well.I want to go there too but Earth is the best place that perfectly fits for our lives.This is the world that God had made for us so why should we need to live there.We can go there but we will do it for more discoveries and not for replacing the Earth with Mars

  54. well there are many technical problems – like long duststorms that obscure light for weeks and damage solar panels, making them a very poor choice of energy source. The other thing is group dynamics; you don`t want a group of super attention seeking people cramped in a tiny space for their lives. It just woludn`t work well

  55. Mars HAS an atmosphere, just not a breathable one, If the temperature was raised by one or two degrees at the poles it would have oceans, and if ammonia and plankton were introduced it could potentially be breathable, the problem is heating up the planet and keeping it hot, the magnetic field is irrelevant in terms of atmosphere, but it would mean Harmful radiation would be at very high levels, but an ozone layer could be established potentially

  56. you forget that currently mars has around 1 percent of earths atmosphere right now. So, the massive dust storms are not an issue. However, if you actually pump more gas into the mars atmosphere, than those near-constant dust storms will be a Huge problem.
    Thus, why we have yet to terraform mars.

  57. First off, you should have read their sites FAQ, but until then, Ill answer your questions. Dust storms on mars are not dangerous do to the small amount of atmosphere. only the smallest dust particles actaully stay in the sky. So, light STILL gets to the mars surface, which is enough for emergency power. Also,a s for the people issue, I am sure that they will hire anyalsts that keep that in mind when choosing canidates(also, they will test them.)

  58. You do realize that since Mar’s exists, than that means God made it too?(at least if you believe in God or other divine being or beings) Also, Earth won’t be like this forever. sooner or later we wont be able to live here anymore, might as well get a head start in survival.(also,we are running out of room and resources)

  59. With the exception of the atmosphere problem(and the magnetosphere issue) there is nothing wrong with mars in terms of possible livibilty. also, I love how you say that „sandstorms‘ are not a problem. currently surface wind speeds can reach 100 mph during a dust storm. This is not an issue because of the small amount of atmosphere, however if you increase the atmosphere, you increase the size of the particulates, and thus the intensity of the storm. so there could be month long dust hurricanes.

  60. Interesting, I did not know that. I still don’t think thickening the Martian atmosphere will be useful for two reasons: First, Mars has only 40% of Earth’s gravity, so won’t be able to hold as thick of an atmosphere. Second, without a magnetic field the Venusian atmosphere loses light gases like hydrogen and oxygen; I expect that effect would be amplified on a smaller planet like Mars.

  61. That is the purpose of the ozone layer, it prevents hydrogen and oxygen from achieving escape velocity. Gravity is negliible in terms of keeping an atmosphere

  62. Depends on what they are going to do once they are there. If you sent people to set up facilities for larger groups to arrive this would be interesting. If they just sit around watching tv then thats boring

  63. You are half correct, but you should get your facts right before criticizing people. Oxygen does in fact come from plants. google: photosynthesis. However, maybe you meant that as a double-negative „no oxygen does not come from plants.“ Therefore, there all oxygen must come from plants? That’s wrong too of course. Trolling is fun 🙂

  64. There were only a handful of people who supposedly went, and it was 1969, there’s not much to actually review, and I doubt you actually possess references to any such thing, you just threw „peer reviewed“ in there for street cred.

    As for your reflectors, the Russians have one on the moon as well, and we all know they’ve never been there. A mirror does not prove a manned landing. As far as governments accepting the landing, that’s not so hard, all things considered.

  65. The Mars colony will be powered by solar panels and recycle absolutely everything including water, air, and organic waste. Add to this the scientific advancements that inevitably result from pushing a frontier and I can think of no better way to help Earth than to go to Mars.

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