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Tomb Raider – Gameplay Demo Walkthrough – E3 2012


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  1. It only looks closer to Uncharted because gameplay and what people want to see in games has changed a lot. Tomb Raider started many years ago and is just now pulling away from the same 90s gameplay, like adding a cover system and blending QTEs and non-interactive cutscenes with full control action sequences without any sudden, massive, „THIS PART IS DIFFERENT FROM THE REST OF THE LEVEL LOOK AT ME“ changes.

  2. In other words, it really only resembles Uncharted because Uncharted took the Tomb Raider concept and updated it for a modern audience, and now the series is starting to catch up.

  3. Because that would delay the release date. We all know games will have dlc why should they not announce it.

    I don’t get people’s hatred of dlc, if you don’t want it then don’t get it! Its not like people are selling incomplete games

  4. I dont find the graphics on par with uncharted, and I don’t see how they will achieve that either. with the tiny DVDs and the outdated GPU on the xbox. The fact that it’s multiplatform means that it won’t be on par with ND games.

  5. well I dare say that tomb raider is a spin off of Indiana Jones and furthermore Uncharted has more in common with Indy than tomb raider. Uncharted is an Indiana spin off.

  6. I’m not impressed with this in its current stage. Doesn’t seem tomb raider-y at all. this level is also way too narrow doesn’t feel as open as the old tomb raiders did. Also her invisible hidden weapons and magic drawing bow makes no sense. 

  7. They are saying the remake rips off of uncharted because of its cinematic moments. Any true Tomb Raider fan knows that the old Tomb Raider looks and plays nothing likes this.

  8. This is exactly what I like to see, Uncharted borrowed ideas from Tomb Raider and made it its own thing and now Tomb Raider borrowed from Uncharted making something new but has the feel of the older Tomb Raiders. Very nice.

  9. lol the way i see it “ adventure shooter becoming stealth shooter/ becoming weak.. in tomb raider case.. as for splinter cell blacklist.. stealth shooter becoming adventure shooter ..superfucking invincible hero

  10. How can anyone say this looks awesome??? Look how fucking unrealistic this game is and I’m a huge fan of tomb raider! The bitch is going 500 mph with a parachute and hits 4 trees and flinches…then she pulls out a shotgun while shes floating down rapids and shoots some 2×4’s. I also like how in the beginning she shoots an arrow and kills a guy and the 2 other people don’t see/hear the arrow go by them, it’s not a fucking silenced pistol….

  11. I can’t believe he announced the DLC before the game is even out. I mean come on, we all now you guys are fucking us over, but at least make the effort to pretend you’re not.

  12. Tomb Raider’s combat has always been about shooting and acrobatics NOT taking cover and shooting, plus the game looks like Uncharted with Lara Croft. When I play Tomb Raider I want to be looking for treasure exploring lost cities having the quiet moments with the climbing and puzzle solving. Not explosion after explosion after explosion or cover based shootouts. But the game does look impressive and fun, im just a little disapointed it’s not got the classic Tomb Raider feel.

  13. People like you are really getting under my skin. They rebooted the game simply because of the fact nobody knew about Lara’s past, and the game was getting dry anyway. This one game gives them a blank canvas for so much more. God.

  14. I didnt complain about the character? I think the new character looks awesome and im glad they are expanding on her origin im just disapointed the game lacks the classic tomb raider feel and has gone all hollywood with explosions like uncharted, read my comment fully.

  15. Just like the new DMC… they still look like nice games, but they’ve totally twisted the character’s personality… It’s like how they changed Gregory House into Mr. Emotional… I did still want to watch, just like I did with the first few seasons, but have shockingly grown tired because of what they did… Ugh… The Agony…

  16. meh…this just looks like uncharted but with a chick… i know tomb raider came first, but in terms of game mechanics, this looks like an uncharted copy cat…no trolling intended.

  17. I hope the guys from crystal dynamics pay attention to the feedback on the voice acting, and I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who feels uncorfotable with it. I think they’re overdoing the moaning and the voice doesn’t fit her body or face. I also feel like they’re using too much the gimmick of getting the screen dirty.

  18. Seems so far to be more of an interactive movie, with open areas in between (which we haven’t seen yet) to give the semblance of freedom, linear ‚action‘ sequences and a NON English voice actress (sounds Austrailian to my sensitive English ears). It DOES look awesome though, I just don’t think it’s very Tomb Raider. Also WTF is up with all that moaning? I want to play something like this loud and not have to worry that everyone thinks I’m watching some sort of twisted porn.

  19. Oh, and they NEED to change the name. Lara Croft & ‚The moans of Annoyance‘ or something, and NOT ‚Tomb Raider‘, because it isn’t a Tomb Raider game, its a Lara Croft game.

  20. Well…then you look at the graphycs and…come on, I don’t even like the Uncharted’s one, but even the first Uncharted has better graphycs than this. I’m quite disappointed.

  21. dude, its a game. And yes, i would probably scream like a fuckin bitch XD… i have played the old tomb raider games… and if u have too, i have a question:
    how is it possible that she is a much more hardcore killer the 1st time she kills?
    i dont remember any tomb raider game being about shooting. it was always secondary.
    and i should repeat: its a fucking game, and thanks 4 hoping some1 pushes me down a waterfall just because u dont like my comment,,, u r so fuckin mature 🙂

  22. Oh common, it’s pretty clear Uncharted is copying the earlier Tomb Raider games and in turn this is copying both Uncharted and it’s predecessors. Just look at the new combat mechanics.
    And that’s fine, happens all the time. No reason to argue about it.

    Also, we barely know a release date for this and they already announced DLC… fuck that!

  23. I would have to respectfully disagree with you. tomb raider is taking example from uncharted many action games are. If it is not a compete rip of uncharted then i say there is no harm in it. I also look at it as the teacher has become the student again. tomb raider seems to be doing it own things to be different, so it being unique in its own way.

    but lets not try and act like nothing is taken from uncharted. The first tomb raider was very different in tone more of a puzzle game then action.

  24. more people comparing more games to call of duty? my lord. so retarded. toanyone that compares THIS to cod, please go catch mesothelioma! and quietly die! lol this game looks to be AMAZZZINNGGG [: cant wait.

  25. This game looks like a try hard flop. The voice actress sucks, the animations are sub par, and there’s no way I can take this skinny bitch seriously when it comes to all the hard hits she takes in these segments. She looks like she’d snap like a twig if you bumped her too hard

  26. I like how realistic this game is. On Uncharted, Nathan Drake fell from the 1st floor to the ground floor and broke a table with his back, but stood up in 2 seconds. Similar scenes repeated a lot. It’s true that people get stronger when in real danger, but Uncharted is ridiculously repetitive.
    That’s what I like most about the new Tobm Raider, now when Lara falls she moans, screams, can hardly stand and bleeds. But doesn’t give up. A determined person in real life would act just like her.

  27. wtf are you talking about, there are several instances in the game where drake can barely stand. I personally find the moaning so damn annoying, i’m glad drake doesn’t scream like a pussy. They’re just copying uncharted, they’re completely ignoring the playstyle of the original games.

  28. Okay, then get lost in an island, fall about 6 metres on something sharp to stab through your belly, try to remove it, run from a collapsing cave, fight a wolf with only a knife, kill a guy for the first time in your life, etc. Do it all without moaning – if that’s what bothers you so much – and smile in the end. Then you’ll have convinced me. Good luck.

  29. Oh, trust me. People would love hearing Lara Croft moan and squeal every ten seconds through this game. Wanna know why? People are pervs and they love seeing beautiful women go through great peril in tank tops and hearing them moan and thinking of something sexual.

  30. We shall „said loosely“ have to see then, but I don’t see anything too immediate for me to even want to buy or recommend this release on day one.

  31. Gtfo kid, do you even know what humiliated means? People are just too stupid to see that they are ripping off of Uncharted and the moaning is so damn annoying, i can see it effecting the reviews of the game when it comes out. and to the guy talking about how moaning adds to the „realism“. If it were realistic, she wouldn’t have survived the stab to her through her kidney, not possible.

  32. This is different from the previous tomb raiders, and it has some ideas similar to uncharted.
    That is why people saying Uncharted is being copied.

  33. Yeah I agree. I’d been loving and playing Tomb Raider on PS1 and 2. And this Tomb Raider looks soooo different from the others. There is more action, more destruction just like in UC… and Uncharted has been so well made that the comparison is inevitable. But whatever, UC is a good game and being inspired (or not) by a good game is never a bad thing.

  34. So tomb raider is now a crap third person shooter with loads of shitty quicktime events and interactive cutscenes?
    Well I suppose it is keeping in line with the rest of todays games, which mostly suck and take all these shitty elements and call them gameplay

  35. shes frightened and this is like a ‚prequel‘ before it all began. You can’t expect a girl to be automatically brave and normal in a situation like this. Its only natural. I wouldnt want them to make everything sound fake.. But if you don’t like it, then fair enough. I guess you don’t want to play this?

  36. It looks and it sounds great respectevely except Lara’s quite impertubable and childish face (while she should be at least sometime gritty or aggressive) and all that improper whining of her.

  37. Sorry for spamming, I just don’t have to press enter thought it’s pretty automatic, I was saying: also the aiming system seems quite better than the Uncharted one, which is absolutely a good thing and luckily Crystal Dynamics,besides the cinematic playable/not playable continuous action,didn’t take also that from the Naughty Dog creature (although they have someone in common, Amy Hennig anyone? 😉 .Now I can press enter, voilà!

  38. yeah, but sex sells well. after all, a bit physical burden for a woman who usually takes strolls to the supermarket. jk xD THIS IS AWESOME! cannot wait, great year for upcoming games.

  39. @TehEvilWolf

    Ya but you do realize that everything in this world is inspired by something. That’s how we have forward motion and new generations of things. What we got was an epic game exclusively for the PS3 that no one can touch this gen. Xbox next will be playing catchup.

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