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Tomb Raider – Gameplay Demo Walkthrough – E3 2012


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  1. @TehEvilWolf

    Ya but you do realize that everything in this world is inspired by something. That’s how we have forward motion and new generations of things. What we got was an epic game exclusively for the PS3 that no one can touch this gen. Xbox next will be playing catchup.

  2. yeah, but sex sells well. after all, a bit physical burden for a woman who usually takes strolls to the supermarket. jk xD THIS IS AWESOME! cannot wait, great year for upcoming games.

  3. Sorry for spamming, I just don’t have to press enter thought it’s pretty automatic, I was saying: also the aiming system seems quite better than the Uncharted one, which is absolutely a good thing and luckily Crystal Dynamics,besides the cinematic playable/not playable continuous action,didn’t take also that from the Naughty Dog creature (although they have someone in common, Amy Hennig anyone? 😉 .Now I can press enter, voilà!

  4. It looks and it sounds great respectevely except Lara’s quite impertubable and childish face (while she should be at least sometime gritty or aggressive) and all that improper whining of her.

  5. shes frightened and this is like a ‚prequel‘ before it all began. You can’t expect a girl to be automatically brave and normal in a situation like this. Its only natural. I wouldnt want them to make everything sound fake.. But if you don’t like it, then fair enough. I guess you don’t want to play this?

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