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Barack Obama Singing Call Me Maybe By Carly Rae Jepsen


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  2. yay assumptions. I’m not from America. I live the glorious land that is Canada. I agree with you about Ron Paul though. I was never defending Obama. I just said if you don’t like him, don’t come to his videos and post shit like that.

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  4. We need an honest leader that will speak the truth, and do the right thing no matter what. Search Truth Contest in google and click on the first result. Then read „The Present‘ on The homepage.

  5. How considering that the only political office Romney ever held he bombed royally at, so badly that he was kicked out of office after one term? Try reading a little will you?

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  7. Much rather have this guy in office then that lying jackass romney! Yeah Obama has not done awsome or been the best president but he has done a hell of a good job dealing with the hand he was dealt.

  8. And if you vote for some radical like romney who wishes to intensify the governments tyranny then you have have turned your back on the principles that have made this country great by letting some bastard in to the highest role! At least Obama has followed through on alot of his promises. Obama or Paul! PERIOD!

  9. Dude I’m just reliving my childhood days I don’t see how that’s your business, I’m actually scared that you might be a pedo since you strongly believe I’m 12 and won’t leave me alone.

  10. „Every government interference in the economy consists of giving an unearned benefit, extorted by force, to some men at the expense of others“ — Ayn Rand, author of „Atlas Shrugged“

  11. By the end of his term as governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney was so unpopular that he didn’t even run for reelection—and if he had, he certainly would have lost. His approval rating was 34%—48th out of 50 among governors. No wonder Romney is running away from his record.

  12. Obama does, he played the race card perfectly. That’s called being elected on a gimmick. With speech after speech bandying empty non sense. Raised national debt ten fold, spies on our own citizens, etc etc..This guy is a liar, I wouldn’t expect you to understand though, I know why you voted for him.

  13. 27 consecutive months of job growth

    GM #1 in the world again

    30 million more Americans with health insurance

    no preexisting conditions

    bin Laden dead

    America out of Iraq

    DADT overturned

    . . . and much more

    OBAMA 2012

  14. Guys.. Whether u like Obama or not, don’t talk shit about the president. He’s the president. Show some respect for the man who runs ur country…

  15. Now how the hell am I being racist? I only said that because Canadians are not U.S citizens are they not? I think I know what’s going on in my country better than someone in Canada. And please stop pointing the racist finger at people, very inquisitive of you.

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