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Slinky On A Treadmill


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  1. The reason people mark Robbaz‘ comment as spam, is because they are jealous that whenever they comment they don’t get the video 50,000+ more views and don’t get a shit ton of thumbs up.

  2. Today is the day….The day when man can be one….The day when war hate and fear means nothing…The day when every living thing can come together and be proud for one another… The day when Peace over comes Hatred…..The day when Fear is beaten by Pasion…The day when War just stops under the cloud of love…Today is the day when everything is brought together as one so god bless you and god bless the people of our beautiful earth

  3. Coil after coil, Slinky kept moving. His body, heavy as lead, straining with every step. Onward…onward. He knew not where…he knew not why. Stay! Stay on course. Do not stray from the path! To stumble…to fall, would mean a fate worse than death…

    Being pushed back in the box…

  4. This would have been a brazilian times better with some sort of 80’s montage song like from Karate Kid, Bloodsport, or one of the Rocky movies.

  5. What walks down stairs
    Alone or in pairs
    And costs so little to buy?
    It’s the hit of the day
    When you’re ready to play
    Everyone knows it’s Slinky!
    It’s Slinky, it’s Slinky!
    For fun it’s the best of the toys
    It’s Slinky, it’s Slinky!
    The favorite of girls & boys…

  6. Ok ok i got it, you do not have to keep posting hate comments. For the record, you people( even though claiming to be the ones with the sense of humor) are just brutal when it comes to someone hating on a slinky video.

  7. No, I’m pretty certain that scientists and engineers funded by the government invented the internet for the sole purpose of sharing slinky videos. I recall hearing about that back in ’86 when all we could do was email other students at major research universities.

    No doubt you had a very good reason to choose „the smartest“ as your username, but you don’t seem to recognize humor as a legit form of communication. A lot of people use it and you might want to read up on that cultural practice.

  8. I have studied and am marveled by your resilient nature to carry on. Your ability to throw away fear and doubt to triumph over dark situations has taught me the ways of having a spirit of iron as well as a heart of gold. I will remember you throughout my travels and carry on as you have in the darkest of hours.

    Thank you, Sir Slinks-alot

  9. it’s slinky it’s slinky, for fun it’s a wonderful toy….cute retro commercials at OfficialSlinkyToys 😀

    there have been a lot of different slinkies over the years…a train, a caterpillar, the cute doggie…it would be so cute to see one of them on a treadmill!

  10. here it’s after 2 a.m. morning and I still have in my mind and after see this clip, all I know is that never I won’t give up, no matter how hard it is!

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