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Introducing The Leap – 3D Interactive PC Thingy


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  3. This is cool in a way, but it probably doesn’t sense your hand motion as good, also holding your hands up for a long period of time would most likely get very uncomfortable .

  4. Sorry but I have to butt in here. Monkeyz131 is using „maybe“ correctly. It is you who is using it incorrectly by adding a space. As for this being real, it is, and again Monkey131 is correct in that you can simply Google it. However I will say the sarcasm on Monkey’s part was not necessary. Can’t we all just get along?

  5. actually your wrong because wii sales have PLUMMETED where as xbox 360 is still posting g gains whilst nintendo posts extreme losses. not a fanboy btw, just saying that guys is correct but i love this idea but im sure it wont live

  6. The other demo videos seem real enough to me. The question is, when I do buy one, what am I going to use it for. Heck of a lot more attractive than a ‚magic trackpad‘ for the same price.

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  9. The argument that this will fatigue your arms is valid, I can relate to that from using my Kinect. I believe this device will shine when it’s integrated directly into a laptop system or as a companion screen device which is designed to be used close to the user. Either way I’d still be excited to have a go!

  10. very nice but useless, I can’t think of anything normal user would benefit from it – maybe for people with disabilities or some really special use, but for normal use? Nothing beats mouse and keyboard (speed, ergonomics etc)

  11. Just so people will stop arguing… The demo is running on a Mac, running BootCamp to run Windows (7 I think).
    Macs and Windows PC’s are both ‚PC’s‘ they simply have different OS’s system architecture and philosophy to personal computing.
    The environment and system are accessible under the bonnet on both, they are just accessed in different ways. And they itch systems can ‚talk‘ to each other so there’s really no issue here…

  12. What if you have to blow your nose or your eating something, does it pick up those signals? It seems like too much work, flailing your hands about, it’s like the Wii, I hate that also.

  13. Unfortunately, the first question generally asked about any new piece of tech is ‚How do I have sex with it‘
    I predict a large number of bizarre injuries caused by body parts colliding with monitors.

  14. This „leap“ will not work, If I’m watching porn and trying to have a good time with my friend willy ; )..  moving my hand up and down, the page on the site is going to move up and down preventing me from watching the porn video and having a good time with my best friend willy the wale *O*…. Hopefully the will send a patch on day 1

  15. That is cool but pointless, it would be less accurate than a mouse so why would you want it. It’s kinda like they modded kinect so it would work for the mac.

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  17. Pretty soon, you’ll be able to play drums, drive a car, engage in social interactions, have sex— without leaving the comfort of your dank, dark, insignificant life. People will digress into virtual lives to the extent that behind the scenes, capitalist profiteers will take ownership of and price „ReaL-ity“, they will be selling genuine airspace to the highest bidders, and as soon as Joey Doink-a-lot and Sally Shop-a-holic wake up (if they do–atrophy aside), they will have to pay actual mon

  18. quantum computing has finally reached the market.. ‚ouh shyt!!!‘ – for real! The potential to go beyond bio/digital and a lot more in store… ye..ah buddy… go ahead and wipe ur azz with paper money.

  19. imagin this with a key glove… would really make things easier.
    and i think gaming might be more fun. at least for me.
    for my work? well… yeah… i guess it would do a good job there too =)
    although for typing, neither this, nor the keyglove would replace a keyboard.. maybe speaking will some day be that good =) imean, it works okay by now…

  20. Damn you Microsoft. Why the hell you soo damn smart. I don’t think even Apple saw this coming. Any body realize the collation between Windows 8 for desktop & Kinect / Leap Motion. Thats right Windows 8 20″+ desktop will most likely use Leap Motion stuff instead of mouses.

  21. A-FRICKIN-MAZING. Make sure you don’t sell out the ideas to Microsoft or anything. This is going to be BIG. I’m getting one for my Mac. 1 million trillion bagillion times better than kinect. And I thought the TrackPad is all I needed Pah. This is awesome

  22. ttttooooooooooooooo much work! My shoulders would be freaking tired as hell. no thanks the mouse is perfect i can sit here and be lazy. I’ll go to the gym  for two hours to do my workouts on my time.

  23. i don’t think that it’s meant for loooong pc sessions or games, you don’t have to write on your screen keyboard with this. but for short games or for menu browsing it would be fine

  24. i’ve never seen any software that supports this kind of input and not anyone of us here is a programmer and even if, not anyone has an idea how to program a kinect, and the kinect still costs how much? a bit over 120$ or?
    this thing is smaller, cheaper and software could easier support it

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