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Cute Collapsing Cooling Towers


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  1. @dfgyuhdd
    yeah, not including the fact that possibly putting up x amount of wind turbines (maybe somewhere in the ten millions,) could stop wind from blowing in most places. (stupid ass hypothetical thought, but more than likely still a possibility)

  2. @hellohello76854 yes long term. . . the technology used for coal power plants today refine what is being put into the air to a minimum, also they are much more efficient than green energy so less material is used for each kw. . . .

  3. @sverigevakna Fossil fuel negativity is not just about the resultant emissions when they’re burned and what effects those might have on the planet’s complex weather and biological patterns.

    Independence from fossil fuel also means less oil-conflict (not just iraq, think also Iran’s recent threats of naval blockades of oil tankers). Plus, oil is not infinite – it would be A Good Idea to move away from total reliance before it starts running out.

  4. @mothurman
    Helium-3 is most abundant on the Moon and in the Atmosphere of Jupiter, good luck getting some mining facilities up there, you’d need NASA, and they seem happy with animations and test launches…
    Oh, and converting Helium-4 to Helium-3 is quite expensive, so that’s just about out of the question.

  5. @C0mmanderX

    Those four ‚reactors‘ just cooling towers. They were from one power plant but they could be gas, coal, oil or even, just potentially nuclear powered.

    But i agree with you completely, nuclear IS the way forward, an until they get solar panels up to their true potential the only realistic renewable energy source is in hydo power!

    Plough more money into research, don’t put it all in wind!!!

  6. @Fkelly21 because we (I) agree that coal should go, but replace it with nuclear not solar or wind. an night solar doesn’t work and when there is no wind. . . well you get the idea.

  7. @KarriKoivusalo
    Engineer Here? No? ok, then you just shut up your ignorant mouth and think about this:
    WINDFARM: If it breaks we don’t get any electricity.
    NUCLEAR POWER STATION: If it breaks it really really breaks.
    Simple, your argument is invalid.

  8. @joecmcreations Your argument is invalid.
    Engineer Here? No? ok, then you just shut up your ignorant mouth and think about this:
    WINDFARM: If it breaks we don’t get any electricity.
    NUCLEAR POWER STATION: If it breaks it really really breaks.

  9. Instead of wasting thousands on Wind turbines which have a theoretical maximum wind power to power generated efficiency of 33% we should invest in Nuclear Fusion reactors such as the Joint European Tourus (JET). It gives out tiny amount of radiation which are completely down to background levels in 10 years and produces huge amount of energy far above Fission power. Also this is safe as the reactor cannot overload as if it does it cools instantly to room temperature or below causing 0 risk to p

  10. @syzygy22 Thank you for telling me what I already know. My point was that you can’t just demolish power plants and replace them with something that has intermittent power output. I do encourage building renewable power sources.

  11. i come fromt he north of germany. everywhere you look you see these freaking wind wheels! DX tourists dont want to go there anymore, half of them arent running and they completely ruin the landscape!
    no thank you, id rather have a couple of cooling towers and fossil fuel plants or nurclear plants than a billion wheels 😛 climate change is bull crap, anyway…

  12. @gibblets17 acutaly we have 104 active nuclear powerplants in the usa alone, they provide nearly 20% of our power, scientists say if another huge solar flare like the one in 1859 happened again it would knock out absolutly all electricity. (even generators wont work) if there is no electricity to power the cooling process than after a while it will leak radiation and might even explode, so nuclear energy is great, but its to unsafe

  13. @Zamboro its fox business, not quite fox news,, you wont look at it because it might change your views? That’s pretty narrow sighted of you. A shame that you wont even look at it since it comes from a source you dont agree with. None so blind as those who will not see. And your easy to insult if that’s all it takes. Maybe i shouldn’t of just said that last sentence, it might of offended you.

  14. @mApppel i live in the south of Germany where more dumbasses like you live. there are no windmills but everywhere you see these freakin power grid towers. all of them are ugly and they completely ruin the landscape!
    no thank you, id rather have a couple of 100 white shiny windmills than a billion butt ugly steel trees that normally should make people vomit when they look at them! 😛 and denying scientific facts is bull crap anyway!

  15. More radioactive material is being released from coal plants than it is being released from nuclear plants,included all the accidents we had. If you don’t include two big nuclear accidents (which were design faults and were preventable), nuclear plants are actually are the most harmless power plants.

  16. >The mood in Britain has turned very much against the Big Six energy companies
    No it hasn’t.
    >dire lack of investment in new sources of green energy.
    I really, REALLY hope this is a joke.
    >Even the government are calling on people to leave the Big Six.
    I’m not sure you understand what a government does.
    >the creation of a Green, energy independent Britain
    …Is impossible given the inefficiency and cost of renewables.

    Cool advert, though it’s apparently had the opposite effect.

  17. Windmills take more energy to produce than the energy they will produce in their whole lifespan. People think they’re so cool and environmentalist, but, in the end they’re just dumbshits.

  18. meh. more trees now than in 1920, the middle ages experiences one hell of a warming then hit a little ice age, face it, the planets going through changes, Windmills kill more birds than smokestacks do

  19. Aww, why you kill those cute towers off? WHYYYYYYYY????????

    on a serious note, those windmills can’t even produce similar amount of power unless you build billions of them, which takes space…

  20. @KoolKidKarl2k8 Lol these aren’t nuclear power plants. They are probably coal burners, i used to go past one all the time in oxfordshire just outside of a little town called didcot with my family

  21. @javahab: Where is it windy 100% of the time, and those windmills are turning? No where that I know of. If you do, why don’t you build the windmills there? Oh, that’s right. Every environmentalist on the planet loves them. Even though they kill birds and don’t work half the time. Do some reserach on your own before you run your mouth. I know, because I did some research when they wanted to put them in near my old hometown. And get this, they don’t work all the time.

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