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Car Makes Noises – Weird But Awesome Music Video – OK Go – Needing/Getting


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  5. Love this video, but I dont buy the engine noise as being legit. 1) The sound of engine accelerating while the music tempo remains constant, and 2) No Chevy Sonic has that kind of engine growl, no matter what exhaust package it has.

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  8. @SpaceButtonDoentWork it’s a tube. all of you have sick minds. It doesn’t even look like one. Anything big and long must remind you of a dildo. Good luck in life with your dildo obsession people.

  9. I love the creativity and thought that goes into their videos. It immerses me and I often forget it’s a music video, especially in comparison to other offerings out there today. Keep up the good work!! Check out my channel for unsigned UK music. Thumbs up!!

  10. Hey guys, I just uploaded my newest single Falls Down on my channel. It would mean a lot if your had a listen and told me what you though of it. Thanks! 🙂
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  11. @Joeyofc It is not fake. It’s called cruise control and adjusting the speed to keep it in time. They obviously did not keep perfect tempo but I think that’s pretty fair considering.

  12. at the end when they were going backward and just start singing….it reminded me of the movie independence day when the guy was suiciding to save planet…..not that anyone cares.

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