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Creepy Strange Sounds in Conklin Forest, Alberta Jan. 12/2012


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  1. @AkitaNeru6 Yeah makes perfect sense. That’s why the loggers look so confused, and felt the need to record, they just forgot that was the sound the machines make…

  2. @MrJonnyDrum so you refer to videos that are related in the sense that they purport to show the same phenomenon elsewhere (and which also could therefore be fake). No. Authenticity requires newscasts and paper reports for the case in question. As do the videos you think are related. Each needs verification. If this really happened, you would think that something would have made its way to some newspaper or TV station…

  3. The noise is coming from differents massive, enormous, gigantic cloaked alien spaceships around the world. The human eye is unable to see in that frequency.
    The noise is a message for the Reptilian Hybrids, Masters of the Illuminati Matrix.
    They for sure are getting the message: „We are coming to get all of you Reptiles. It’s Judgement Day!
    Love is the Most Powerful Force in the Universe.
    So, the best reaction against any kind of threat is using The Power of Love.
    All we are 1, Thats The Secret!

  4. OK, now that’s got to be HAARP. Provided this isn’t a hoax, I mean. I say HAARP because mere plasma discharges can serve as speakers to anything going through their current. But then there’s the question of why HAARP would want to broadcast the background track to Ghost Ship over the Conklin woods. Might want to aim towards Edmonton and hit them w/ some Supremes.

  5. @WhiteHussar83. You talk about „White“ nations allowing everyone to live on their land but other coloured nations don’t? If Whites didn’t intrude on every other nations land, you would be restricted to living in a small part of Europe. Pretty sure North America is Native land. So is Australia, New Zealand, Africa, India, South America and upper Europe. Natives were gracious enough to allow White’s to come in so you should be more accepting. Your not entitled to shit!

  6. That couldn’t possibly be noise coming from a car/truck stereo, or a boob box…it must be a demon trying to get into our world through a portal located in the middle of a forest.

    PS…those 2 jackoffs in the red helmets couldn’t have had anything to do with those noises, either. It was a demon…end of story!

  7. @ipsofacto297 -25 C or above zero ~ no difference…wildlife is active just the same. I live and work in the northern BC forest and you damn well know that it doesn’t sound like the tropics. What are you trying to prove???

  8. @Xomification Dude, I wake up every morning to chirping birds and it’s feels like -40 outside. Actually, I go out to the wilderness lots of times during the winter, it’s not that uncommon. Lot’s of Canadian family’s, especially in Winnipeg, Alberta, and British Columbia, do spend time in their cabins out in the forests.

  9. @RioOro555 I was asking myself the same thing about you…why you’re copying and pasting someone else’s comments??? Believe me, I’ve done some looking before making such statements about this video…have you???

  10. @Xomification I would also like to clarify that I said: ‚I heard it in the village‘. The Village or as it’s commonly known as ‚Osbourn Village‘ is a strip of stores, and a long road just forward on confusion corner. This video may be fake but the sounds are very real. Now as for if they took the sound and put it in the video, then I don’t know.

  11. Someone who has the software and time will eventually match the sounds of your video with the Kiev Aug.11.11 recording and debunk your dumbass fake bullshit. I hate liars.

  12. Im with @MrDUGGERBOY on this one – frequency weapons testing. I have read that it will be used in the not too distant future along with ‚visions‘ (read holograms) of holy images to bring about the ‚New World Order‘. Mass mind control on a global scale. Scary stuff.

  13. @JensROSE09 @JensROSE09 I never said i was an expert BUT i do have a 2yr Comm Arts Diploma lol! My point is that if it is soo real and sparking all this attention online & in some news papers, then why the hell aren’t some form of media going up north to waste their time on something that is a complete hoax!

  14. I’ve been told thru facebook that one of the dudes in the vid is a relative of a friend of ours and admitted it was a HOAX!!!! Ahaha!

    P.S. Red Deer & Lethbridge currently sit as the 3rd largest cities of Alberta Thank YOU! 😛

  15. To be honest with a whole lot of you, amateurs, fools, drools or experts, nerds or jerks…these guys and all the other vids on these so-called „strange noises“ are actually HIGH on CRYSTAL METH>>….ehhehehehe

  16. Great hoax. If everyone looks at this guy’s recent activity, yesterday, January 19th, 2012, this guy liked a video called „The Top Ten Greatest Hoaxes of all Time.“ Perhaps this might be added to it.

  17. @jimmyt403 Guessing you live in Canada? But here in alberta we have birds year round. and it only JUST got to around -30 in alberta this past week. I’ve been seeing small birds since it started snowing they really didnt leave. And there is also lots of birds that dont migrate, ravens crows, and even these little brown birds like 4 inches big and shit tons of them. The birds being there doesnt mean its a fake, and its in the forest too, come on theres more birds out there than in the city

  18. “According to our 2010 municipal census, there are 104,338 people living in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo. Taking into consideration our 2011 count of people living in project accommodations (work camps), our most up-to-date tally is 115,503″.

    Wood Buffalo (Fort McMurray) Population 115,503
    Red Deer Population is 82,772
    Lethbridge Population is 83,960

    YOU’RE Welcome 😛

  19. @snbeings Hmm, im not here to prove anything buddy, but now let me play the same game! How about you prove me there is one! Oh and let me tell you one thing….if there is in fact a god, he’s a real asshole to let everyone kill each other in his name!

  20. @brandonluco LOL the moon is in space, bro. even if it were getting closer it literally could not make an audible noise until it entered earth’s atmosphere, at which point astronomers would have been shitting their pants and it would be obvious to every human that we were about to die.

  21. @enkilqc if he didnt let people do what they want, we`d be robots w no free will. U prolly want kids and they can grow up to be killers or drug addicts, which means that by your logic we would have to blame you fortheir behavior. Killing is done in the name of love, jealousy, hatred, greed, and other things as well. So lets not Love because people kill in loves name. Your logic turned around isnt quite so sound


    h t t p : // w w w . y o u t u b e . c o m / w a t c h ? v = X X 1 V g O 1 4 5 8 o

  23. My dad is in the army and he says the united states military is always doing crazy shit over canada because of all the open space,the canadian government dont even know about it.

  24. Mby you should do some more research before bashing that its fake. Ive heard it myself and my brother and mom has heard it too here in Finland. Also there are tons of news about the same voice all around the world.

  25. its a sign for the natives of canada that our rights,and land will be threatend now it makes sence after months of not looking at this video

  26. The things in the bible that was predicted did happen this year but not all of them yah it did say 7 trumpets of each month but it didnt happen all 7 months I people the world isn’t going to end stop worrying guys. Were still going to live we have millions of years. I’m Mormon LDS. But I don’t know who to beileve, science or god?

  27. Because the scriptures was written by man not god. But he wrote what he saw I guess. Because the mayan calendar that predicted 2012 dec 21 which is tomorrow. They didn’t predict it that’s when there calendar ended. People thought the world was going to end because of the calendar. U know there’s other calendars that date further than 2012.

  28. /watch?v=XQYWLaToGsQ at :31 seconds the guy says „this is crazy“ and in this video at :26 in this video it’s the exact same voice of guy saying „this is crazy“

  29. thats it it is a fat kid roling trying to get up you can hear the rithim of him roling back and forth trying to get up and a few farts

  30. The teaching of the twelve Apostles mention specific signs perhaps being similar:

    The Didache 16:6-8
    „Then shall appear the signs of the truth. First the sign spread out in Heaven, then the sign of the sound of the trumpet & thirdly the resurrection of the dead: but not of all the dead, but as it was said, „The Lord shall come & all his saints with him.“ Then shall the world see the Lord coming on the clouds of Heaven“

    Joel 2:32
    „And everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved“

  31. Mind control frequencies, do not listen to them, see my blog below…

    Read the new Obama antichrist prophecies. Very sobering and frightening warnings about what is to soon happen in America. An intentional economic collapse and and martial law may be triggered by Feb.

    Also see the ‚biblical signs‘ being photographed from many different locations. The kingdom of God and the kingdom of Satan are both going to arise at the same time, and it is now!

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