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Chloe saying „bye“ at the Copley Place Mall


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  1. Sorry for not admiring how adoring your daughter is but what is so special about this…is this not what every other kid has done, does now, and will continue to do as long as kids are being born? Why the fuck is this on youtube with everyone jerking off over how cute it is…who fuckin cares…it’s your daughter waving to strangers on an escalator…yay.

  2. HAHAHAHA he was so adorable. DARN IT, makes me wanna call up my niece and nephew and say hi to them, but I don’t like long distance phone-calls. This video was just too cool. Loved it.

  3. @TheObamaNigger
    Studies, and my education, have shown that people who express this much hate and unprovoked rage, ALWAYS have some extreme self loathing and inferiority issues.
    So what’s your story mouth breather?

    Save up 10 months wages for a blow job from a hooker and get mortified by her laughing her ass off when you dropped your pants?

    Go get therapy.
    And sterilized.

  4. As I watch this video I wonder how can there be heartless people who hurt children. Children are the purest thing in this world and we have so much to learn from them.
    Thank you Chloe, you made me smile.

  5. Doesn’t matter who you are, what you do or where you’re going, when a young child waves and says „bye“ to you, you respond.

  6. If Chloe confronted ME at some random mall waving „bye“, I’d probably break in happy tears, run and hug her once, then proceed to hug every random person I see no matter who they are.

    Yes, I’d be THAT happy and inspired!

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