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Homemade Kitchen Synthesizer Is Badass


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  1. and why hell that supposed to really work is that amplication humm or is those just kind of switches to the real sound generator

  2. Plenty. But this isn’t MY video. I don’t have a vacuously narcissistic youtube account to project my kind of mediocrity. I’m just an armchair surveyor and a net anthropologist at heart. Bottom line, this is novel crap. Pretentious and boring. However, I give you permission to think highly of yourself, dream big, and shoot for the stars! In this day and age, there’s a trophy for last place!

  3. @prettymafianbk I’m terribly sorry to tell you this, but you appear to be lost. I think you’re trying to get to Alabama, but you’ve actually ended up on the internet. I’m as shocked as you must be that you’ve managed to actually figure out how to use a computer, but if you start to freak out, maybe you should hug a Bible until you stop shaking? Just try not to think about all the words inside, you might get a migraine.

  4. @chrisslooter how did that give it away for you. Just because he writes music?? Because he has talent in writing music in no way makes this fake. He is simply using a different median in which to play music. So rather than making it on a program on a Computer he made the music with items in his kitchen. All of this is entirely possible and he’s proven that. The sceptics of this have limited knowledge and should do a bit more reasearch before claiming its fake.

  5. @EnvysLegacy You can’t just have fun on the internet these days. It seems to me that only a person who was ‚full of themselves‘ would see fit to call somebody unintelligent based on a single statement. I shall assume that you are about 14, as normal adults would never consider the consumption of alcohol to be even vaguely of note, and additionally people who have left school would be aware that it is very poor grammar indeed to start every single word in a sentence with a capital letter.

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