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Clearing a Landmine


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  1. It’s tragic that he’s so good at this because he planted many of these mines (by force, mind you) as a kid. What a terrible childhood to have. I’m glad he’s making up for it now. This guy is my new hero.

  2. Just for giggles (and personal growth) I researched every single mine manufactured by the U.S of A. This mine was not produced by us. Your welcome!

  3. I just noticed your comment and smiled! Middle eastern terrorists being slaughtered? Feels good man. Thanks for reminding how awesome we really are. ‚MERRRRICA

  4. yeah. i really have no idea where these guys get these mines. the US government wouldn’t be bothered with some small poor country with little infrastructure and a questionable amount of resources. they are way too busy slaughtering people in the middle east at the moment.

  5. Aki Ra has never been blown up by landmines because his steely resolve gives explosions nightmares

    Aki Ra can and has reached through solid rock to recover mines

    Aki Ra can win Minesweeper on Hard blindfolded, with both hands cuffed

    Aki Ra trained Doctor Who in the art of bomb disposal

    When Aki Ra is bored, he defuses hydrogen bombs with his teeth

    Aki Ra’s balls are so dense, they create a singularity. Aki Ra is sworn to nonviolence so this power can never be used for evil.

  6. well he has apparently disarmed 10,000 of them that way and is still alive, so I don’t know. If he finally does die from one it will have been 1 in over 10,000, or 0.0001% which seems like pretty good odds to me.

    Much respect for a guy going out and clearing up his homeland like this. Putting himself at risk to make others safe.

  7. He mentioned that in the video. They stay fresh for so long that they can explode 50 years later. I guess they’re just well made.

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