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UCLA Marriage Proposal Fail On Jumbo Vision. – Mistletoe Cam


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  1. @imasonfree sweet!!! loll i feel sorry 4 the kid but guys like that deserve it for not being man enough!, i bet he watches chick flicks and cancel night out with his boys 2 hang out for this cheap bitch

  2. what a bitch… I am a 20 year old female and have a heart and i know I would’ve said yes for the cameras as to not humiliate the poor boy and then told him no as soon as they weren’t being filmed and watched by everyone…

  3. Wait a minute, proposal fail?…..EPIC WIN when all his friends going to be married with kids, mortgage and all that shit.. He will realize how lucky he is. Have a real love people, not kids.

  4. not the girls fault. Don’t propose in a huge public place if you aren’t prepared for the opposite of what you are hoping for. WAAAY too much pressure. Not fair to the girl. In any case, sucks to be him.

  5. ╭━━━━━━━━━╮╭┓┈┈┏╮

  6. hahahhahahaha poor guy :/ she might just be camera shy, she might say yes after………..or she could just be a stupid fucked up whore who should have jumped at the opportunity cause obviously she cant get anyone better than him.

  7. Be careful Tosh! Your ‚ Web Redemption‘ series makes people seeking fame to stage fake stunts.

    I know you are big with the college kids, since most do not get married IN college anymore, this one smells funny.

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  13. Poor guy. However, here is the other side to things: People have allowed the digital world to really zoom into their private lives and cause embarassment or just plain privacy invasion…meaning, we bring things to ourselves most of the time. Value some sense of privacy.

  14. if the women didn’t shove the microphone in the girls face, and didn’t video tape it, then maybe she would have said yes. just maybe.

  15. I can understand the embarrassment if she wasn’t ready but most women want over the top proposals. Maybe saying yes then no later would of been nice. Left him hanging and torn for the rest of his life.

  16. one way he couldve avoided embarrassment is that he could’ve turned to that sexy microphone chick, and asked her instead….LOL…

  17. she ran..ho-ho..poor dumb dude..lesson learnt, proposed in PRIVACY in case she cuts & run! Well at least he knows the answer now than later. She ain’t worth the box which contained the ring..

  18. I always feel two things when i see this happen: one – awwww poor guy. and two- Serves him right! things don’t always turn out well in real life and i am happy to see that …

  19. Public proposal is the age old thing to proclaim your love in front of many with the gesture of I don’t care what others think of us, in my book, it takes more of a man to do it than behind closed doors fearing it may not go as it was planned.

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