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Awesomne Viral LG Slim TV Ad


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  1. chicago fire dept or paramedics are theives i was hurt in accident & the rotten fucks stole my jewerly off me thinking i was unconcious excuse my spelling….trust no one but christ.

  2. not really that small because i saw he was carrying something & he just showed his face to the video cameras duh, this is probably fake just showing how slim the actual ‚words slimmest tv‘ is as it says on the window at the end.

  3. so stupid.. how the hell did the shopkeeper not see him taking such a huge tv, even if he was holding it at an angle to the cameras..

  4. @jonjoy1999

    The main purpose of this viral video was to showcase how thin the TV was, not to show that you need power cables to power up the device.

    You are completely missing the point here.

    All you are doing is picking straws here, trying to dismiss this advertisement as not reflecting reality.

    Of course it doesnt reflect reality. First of all, no individual would walk off a store with a giant TV in their hands without being stopped.

  5. @ConceptVBS right. he’s going to stuff 6 feet of cabling into his jeans pocket. yea, I knew this was an advertisement when he was walking backwards through the door with the TV under his arm. I disagree with your statement that in advertisements they can bend reality. especially when they make a claim as bold as „smart thief caught on cam“. it’s not bending reality, it’s lazy

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