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Songify This – CHUCK TESTA – A Song About Lifelike Dead Animals


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  1. Hello People
    Before you ignore me please just give me a chance
    I love singing since I was a little girl and it became my biggest passion
    Some people are trying to put me down but I keep my head up and keep doing what I love to do
    Singing I can be who really I am and I have fun doing it.
    I’ve videos and I’d like that you stop by my channel and check it out
    You don’t have to like me, just give me a chance to prove my talent
    It means the world to me
    Thank you!

  2. „Oh no, there’s a bear in my bed!“ Calm your cheeks hun, it’s just Chuck Testa in your bed. He’s spending the night. 🙂

  3. Sometimes you’re driving down the street, and then all of a sudden, a Bed Intruder who was Backing Up gets distracted by a Double Rainbow and hits your car. Reality Hits You Hard, especially when you find out that the driver is just Chuck Testa.

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